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United World Telecom (UWT) was founded in 1996 as a telecommunications service provider. Our specialty is helping companies expand their international footprint.

UWT currently serves thousands of businesses around the world, with a global reputation for outstanding quality and customer service. We are proud to offer 24/7 support and dedicated one-on-one corporate account management. Our business VoIP system can also be managed online through an intuitive control panel that lets users configure advanced service features in real-time.

United World Telecom is the #1 most trusted provider of international toll free numbers and virtual phone numbers for business. Our top priority is to provide reliable international call forwarding numbers and outstanding customer support. Get started online with phone numbers available from more than 160 countries for fast activation.

Photo of international toll free numbers in a dashboard.

Virtual Phone Numbers

Get virtual numbers, or cloud-based phone numbers, from more than 160 countries worldwide. It can be your business phone number combined with a virtual phone system. Forward incoming calls to any phone, PBX, or SIP worldwide. Buy a virtual phone number for your business from over 160 countries.

Toll Free Numbers

United World Telecom provides toll free numbers from more than 160 countries worldwide. Incoming calls can be forwarded anywhere in the world. International toll free numbers are suitable for multinational organizations that want to establish a corporate international toll free hotline for other countries. Start a free trial for your new toll free number!

SIP Trunks

We offer the largest selection of international SIP trunks available for fast activation. Make outbound calls from local SIP trunks in almost any country of your choice. UWT has been a reliable international calling service provider since 1996.

Photo of a cloud phone system dashboard.Purchasing virtual phone numbers and cloud phone system solutions from United World Telecom will empower your business, and give your customers a convenient way to communicate.

Our customers have access to a wide range of included VoIP features via a simple control panel. Some of the advanced features include customized greetings, cloud IVR, hosted call recording, simultaneous ringing, advanced routing, international call forwarding, voicemail, online fax, local ringback tones, direct inward dialing, API access, and more!

With over 26 years of experience, we specialize in cloud based solutions to keep your business connected, no matter what. Learn more about some of the key VoIP features available with our virtual phone system.

Cloud IVR

Our cloud IVR can answer incoming calls, provide callers with a set of menu options, and then based on caller inputs, route the calls to an unlimited number of extensions. Interactive Voice Response is a standard feature included with our virtual phone system.

Hosted Call Recording

Hosted call recording is the perfect tool for monitoring workforce performance. It is also a requirement in many industries. Call recordings are available through our virtual phone system as an additional feature. We can store hosted call recordings for 6 months or more.

Outbound Calling

We have a high-quality and reliable outbound calling service for small and medium-sized businesses. United World Telecom was founded on reliable international voice communications and we have maintained our commitment to quality and service since 1996.

With numbers available from almost every country in the world, your business can extend its presence anywhere. Forward incoming calls to any landline, mobile phone, or IP globally, and make international outbound calls from that same number.

Corporate Inquiries

We are more than happy to provide a free consultation and a customized quote. Please call United World Telecom toll free at 1 (877) 898 8646 or globally at +1 (561) 276-7156, request a live chat on our website, or fill out a contact form to get a demo.

Sign Up Today

A 15-day trial is available to corporate customers for many of the numbers in our inventory. Sign up today so that you can experience the quality of our service first-hand and test our online control panel before making a decision. We offer fast number provisioning.

Our service is month-to-month without any long term contracts. The UWT account provisioning team is available to assist around the cloud alongside 24-hour technical support.

F A Q | United World Telecom

United World Telecom is a business VoIP provider, offering call forwarding services, SIP trunks, and virtual phone numbers from more than 160 countries.

A virtual phone number is a phone number without a standard telephone line. Virtual phone numbers can forward incoming calls to a different number, or to a VOIP/SIP line located just about anywhere in the world.

United World Telecom offers numbers in over 150 countries. Some types of numbers include local, toll free, mobile, UIFN, ITFS, DID, SMS enabled, and more.

Prices can vary depending on the country and number type you purchase, but can start as low as $7.95 per month.

Yes. United World Telecom offers a free trial for business customers only.

Yes, United World Telecom has outbound calling plans that start at $25/month and include access to our GCF Web Dialer.

Our services can help your business expand internationally with local and/or toll free numbers in over 150 countries. Along with using phone numbers for sales and support, they will also help your company's image and credibility. Here’s what your business has to gain:

  • Customer access for sales or support
  • Quality Service
  • Credibility
  • Increased exposure to markets worldwide
  • Customization through service features
  • Analytics for call metrics
  • Amazing, affordable prices
  • Dedicated account representatives