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How do you ensure that your high-value customers receive the attention they deserve despite the constant influx of calls? That’s where VIP caller routing comes in; with this advanced call routing feature, your business can:

  • Prioritize important calls
  • Offer tiered and targeted customer service
  • Enhance customer experience for VIP customers

Understanding VIP Caller Routing

VIP caller routing operates on the principle of directing priority calls to designated agents or departments, ensuring your high-value customers receive the attention they deserve. This system leverages advanced call routing techniques such as geo-routing, caller ID prioritization, and dedicated phone numbers to achieve its objectives.

You can get this feature through various methods with your phone service provider. While there are different ways to set up this feature, at United World Telecom, customers can create, manage, and control this routing strategy seamlessly through our online control panel.

How VIP Routing Works

As you know by now, VIP routing streamlines the process of connecting priority calls with the agents who are familiar with the caller’s history and previous interactions. With this, you can provide personalized assistance and strengthen the sense of continuity as well as trust.

Moreover, by matching callers to agents based on language preferences, time zone, and location, you can provide tailored support. This approach not only enhances caller satisfaction but also promotes personalized and responsive customer support.

How to Route and Prioritize VIP Calls

So how do you route calls using this feature? With UWT, you can set up and use this feature in three ways.
With UWT, you can set up and use this feature in three ways.
VIP routing for call forwarding.

1. Dedicated Phone Numbers — Streamline the VIP caller routing process by providing exclusive phone lines for high-value clients. Get special extension numbers or opt for whitelisting VIP callers.

Based on these factors, you determine the routing destinations for these calls. This approach facilitates direct access to specialized support teams or personalized services tailored to individual customer needs.

2. Location-based Routing or Geo-Routing — Route calls based on a caller’s geographic location. This ensures your clients are connected with agents familiar with their region’s nuances and preferences.

For instance, a multinational corporation may route calls from European clients to agents fluent in multiple languages or knowledgeable about specific regional regulations.

3. Caller ID Routing — Set rules that prioritize calls from clients based on their unique caller IDs. Ensure your loyal customers receive expedited service and bypass lengthy wait times, enhancing overall satisfaction and loyalty.

Existing UWT customers can speak to dedicated account managers to get help with setting up VIP routing and customizing the predetermined rules in the control panel.

VIP call screenshot

Key Advantages of VIP Routing

The benefits of using this feature stretch far beyond mere convenience. You can not only prioritize your most-valued customers but also efficiently distribute resources, increasing overall productivity. Here’s how businesses can benefit from VIP call routing:

Enhanced Customer Experience: Deliver personalized service and demonstrate a deep understanding of the unique needs and preferences of your high-value clients. This upgrades overall customer experience.

Customizable Routing Options: Create custom routing rules for your business’ specific needs, using this an advanced routing solution. Provide responsive support with the utmost care.

International Routing: Provide reliable, top-quality support to customers around the world. With our global telephony solutions, you are not limited to geographic boundaries.

Improved Efficiency: Reduce call wait times and boost first-call resolution rates, by promptly routing calls to knowledgeable agents capable of resolving issues effectively.

Increased Customer Loyalty: Strengthen customer relationships, foster loyalty, and drive repeat business and referrals with expedited service and personalized attention.

Optimized Resource Allocation: By routing calls to specialized teams or departments for specific customer inquiries or requests, this feature helps in optimizing resource allocation.

Encourage Relationship-Building: Send important callers to agents and reps they have worked with in the past. Promote building strong and high-quality client-agent relationship.

How to Set up VIP Caller Routing?

Existing UWT customers can refer to this step-by-step guide to configure VIP call routing with our number:

    1. Log in to your Control Panel.
    2. Choose a phone service line and click on Settings.
    3. Select Call Forwarding from the horizontal menu and click IVR.
    4. Click on the Manage IVR Applications button.
    5. Click the Create New Application button on the top right.
    6. Select Caller ID Routing from the actions displayed and click on New Rule. Here, you can enter the area codes or caller ID of calls you want to prioritize.
    7. Then, select Phone Call from the actions displayed.
      Here, you can enter the destination for incoming calls you want to prioritize.
    8. To save your IVR application, click on Close at the bottom and then Save Application on the top right.

Provide Priority Support with United World Telecom

VIP routing is a proactive approach to delivering effective support services. Avail call routing through a simple setup process, and begin assigning and organizing users in line with your business needs. You can get advanced call routing options with all United World Telecom cloud phone number plans; learn more on our pricing page.

Looking for more information on VIP caller routing? Reach out to us today or connect with your designated account manager; chat with us online!

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