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spain virtual phone numbers
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Spain virtual phone numbers are telephone numbers that start with +34, but do not have directly associated telephone lines in Spain. These numbers can be used for outbound calling and to forward incoming calls.

Virtual Telephone Numbers in Spain

The allocation of telephone numbers in Spain is regulated by Comisión del Mercado de las Telecomunicaciones. The country has used a closed numbering plan since 1998, which means that United World Telecom provides virtual telephone numbers in Spain with call forwarding available anywhere. United World Telecom has partnerships with telecom authorities worldwide.

Spain local numbers start with a two or three digit area code followed by seven digits. Virtual numbers are available in Madrid (91), Barcelona (93), Valencia (96), Seville (85, 95), and many other Spanish cities. On the other hand, mobile phone numbers begin with a 6 or a 7, followed by eight digits.

800 and 900 numbers are toll free phone numbers in Spain. They are available from landlines and mobile phones.

Different Types of Spain Virtual Phone Numbers

It is easy to get a virtual phone number in Spain. But you must first understand the different types of Spain virtual phone numbers. A specific type might be perfect for your unique case. United World Telecom provides the following types of Spain virtual phone numbers:

  • Toll free phone numbers: these are free for callers in Spain. They are the perfect solution for larger companies and advertisers that want to establish brand value. In Spain, virtual toll free numbers usually look like 900 xxx xxx.
  • National numbers: these are local numbers in Spain that give you access to the local population. They show that you have a nationwide presence in Spain. National numbers start with 518 or 902, typically followed by 02 xx xx.
  • Geographic virtual phone numbers: these are the best solution for companies looking to establish a virtual presence in a particular city. They are also utilized by people that need a virtual phone number in Spain to call friends and family. Local numbers are available to help you connect with people in Spain.

Spain Virtual Phone Numbers – Business Use Cases

Businesses can use Spain virtual phone numbers to get a phone number in Spain. Companies use virtual numbers for a few reasons. First, they get instant telephone access to all the customers in Spain. This can be incredibly valuable for outbound calling and inbound marketing campaigns. You can use different phone numbers across various advertising campaigns in order to track the effectiveness of each campaign.

In addition, you can use the virtual phone number to make outbound calls with a Spain caller ID. Basically, these numbers enable people in Spain to reach you at a local number and it lets you call anyone in Spain. Virtual phone numbers are a sophisticated turnkey solution for any business to scale a phone presence in Spain.

Spain virtual phone numbers are also effective for companies that wish to expand their business in Spain. You can publish a virtual Spain phone number on your website and utilize a virtual office address. In addition, it’s easy to set up a full suite of advanced features that handle key functions for your business. For example, you can turn on call recording in order to comply with Eurozone regulations. You can also set customized greetings and advanced call forwarding features.

United World Telecom helps companies create customized customer experiences over the phone without needing any code. Anyone can set up an interactive voice response menu and even receive inbound SMS in just a few clicks.

How does it Work?

Spain virtual phone numbers work by allowing anyone to get a virtual phone number in Spain. You just need a destination where you want to forward calls. It also helps to have an internet connection to set up advanced features.

Then people just need to dial your virtual number and the calls will be automatically forwarded anywhere in the world. You can forward calls to virtual call centers, mobile phones, and even fixed landlines! We handle the routing while your calls get delivered seamlessly with a full suite of business features.

Spain virtual phone numbers can also work for outbound calling. This means that you can make outbound calls with a +34 country code appearing on the receiver’s caller ID. Your customers and the people you call will see a familiar caller ID in Spain. Outbound calling can be added in just a few clicks at checkout.

How to Get Spain Virtual Phone Numbers

This will show you how to get Spain virtual phone numbers. We have various plan types that are suitable for all business sizes. The subscriber is able to choose any phone number in Spain and also gets included minutes to talk on the phone. There is a free trial available to test the quality of the service. It’s free to cancel the service any time.


Spain virtual numbers are business phone numbers that work over the internet. This means that users can make and receive calls from any location and any device for reasonable rates.

No, you can get a Spain virtual number even if you are located in the US or UK and you can have incoming calls forwarded to your main office.

You can get a Spain business number by signing up on United World Telecom’s website. We offer toll free, local, and international phone numbers for more than 160 countries around the world.

Yes, with a Spain virtual number, you can extend sales operations and customer support even if you do not open a field office in the country.

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