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Singapore Virtual Phone Numbers

If you’ve spent any time researching new technology for business expansion, you’ve probably come across virtual phone numbers. By using virtual phone numbers, you enable your organization to instantaneously communicate with customers and clients around the world through the newest advances in cloud computing and VoIP. With virtual offices and virtual locations gaining importance in establishing a global presence, your organization can gain a business presence in new target markets. It is these important benefits — and many more — that makes virtual phone numbers such an important element for international expansion.

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Because virtual phone numbers from United World Telecom are available in one of the most desired markets in the world, Singapore, you can use Singapore virtual phone numbers to augment your business. Furthermore, using Singapore virtual phone numbers can give your business competitive leverage that makes a huge difference in how modern businesses are accessing the global marketplace.

In this article, we will take a look at what Singapore virtual phone numbers are and how to get them from United World Telecom, a trusted telecom service provider with over two decades of experience and know-how.

What are Singapore Virtual Phone Numbers?

As mentioned in the introduction, one of the best ways to connect with customers and clients in Singapore is with Singapore virtual phone numbers. Because communication is instantaneous and facilitated through the Internet, your business can be located or headquartered around the world. In its most basic sense, virtual phone numbers route calls to and from a destination phone number, which allows your business to access or be accessed from Singapore no matter where your business is conducted. Because they facilitate communication virtually, there are a number of benefits that can modernize your business model.

Singapore virtual phone numbers can greatly impact the localization process of establishing your brand in Singapore’s markets. Because Singapore virtual phone numbers are identical in function and are indistinguishable from local phone numbers, your business can gain authenticity within Singapore markets.

Businesses that seek to connect with customers for the first time can use Singapore virtual phone numbers as a way to position themselves as an authentic Singapore entity that is trustworthy, credible, and above all, ready to do business within the country. When customers recognize the Singapore country code and a number associated with a company, they immediately feel at ease to contact the business or receive a call from a Singapore virtual phone number.

As with all virtual phone numbers, Singapore virtual phone numbers can be augmented with the newest advances in cloud communication. This means you can use features like “call recording,” “outbound calling,” “simultaneous ringing,” and other add-ons to augment your business model. Ultimately, it is up to the company to integrate Singapore virtual phone numbers to make their business more accessible, more cost-effective and provide customer service that’s in line with what Singapore businesses and customers recognize.

How to Get Singapore Virtual Phone Numbers

Now that you’re up to speed on what Singapore virtual phone numbers are and how they can impact your business, let’s take a look at how easy it is to get a Singapore virtual phone number from United World Telecom.

Begin by visiting United World Telecom’s homepage at

Once there, click on the “Local Numbers” button to be redirected to the next webpage. On that page, you’ll find two categories of dropdown menus: “Select Your New Phone Number” and “Enter Your Destination Phone Number.”

Under “Select Your New Phone Number,” click on the first dropdown menu to select your desired country. In this case, it would be “Singapore (+65).” After choosing the country, you will choose a number type, such as Toll Free (mobile accessible), Universal Toll Free (UIFN), and National (31) numbers. Depending on the type of phone number you choose, the dropdown menu below will provide you with a list of available Singapore virtual phone numbers or provide one upon activation.

In the next series of dropdown menus under “Enter Your Destination Phone Number,” enter the destination phone number where calls from your Singapore virtual phone number will be redirected, including your country code and the remaining digits. Once completed, you will then need to click the button to “View Rates & Try for Free.”

Next, you’ll be provided with a series of payment plans that United World Telecom offers. Once you select the appropriate one for your usage, you can then select optional features and outbound calling.

After this step, the remaining process is similar to other online transactions, including:

  • Entering your contact information
  • Choosing an appropriate account type
  • And filling in the required billing and payment methods

Once you’ve gotten to this point, you’ll be given the option to review your purchase to ensure that the information is correct. Additionally, you can purchase more Singapore virtual phone numbers or choose from 140+ countries, as well. After this, review the terms & conditions and finalize your purchase. In 24 hours or less, a representative from United World

Telecom will provide you with your telephone number and assist you with setup.