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south korea virtual phone numbers
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South Korea Virtual Phone Numbers

South Korea is an East Asian country located to the east of mainland Asia. Korea has a mountainous terrain and is populated by around 51 million people. South Korea’s capital is Seoul. This is also its largest city and home to 10 million residents.

South Korean Culture

The South Korean language is believed to have originated in Northern Asia. It has five major dialects, but South Koreans from different areas are still able to understand each other. Like North Korea, South Korea is greatly influenced by Japanese and Chinese cultures. The main Asian influence is Confucianism which imbues all aspects of modern-day Korean life from family life to social conduct. Koreans value loyalty and sincerity in all aspects of their life. The family is the mainstay of South Korean society. Korean families are patriarchal. Children are expected to respect and help to take care of their elders. Children often remain in their parent’s household when they become adults to fulfill their duty of care.

Get South Korea Virtual Phone Numbers

If your company is ready to expand into the South Korean marketplace, you want to have people in Korean cities talking about your products and asking questions about them. Soon you will have South Korean residents who want to ask you questions about them. The best way to facilitate this is by subscribing to South Korean virtual phone numbers. You can place these numbers in your Korean advertisements and websites, so they will have a local number to use to contact you at any time.

The Benefits of Having a South Korean Virtual Number

  • Customer appreciation: Because your South Korean callers will only have to pay for the price of a local call, they won’t mind calling you at all. Whereas, if they have to pay international calling rates, they would be much less likely to make the call.
  • Local presence: Your online number gives you a local presence which increases your South Korean customer’s faith in you and your products and services.
  • Boost your brand: Using virtual South Korean numbers as part of your business communications network is a great way to boost your brand.
    Features that Optimize your South Korea Virtual Phone Numbers
    International call forwarding: You can have the calls to your South Korean phone numbers routed to any number or numbers anywhere in the world, whether it’s a landline, office phone, or smartphone.
  • Call Recording: Listen to recorded calls to make sure that your customer service teams are providing the best service. Recorded calls can also be used for new hire training and to settle customer disputes.
  • Call history: Using your online console, you can instantly see a detailed record of all your incoming calls to each of your South Korean phone numbers. This will help you keep track of your marketing strategies.
  • Personalized greeting: Record professional greetings to welcome your callers and direct them to the extension or person they need.

How to Get South Korea Virtual Phone Numbers

United World Telecom provides South Korea virtual phone numbers and virtual numbers for many other countries worldwide. Here are some tips to help you to get the right number for your business:

Make a list of all the important features you want in addition to your South Korean virtual phone numbers.

Find out where numbers are available and pick ones that are in cities that are relevant to where you are expanding your business. Don’t forget you can choose from local, toll free, and international virtual numbers.

Set up your South Korea virtual phone numbers so calls are routed to the number or numbers where you want calls from your South Korean customers to be received. Now, you’re all set to receive calls wherever you are in the world.

It Makes Sense to Expand to South Korea

South Korea is one of Asia’s fastest emerging economies. This is why you should be considering expanding into this country. It also makes sense that instead of purchasing an international number, you can opt for local South Korean virtual phone numbers. By using virtual numbers in the city or cities in which you wish to grow your business, you can maximize your reach and customer loyalty without having to have a virtual presence there. South Korea virtual phone numbers are a great way to expand your business globally while saving you money. Before long, calls will be coming in from your new customers in South Korea.

Contact United World Telecom today to find out more about South Korea virtual phone numbers. Their dedicated team can help you find the right numbers for your business and so you can have a global presence in South Korea. Let them take care of all your calls while you focus on your new customers.


South Korea virtual numbers are business phone numbers for the country of South Korea. Locals can call these numbers for local calling rates instead of international rates, even if the company is located outside of the country.

You can quickly sign up for a South Korea number on United World Telecom’s website. We offer virtual telephone numbers for more than 160 countries around the world.

There are a variety of South Korea virtual numbers such as toll free, local, mobile, national, and international phone numbers.

No, your company can use a South Korea virtual number from any location around the world. This means that you can offer sales and customer service to South Korea from your headquarters in the US or the UK, etc.

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