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Japan Virtual Phone Numbers

Are you considering expanding your business to the Japanese market? The best way is to leverage the newest telecom technology to access Japanese markets — namely, Japanese virtual phone numbers. Do you know how Japanese virtual phone numbers can drastically increase the impact of your business internationally?

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In this article, we’ll look at what Japan virtual phone numbers are and how to get them from United World Telecom

What are Japan Virtual Phone Numbers?

In its most basic sense, a virtual phone number is a telephone access number that uses the Internet to connect callers. Because of recent developments in cloud computing and VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol), any Internet-enabled device with audio capabilities can use virtual phone numbers. When a caller dials your Japan virtual phone number, the call is redirected to another phone number of your choice, which is known as the “destination phone number.” Similarly, when you use a Japan virtual phone number coupled with an add-on known as “outbound calling,” your Japan virtual phone number will appear on the recipient’s caller ID with a phone number that they recognize.

Because of the versatility of Japan virtual phone numbers, international businesses can directly compete with Japanese businesses, as Japan virtual phone numbers add authenticity which is highly preferred by the Japanese. To augment your marketing campaigns, these virtual phone numbers can augment your sales by blending in with established companies. On a related note, using Japan virtual phone numbers helps establish a more reputable image and a larger business presence — something that newer small businesses and startups can appreciate.

Additionally, Japan virtual phone numbers contact customers on their own terms, as calls made to your phone number won’t be charged long distance fees or blocked by the recipient’s Japanese service provider. This can be a significant step for foreign businesses to break through traditional barriers of business expansion, which are normally required for setting up a physical presence in the country — something that requires vast amounts of capital, time, and know-how to pull off effectively. Worse, those steps need to be undertaken before making a single profit. By contrast, Japan virtual phone numbers circumvent creating a brick and mortar presence in a simple, cost-effective manner.

Add-Ons for Your Japan Virtual Phone Numbers

As mentioned before, there are a number of add-ons and features that you can add to your Japan virtual phone number, such as the aforementioned “outbound calling.” Some of these add-ons include blacklists, which gives you the ability to block troublesome spam callers. There’s also call recording, which records and stores all inbound and outbound calls for later verification. This can be a great add-on for businesses that frequently use outsourced staff and need to verify if the level of customer service is up to par. Furthermore, call recording is mandatory for businesses that deal in international finance, investment and banking industries, as international regulatory committees have required those businesses to record interactions between your staff and the public to ward off potential scammers. And last but not least, there’s “simultaneous ringing,” which enables all designated phones/devices to ring at the same time for inbound calls so that no call is left unanswered.

Now that you’re aware of what Japan virtual phone numbers are and how they can be used for your business, let’s take a look at how to get them from United World Telecom.

How to Get Japan Virtual Phone Numbers

To get Japan virtual phone numbers, start at the United World Telecom homepage (

Once there, you’ll see a number of links to choose from. For this demonstration, click on the “Local Numbers” button to be redirected to the next webpage.

On the next page, you will find 2 categories of dropdown menus:

  • “Select Your New Phone Number”
  • “Enter Your Destination Phone Number”

Starting with the “Select Your New Phone Number” category, click on the 1st dropdown menu and select “Japan (+81)” which is the country code of your Japan virtual phone number.

Next, select a number type, such as Toll Free, Toll Free (mobile accessible), Universal Toll Free (UIFN), and Geographic. If you select Toll Free (mobile accessible), you’ll be given an option to select a prefix (120 or 800). For Geographic numbers, you will be given the option to select a specific city in Japan, including the following locations:

  • Chiba (43)
  • Kawaguchi (48)
  • Kawasaki (44)
  • Kobe (78)
  • Kokubunji (42)
  • Nagoya (52)
  • Narita (476)
  • Osaka (6)
  • Saitama (48)
  • Tokyo (3)
  • Yokohama (45)

Depending on the type of phone number that you have chosen, the next dropdown menu below will give you either the option to choose an available Japan virtual phone number or you will be provided one upon activation.

In the next series of dropdown menus, you will enter in the destination phone number where calls from your Japan virtual phone number will redirect calls. Enter in your country code and the remaining digits for the destination phone number and once completed, you can select a free trial and view paid subscription plans by clicking on the button below. After this, you can add optional features and outbound calling, if you want.

At this point, the rest of the process is straightforward: enter in your contact information, account type, billing and payment methods. Last, review your purchase to ensure that the information is correct. After that, review the terms and conditions, click the button to verify you understand the conditions, and then finalize your purchase. Within 24 hours, a United World Telecom representative will contact you to assist with tech support so you can start your using Japan virtual phone number ASAP.