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virtual phone numbers

United World Telecom provides virtual phone numbers in more than 160 countries with no commitment and no setup fees.

Businesses can use these numbers to forward incoming calls to any destination worldwide and make calls with a dedicated in-country caller ID. Plus, our virtual numbers come with a suite of advanced service features.

Leverage our reliable global voice network and long-standing partnerships with local and regional carriers for competitive pricing and excellent call quality.

Get Virtual Phone Numbers for Business

Virtual numbers use VoIP technology to route calls via the internet instead of over traditional telephone lines. They use call forwarding to send calls locally and internationally to your designated devices, numbers, phone lines, and locations.

This helps reduce the costs for long-distance and international calls, while providing a centralized phone system for all global communication needs. And such flexibility allows for calls to be received anywhere in the world, regardless of the geographical location of the business or its customers.

They are also called cloud-based phone numbers or cloud phone numbers.

What Types of Virtual Numbers Can I Get?

We can help you get international phone numbers from 160+ countries around the world. Our vast virtual number inventory is stocked with different types of phone numbers that you can choose from:

Toll-Free Numbers & ITFS Numbers: Also known as 800 or 1800 numbers, these numbers are free for customers to call from within the associated country. International toll-free numbers (ITFNs) are toll-free numbers that allow for international calling, enabling businesses to reach global customers virtually.

Local Numbers: Also called geographic numbers, these numbers are available for multiple countries and come with local area codes for specific regions or cities. Locals can call these numbers for local calling rates.

Local 2-Way Voice: These local numbers allow for both inbound and outbound calling with guaranteed call connections and the ability to use local caller IDs for outbound calls.

National Numbers: Also known as non-geographic or shared cost numbers, these numbers have country-specific codes but are not tied to specific local cities or states. Instead, they are associated with a country and are reachable from anywhere in the world at local calling rates.

UIFN: Also known as universal international freephone numbers, a UIFN is a single toll-free number for multiple countries (up to 45 countries participating in the UIFN program).


benefits of virtual numbers

How Much Does a Virtual Phone Number Cost?

Our virtual phone number plans start as low as $7.95/month.

The cost of cloud phone numbers can vary depending on certain factors:

  • Country desired
  • Type of number
  • Additional per-minute rates, if applicable
  • Premium features add-ons
  • Type of plan – we offer 5 different phone number plans.

To get an exact quote for your communication needs, chat with one of our experts today!

Virtual Phone Numbers Come Packed with Advanced Features

Virtual phone numbers from United World Telecom come with 40+ free and premium features to support global connectivity and improve caller experience. Top features include:

  • International Call Forwarding: Forwards incoming calls from any location to another destination.
  • Cloud IVR: An automated voice response which answers incoming calls and assists callers.
  • Hosted Call Recording: Records incoming and outgoing calls and stores them for future reference.
  • Time of Day Routing: Routes incoming calls to different locations based on the time of the day.
  • Location-Based Routing: Routes incoming calls to different locations based on the caller’s location.
  • Caller ID Management: Allows businesses to make outbound calls using local caller IDs to increase pickup rates.
  • Softphone: Make and receive calls through our softphone app on your most-used devices.
  • Integrations: Add our phone service to your favorite CRM or help desk software to streamline and centralize business communication.

These features can help with effective call management and improve caller experience by offering more personalized support.

How Does a Virtual Number Work?

A virtual number is not tied to a fixed physical location or address. Instead, it uses voice over IP or VoIP technology to let a caller make and receive calls. VoIP converts voice signals into digital signals and transmits them to the receiver in real-time. This way, users can call through any device connected to their internet, such as smartphones, softphones, computers, laptops, VoIP phones, etc.

Businesses use these numbers to forward incoming calls from one location to another for better connectivity, global coverage, and cheaper long-distance calling. A company using a virtual number can decide which numbers or devices will receive calls. And it can choose how to route these calls across multiple locations.

Calls can be routed to multiple lines and locations at the same time. Or, calls may be routed based on the location of the caller. For example, a UK business can use a US toll free number for its US customers; likewise, the UK business can forward incoming calls to their UK main office or their US remote teams.

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Benefits of Virtual Numbers for Businesses

So, why should you opt for a virtual phone number for local and international business communication? Besides being cost-effective and providing global coverage, here are the main reasons and benefits for choosing a cloud telephony solution:

  • If you intend on expanding your business internationally, you’ll likely need efficient options to communicate affordably.
  • Reduce call costs for both your business and your customers with local and toll-free numbers, encouraging more calls from customers.
  • Cloud phone numbers can instantly establish a presence internationally without having to open a new office in a foreign country.
  • They allow you to affordably have a local number in many locations internationally in a more economical sense than traditional long-distance communication.
  • Manage calls anywhere using mobile apps, softphones, or VoIP phones; eliminating geographical boundaries.
  • They are considered easily automated, well-functioning, and versatile business cloud phone systems.
  • Unlimited cloud phone number options; local numbers, toll-free numbers, ITFS numbers, specific countries, and area codes available.User-friendly online account management that allows you to change settings and scale up or down at any time.
  • Enhance your company’s image with customizable features like custom greetings, IVR, and call forwarding.
  • Support different distributed teams and departments under one centralized phone system.

Common Ways to Use Virtual Phone Numbers

Virtual phone numbers can help your business on multiple fronts, providing support and flexible communication to all core departments and industries. Here are some common use cases we’ve seen:

Business Expansion: Easily test new markets without establishing a physical presence by using local phone numbers to gauge customer interest and response and conduct local market research.

Customer Service: Provide local support numbers to customers around the world; set up support centers in key regions to cover target markets and time zones.

Sales and Lead Gen: Sales teams can manage inbound sales inquiries effectively, prioritize calls based on the origin of the call, optimize follow-up strategies, and improve conversion rates.

Marketing Campaigns: Track the effectiveness of advertising and marketing campaigns with specific numbers for different countries or channels.

Global Teams: Support remote employees and connect distributed teams under one phone network with numbers that can be accessed globally.

E-commerce: Offer sales support with local numbers, encouraging customers to make purchases without worrying about international calling charges.

Crisis Communication: Use as a crisis communication strategy to ensure accessibility and continuity of service during unforeseen events or disruptions.

Travel and Hospitality: Hotels and travel agencies can provide travelers with local contact numbers for bookings, inquiries, and on-trip assistance.

Healthcare Services: Healthcare providers can offer local contact points for appointment bookings, telehealth consultations, or emergency contacts, improving patient accessibility.

Financial Services: Banks and financial institutions can use these numbers to provide customer support, transaction confirmations, and alert services for clients worldwide.

Real Estate: Use local numbers to enhance their listings, providing potential buyers with a direct line to inquire about properties, which increases engagement and accelerates sales processes.

how to get virtual numberHow to Get and Set Up a Virtual Phone Number

It is very easy to buy and activate a virtual phone number. Start by researching and identifying a virtual phone service provider that meets your needs and budget. Here are the steps to get a virtual phone number with United World Telecom:

  1. Scroll above to use the form on this page.
  2. Search for desired country or country code from the left box.
  3. Choose Toll Free, National or Geographic.
  4. On the right, enter the forward-to destination.
    Note: The destination can be changed at any time.
  5. Click on View Rates and choose from our five different plans.
  6. Add premium services, if desired — Call Recording, Outbound Calling, Voicemail Transcription, Rollover Minutes.
  7. Submit your order and verify application details.

Once you activate your business number(s), log in to your control panel to set up features like call forwarding, routing rules, IVR, and more. Then add your virtual phone numbers to your website and marketing materials.

If you need any additional help, our customer service teams are available 24/7 via phone and live chat.


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