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Cloud Telephony Features

United World Telecom offers advanced business calling features for added flexibility and functionality

Call Forwarding
Seamlessly redirect calls to any landline, smartphone, PBX, or SIP address across the globe. Modify forward-to number(s) as required.
International Calling*
Use local and toll-free numbers to make and receive international calls with excellent sound quality and competitive pricing.
In-Network Conferencing*
Increase team collaboration with free in-network calls within your business phone system.
GCF Softphone
Download our softphone (from GCF) to make and receive calls from anywhere.
Desk Phone Support
Integrate UWT with your current setup; seamless compatibility with different desk phones and 3rd-party PBX systems.
Call Recording
Review conversations and customer interactions with an inbound and outbound call recording software.
Computer Telephony Integration
Connect your business phone system, devices, and core applications under one central platform.
Local Presence
Use in-country local caller IDs when making outbound calls with our local 2-way voice service.

Call Management

Optimize call handling by smartly and efficiently managing and routing incoming calls

Advanced IVR
Set custom routing rules, use voice prompts and menu items to efficiently manage incoming calls.
Auto Attendant
Automatically route calls using advanced routing strategies, helping callers reach the right destination.
Automatic Call Distribution
Distribute incoming calls to different users, groups, locations, and phone lines, centralizing communications.
Attend Call Transfer
Transfer calls to local, remote, or global users, agents, and reps to encourage collaboration, no matter the location.
Call Flow Designer
Create custom call flows and IVR systems for different phone numbers, providing callers multiple support options.
VIP Caller
Use VIP routing to prioritize customer support requests and offer special care for VIP clients.
Follow the Sun Support
Offer 24/7 customer support no matter where your teams are located.
Find Me Follow Me
Send calls to your devices, phone lines, and destinations and remain accessible at all times.
Time Of Day Routing
Route incoming calls to your teams based on the time of the day to manage off-hours calls
Geographic Call Routing
Send calls to different locations, teams, and departments based on your caller’s location.
Simultaneous Ringing
Ring incoming calls on multiple devices simultaneously to increase response rates.
Round Robin Routing
Ring incoming calls evenly across agent lists or ring groups using an ACD system.
Holiday Routing
Create specific routing rules to manage call flow during holidays and peak seasons.
Sequential Forwarding
Send calls down a list of agents’ or users’ phone lines, if the first number cannot answer.
Failover Forwarding
Set up multiple backup phone numbers, destinations, and SIP accounts to ensure calls are answered.
Ring Groups
Add agents and reps to call groups with custom rules for optimum call handling.
Number Masking*
Mask and customize your outgoing caller ID when making outbound calls to prospects.
Outbound Caller ID*
Display in-country local caller IDs when contacting local and international customers.
Local Ringback Tones
Use 40+ country-specific ringback tones familiar to customers calling your business.
Black & White Lists
Filter calls and streamline call traffic by whitelisting and blacklisting phone numbers or caller IDs.
Call Blocking
Block off unwanted callers by blacklisting caller IDs, area codes, and phone numbers.
Customized Greeting
Set up custom professional greetings that match your brand while providing key information.
Voicemail to Email
Forward voicemails to multiple desired email addresses and access them on the go.
Voicemail Transcription
Transcribe incoming voicemail messages and read them as texts; forward to email.
Voicemail Translation
Access translated voicemails in desired languages in your voicemail or email inbox.
Fax to Email
Forward faxes to email and store important faxes in the cloud.
Introduction Prompts
Set up prompts for incoming calls to better segment and handle call traffic.
Direct Inward System Access
Allow remote and satellite teams to make calls through your business phone line.


Manage your UWT phone system from anywhere and any device through the online control panel.

Voice API
Streamline business communication by plugging our service with your core business applications
Account Management
Manage your account and users through our web-based control panel.
Knowledge Base
Get helpful guides, FAQs, and how-to articles to help you make the most out of your service.
Rollover Minutes*
Save and carry over unused minutes from one month to the next, optimizing your service.
Call Activity & Custom Reports
Review call reports and detail records for insights on call traffic and usage.
Number Porting
Consolidate and bring your phone numbers to the United World Telecom network.
Phone Number Management
Manage, add, and remove business phone lines through our easy-to-use interface.
Phone Extensions
Send callers to the right department or team using agent-specific extensions.
Call Detail Records
Access call logs, activity reports, and more to track and analyze call activity.
User & Role Management
Create users and roles to efficiently and securely manage account access.
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Service Features

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Hosted Call Recording

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Local Ringback Tones

Simultaneous Ringing

Fax to Email

Rollover Minutes

Failover Routing

Virtual Voicemail

Outbound Calling

Sequential Routing

Black / White Lists

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