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Simultaneous Ringing

simultaneous ringing
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Want to ensure your teams never miss a customer call? In order to offer reliable and responsive customer support, your business needs to remain accessible at all times. To help with this, United World Telecom — a leading provider of call forwarding services — offers a variety of advanced calling and routing features, including Simultaneous Ringing.

What is Simultaneous Ring?

Simultaneous ringing is a value-added telephony feature that helps consolidate all your phone numbers into one. By doing this, you can receive calls wherever you are located. Using this feature, you can ring multiple phones and devices with one number, ensuring calls reach you anywhere, every time. The same goes for your team. By listing multiple forward-to numbers, you can have incoming calls ring all the listed phone numbers at the same time.

This way, you don’t have to think twice to leave your desk or the office premises to run a quick errand. If a call comes in, you can answer it on your other device, or rest assured that a teammate will answer.

Ring Multiple Phones at the Same Time

Simultaneous ring allows you to configure different numbers and devices into one. This could include the main office phone, personal smartphones, and desk phones in different offices. So when someone calls, all configured preprogrammed phones ring at the same time and whichever phone you pick up first, gets the call. And in case you cannot answer the call on any phone, then the call then goes to voicemail.

In addition to this, you can also, set up Random Forwarding to route calls randomly to sales agents/call centers or Sequential Forwarding to send calls down a predetermined list. Either options ensure that the call is not missed by any chance. After all, for any business, a call missed is an opportunity missed.

Benefits of Simultaneous Ringing

So, why should businesses use this feature and how can you use it to improve customer support? Here are some of the many advantages of the simultaneous ring feature:

1. Simplifies Calling

Simultaneous ringing helps you consolidate all phone numbers into one and keep some contact numbers private. In other words, your clients will have one phone number to call you but you will have the ability to receive that call on all the designated numbers. So when you get a phone call on your configured phone number all your consolidated phones will ring simultaneously.

2. Never Miss an Important Call

Use this service to automatically forward calls on a specific schedule to desired configured phones. This ensures that you and your teams never miss an important call even when not physically present in the office.

3. No Busy Dial Tone For Callers

Even if your teams are busy on the first line, your callers can still contact you. So, they won’t hear a busy dial tone. This is beneficial especially if you are a small business struggling to build your customer base by offering excellent customer support service.

4. Increased Accessibility

With this feature, you can offer increased accessibility to your clients and ensure that they can reach out to you anytime. Accessibility is one of the many factors of a successful business. This can really propel you to success especially if you are operating your business on your own and you don’t have any other person or a workforce to run your business.

Where to Get Advanced Routing Features?

You can get advanced call routing features like Simultaneous Ring with any cloud phone service provider. In fact, United World Telecom offers Simultaneous Ringing for free with any of our virtual phone number and toll-free number plans. Want to see how it works in action? Request a demo today!

How to Set Up Simultaneous Ringing

As a United World Telecom customer, you can set up the Simultaneous Ring feature in the Control Panel. Follow these steps to configure Simultaneous Ringing with your call forwarding number:

  1. Login to your Control Panel.
  2. Click My Phone Numbers on the left-hand side of the page.
  3. Click on the Settings Icon for the phone line you want to modify.
  4. Click on the Advanced Routing tab.
  5. Under Forwarding Rules, select Go to Rules.
  6. Create a new rule for your desired results.

Easily Manage Incoming Calls with Simultaneous Ringing

Simultaneous ringing is a feature that comes included when you purchase a virtual phone number from United World Telecom. You can easily access and manage this feature through the Control Panel. Tailor it to meet your needs precisely, allowing for convenient customization.

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