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Call Forwarding Voicemail & Voicemail to Email Feature

Voicemail to email is a feature that sends your business voicemail messages to your email. This lets you hear the message even if you are not in the office or near your office phone. With a voicemail to email feature, you can:

  • Access voicemail from your computer, mobile, or fixed phone.
  • Send messages to your email inbox as MP3 files.
  • Integrate with any operating systems.
  • Save your message MP3 files on your computer or upload to the cloud for future reference.

Voicemail to Email

Voicemail is a free feature included with our Call Forwarding service. When activated, your voicemail will answer calls if your existing phone is busy or does not answer. For example: If one of your callers in the United Kingdom contacts your local phone number at +44 2036086747 and your business isn’t available to take the call, your voicemail will greet your caller and record his message.

voicemail screen
How to Activate the Voicemail Feature

To activate your voicemail, log in to your online Control Panel at, click ‘Change’ next to the call forwarding service line you want to customize.

The feature settings window will open. Under the Voicemail/Fax Settings box, check ‘Enable Voicemail’ and click ‘Apply Changes’ to save the settings. Your Voicemail will now greet your callers and take messages for you.

From the feature setting window, you can also change your ‘Mailbox Name’ and ‘Password.’


  1. Choosing a unique mailbox name is useful for customers with multiple Call Forwarding numbers, as it makes your mailboxes easy to identify.
  2. Your Mailbox Password is any sequence of up to 8 digits that will be required when checking your voicemail on the phone.

To complete the voicemail activation and save your new settings, click on the button ‘Apply Changes.’

How Can I Access and Listen to My Voicemails?

United World Telecom’s voicemail to email feature affords you the convenience of listening to voice messages from your office, home, or mobile phone or have your voicemails automatically sent to your email address as an audio file.

You can also activate the ‘Do Not Disturb’ option, which automatically sends every call to your voicemail. This option is convenient for when customers call your local phone number and you don’t want your office phone to ring. To enable this voicemail option, open the feature settings window again and select the option: ‘Go directly to voicemail without forwarding the call (do not disturb).’

call forwarding basic scrn
Will My Caller Know When Calls are Recorded?

Yes, the system comes programmed with a default caller announcement, but you can create a custom announcement or just disable it.

Once your voicemail is set up, our voicemail system will automatically save your messages from incoming callers in an easily accessible location. You can listen to your messages in three ways:

  1. Listen to voicemails via the online Control Panel
    To manage your voicemail messages, log in to your online Control Panel and click ‘Check Voicemail’ to access the voicemail inbox window. On this window, you can listen, download, delete or mark messages as read or unread. Also, on this window, you can click download to save the message file on your computer.
  2. Listen to voicemails via email
    Voicemail to email forwarding provides an easy way to listen to your messages without ever needing to pick up your phone. Select the email with the voicemail and click on the attachment. The voicemail inbox window will open. Click the ‘Play’ button to listen to the desired message.
  3. Listen to voicemails via phone
    You can access your Call Forwarding Voicemail by dialing +1 (305) 351-8771 and entering your Mailbox ID and Password.

Note: all voicemail messages will remain in your inbox until you delete them.

Manage Voicemails By Sending Them to Your Email

Voicemail to Email is a feature included in every United World Telecom virtual phone number plan. With this feature, you can forward incoming voicemails to your email inbox. Manage your voicemail to email settings through our online Control Panel, accessible anywhere and at any time.


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