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Buy France Virtual Phone Numbers

Establishing your business in a new marketplace isn’t easy. It requires an understanding of the local economy, how consumers in the new market make purchasing decisions, and developing a marketing plan that works. Of course, not to be overlooked is the ability to communicate quickly and clearly to consumers—no matter where they are.

For example, if you’re thinking about expanding your multinational business to the French marketplace it’s critical to secure a clear means of communication. At United World Telecom, we offer France virtual phone numbers to make your business accessible to callers in France. When callers contact your virtual phone number that call will be forwarded to your business anywhere in the world. The only costs to your caller are local calling fees.

Before you decide to invest in our France virtual phone numbers, you may want to consider what the French marketplace looks like and how your business can benefit from doing business there.

The Diverse French Marketplace & Economy

Established as the world’s fifth-largest economy, and the ninth-largest global economy, and has the second-largest economy in Europe, France isn’t a marketplace you want to overlook. France benefits from a strong chemical industry, which contributes greatly to its manufacturing industry as a whole. The economic growth France has enjoyed is a direct result of this industry.

Tourism is another strong contributor to the economy. France also happens to be the most visited country in the world. The country’s GDP per capita in 2013 was the 20th ranked in the world, with individuals earning an average of $44,099.

While France’s economy did experience a recession in the late 2000s, it did return to normal much more quickly than other countries. France is forecasted for an increased growth of some 1.7% in 2017 and has experienced significant growth in 2016. As a hub for all things tourism and manufacturing in Europe, France is a haven for new business and multinational businesses looking for a greater footing in Europe.

What Are France Virtual Phone Numbers & How Do They Work?

At United World Telecom we help you connect with Europe’s second-largest economy with cutting-edge call forwarding services. Our France virtual phone numbers connect you with customers precisely where they are and give you an advantage over your competition.

A virtual phone number can serve as a second number for a given phone line. While the number called isn’t the number associated with your carrier, the call is seamlessly sent to your device of choice. Put simply, a virtual phone number is a number used to forward calls to a pre-set number. The advantages to using a France virtual phone number include no-hardware set up, no phone lines to manage, and no more than one device needed.

When you use our United World Telecom service, we set you up with France virtual phone numbers that allow you to easily connect with customers in France. Here are a few benefits to this process.

  • Our France phone numbers never run up international calling fees. No matter where the destination of the call is, it will always be treated as a local call.
  • Customers are more comfortable calling local phone numbers than they are foreign ones. This increases the likelihood of them contacting your business directly.
  • Dialing a France virtual phone number within Frances’ borders is much easier than dialing an international phone number. International numbers require callers to dial 011, the country code, area or city code, and finally the phone number. Our virtual phone numbers eliminate this hassle and replace it with one simple and easy to understand number.

Virtual phone numbers are known unofficially as ‘follow-me’ numbers in the U.S. Our phone numbers are programmed to forward calls coming to your pre-set telephone number. The best part of France virtual phone numbers is that no matter how many thousands of miles are between you and your customers, all your customers see is a local phone number when they call you. We enable your customers to contact you with a local area code they recognize. For the same price of local calls, customers in France can contact your business no matter where it is in the world.

Gain Access to France’s Marketplace with Virtual Phone Numbers

When your business is ready to expand to the French market, we’ll be there. Our offering of international call forwarding positions you for greater success throughout the globe. Our service allows you to take calls from any existing phone lines, be them mobile, landline, or any other, and forward them to your number of choice.

We also allow you to maximize our other incredible features including simultaneous ringing, local call back tones, and sequential forwarding. Take advantage of as many or as few of these features you like all backed by 24/7 customer support when you need it.

Our service allows you to buy French virtual phone numbers in virtually any market including Paris and Marseille. Designed to support your business goals, our call forwarding services position your business for true success. They are easy to use and easy to manage. Choose which options fit your business and customer needs.

No need to spend thousands to set up a physical location in France. Instead, opt for call forwarding services that represent the needs of your business through our France virtual phone numbers. Our services will take your business anywhere in France with a single phone call.

Get a France Virtual Number and Experience The Difference

Our France virtual phone numbers are specifically crafted for multinational businesses. We have done business with international companies for over 20 years, and are well aware of what it takes to maintain a reliable and trustworthy connection throughout overseas markets. To do business in France you need a marketplace connection. Experience the difference our France virtual phone numbers can make in your business by choosing our services. No contract needed and affordable rates make our service the one to choose.

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