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US Virtual Phone Numbers

As technology continues to deeply affect the way business leaders make decisions and the way businesses perform, purchasing US virtual phone numbers becomes a more common tool for expansion. Using virtual offices to expand within the US or internationally is another tool that is becoming more and more used by businesses aiming for growth.

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For any business that is trying to keep up with competition, expanding across the US or even internationally seems like the next logical step. With that said, setting up an office in every market one wishes to target is extremely costly and not even close to feasible for a majority of business owners. This is where virtual phone numbers and virtual office locations are a huge asset.

Setting up US virtual phone numbers represents a fraction of the cost of setting up actual physical locations, hiring and training staff for those locations, and running those offices.

Keeping in contact with customers across the US, even if a business may only have one physical location in the entire United States, is important. Having a phone number that customers can call, possibly a vanity phone number, is an asset that cannot be undervalued. There are many options for US virtual phone numbers. Depending on what kind of business it is and the image that one wants to portray, a business can offer local virtual phone numbers for each target market or toll free numbers that cater to a broad, nationwide clientele. Calls to US virtual phone numbers can then all be rerouted to one mobile phone line or a landline of the business owner’s choosing. For example, a business could purchase several US virtual phone numbers for markets in several states. Those US virtual phone numbers could each be local numbers for each of those markets. Calls to those phone numbers can then be forwarded to one central customer call center.

Another important benefit of US virtual phone numbers is that calls made through the use of these phone numbers do not cost the caller anything. This is extremely convenient for the callers and shows customers and other callers that the business so values communication that they are willing to cover the cost of the call for the callers.

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Expanding nationally or internationally can be extremely stressful. There are many things to consider and many choices to make. Communication must be a top priority.

United World Telecom offers US virtual phone numbers as well as virtual phone numbers for business in over 140 countries worldwide. United World Telecom also offers an advanced suite of features to best fit the diverse needs of any business. Some of these features include customized voicemail greetings, call recording, time of day routing, fax to email, voicemail to email, SMS forwarding, and a number of different ring options. United World Telecom offers rollover minutes as well, in case you don’t use all of the minutes in your plan one month and want to roll them over into the next month instead of just losing them.

Account management with United World Telecom is straightforward and streamlined, giving business owners the ability to go through the easy setup process and adjust things as time goes on and needs change, without much effort.

Whether looking to expand to an additional state or states within the United States or a different market in an entirely different country, United World Telecom offers global communication solutions to suit your business needs. Calls made to virtual phone numbers can be forwarded offering flexibility and mobility for even the busiest and most mobile business leaders out there.

United World Telecom offers new customers a free trial and will match (and beat) the rates of any competitors. Call United World Telecom today to speak to the leader of global communications for top business leaders worldwide and discuss the needs of your specific business.