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Among the most useful and versatile business tools, virtual phone numbers make communicating easy. United World Telecom provides virtual phone numbers in over 140 countries across the globe. They work with advanced features and international call forwarding capabilities. Read on to learn more about using virtual numbers and how to purchase them for your company.

What Are Virtual Phone Numbers?

Virtual numbers (also known as cloud-based phone numbers) route calls via the internet instead of over traditional telephone lines. They operate digitally and you can use them with mobile lines, VoIP lines, or landlines. You can purchase virtual numbers as local numbers, international numbers, toll free numbers, universal numbers, and international toll free numbers. This service reduces the costs for local and international calls and enables the owner of the number to control everything using a simple interface.

Get Cloud-Based Phone Numbers for Business

Virtual numbers are programmed to forward calls to a specific number or numbers. Upon purchasing a virtual number, you will designate a “destination number.” When calls are made to a a cloud phone number, calls are instantly routed to the destination number for answering. Virtual numbers can be easily coordinated in a variety of ways to suit your needs. You can have calls routed back to the number that is most convenient for you.

Virtual Number Features

Virtual phone numbers from United World Telecom come with many features to customize the service. United World Telecom also offers premium features at an additional rate. You can connect these features to your virtual numbers as needed. Premium features include rollover minutes, call recording, and outbound calling.


Benefits for Businesses

If you intend on expanding your business internationally, it is likely you’ll need efficient options to communicate affordably. Cloud phone numbers can instantly establish a presence internationally without having to open a new office in a foreign country. Virtual phone numbers allow you to affordably have a local number in many locations internationally. This is much more economical than traditional long-distance communication. Here are some of the benefits of using virtual numbers from United World Telecom for your business communications:

  • Convenience: virtual numbers allow for customized business communications.
  • Easily automated, well-functioning, and versatile business cloud phone systems
  • Unlimited cloud phone number options; vanity numbers, toll free numbers, ITFS numbers, UIFN numbers, specific countries, and the majority of area codes are available
  • User-friendly online account management that allows you to change settings at any time

How to Get a Virtual Phone Number

Getting cloud numbers for your business or sales team is quite simple with United World Telecom. It is very easy to purchase a virtual phone number and within a very short amount of time, you can use your number. Here are the steps to get a virtual phone number:

  1. Using the form on this page (or the home page) you can select the number you would like to purchase.
  2. Simply follow the prompts and select your new number, the number type, and the specific info requested.
  3. Then, enter where you want calls forwarded.
  4. Next, you will click on View Rates & Try for Free, where you can select your plan and premium features. From this point, you can use the service for seven days, free of charge.
  5. Rates for available plans will appear, so there is full transparency.
  6. Proceed to the cart to review your order.
  7. Complete checkout.

How Much Does a Virtual Phone Number Cost?

The cost of cloud phone numbers can vary depending on certain factors. The type of number is one consideration, as there are different fees for toll free numbers, vanity numbers, ITFS numbers, and local numbers. The country the number is based out of, as well as where the call is being routed are also factors that will affect cost. For specific pricing, you can fill out the steps on our home page, and exact pricing for the number(s) you need will appear.


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Virtual Numbers: Better for Business

Virtual phone numbers are the ideal option for businesses. Whether it’s your aim to expand globally by starting slowly, or you want to streamline your communications, cloud-based numbers are perfect for customizing your phone system. Contact United World Telecom today to get virtual numbers for your company!

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