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Time Of Day Routing

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Time of Day Routing Features

  • Deliver Excellent Customer Support Service
  • Smoothly Manage Maximum Number of Calls
  • Strengthen Your Business International Presence
  • Direct Calls to Your VoiceMail and Mobile Phone

What Is Time of Day Routing?

Time of day routing is a free feature included with any call forwarding service plan from United World Telecom. This feature allows you to redirect incoming calls from your toll free or local numbers to one or more alternate telephone numbers or SIP addresses during specific times of day so that you never miss an important call. This is a high-performance feature and can help you leverage your business or personal brand greatly. Here’s what this feature can do for your business:

control panel screen call forwarding
Screenshot of call forwarding settings in our control panel

Deliver Excellent Customer Support Service

It is a great way to deliver excellent customer service by being available 24 x7 and 365 days a year. The time of day routing feature enables users to configure settings and redirect calls to different numbers during different time slots on any selected day. In short, users can forward calls worldwide with toll-free or local number and route calls by day and time with ease and answer practically every incoming call, anywhere.

Smoothly Manage Maximum Number of Calls

It not only helps you manage incoming calls but also enables you to manage Caller ID in the system, the time-zone, and set up to 10 rules to have the system perform tasks such as: forward all calls, receive faxes, or receive voice messages on selected days at selected time-slots.

Strengthen Your Business International Presence

This feature allows you to strengthen your business presence worldwide. If you have your business spread in multiple locations in different time zones, then you can route calls according to your working hours. For example-If you have sales associates in both China and US that come under different time zones, then you can easily transfer the incoming call of your client or your customer after business hours in the US to your sales associate in China during business hours there and answer the call without missing it.

Direct Calls to Your VoiceMail and Mobile Phone

Furthermore, this feature also allows you to direct calls to your VoiceMail and mobile phone. This is great for individuals who are running a one man army business or love to stay connected to their friends. For example- If you are not available at office, or you don’t have your mobile with you, the incoming call will be directed to your voicemail-allowing you to get back to the caller immediately.

control panel screen call forwarding
Screenshot of call forwarding settings in our control panel

Benefits of the Time of Day Routing Service Feature

This feature offers both businesses and individuals great benefits. These include:

  • Award-winning customer service- With this advanced feature you can offer your customers excellent support service and set your business apart from others.
  • Your business remains open 365 days a year- When others are closed. In other words, your business never sleeps. Customers can access you anytime from anywhere. The more calls you receive the more customers you will be able to cater.
  • Offers unmatched connectivity and accessibility.
  • Endless opportunities to increase your customer base. With this feature, businesses regardless of its size can expand their market outreach, increase customer base and conquer both local and the global turf in no time. For example- this service allows you to direct incoming calls from different time zones to locations where your business is open. This enables you to cater to potential clients in South-Asia calling after business hours by directing their calls to representatives operating in the US, during their business hours.
  • Offers full-control (where your calls are forwarded during specified times of the day and days of the week)
  • Call routing enables callers to reach you through a dedicated telephone number- anywhere at any time sparing you from communicating your schedule to clients and colleagues.

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