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UAE Virtual Phone Numbers

Expand to the Middle East with +971 UAE phone numbers
  • Enjoy high-quality international and local calls to target MENA markets at low rates.
  • Use your UAE number on any device–desktop, laptop, or smartphone–from any location.
  • Optimize call handling with features like IVR, smart routing, local ringback tones, etc.
  • Secure a virtual local presence in the UAE with no contracts or setup fees.
UAE virtual phone numbers for business.

Are you planning to expand your operations in the United Arab Emirates? Given the country's multicultural environment, extensive infrastructure, and business-friendly climate, entering the UAE market can provide substantial growth opportunities for your business.

UAE virtual phone numbers from United World Telecom can bridge the gap between your company and this lucrative market. These can go a long way in connecting your business with quality customers, business contacts, suppliers, and more.

Get a UAE Virtual Phone Number for Your Business

Virtual phone numbers let users make and receive calls over the internet, eliminating geographical limitations. By adopting a UAE virtual phone number, you establish a local presence that is crucial for gaining the trust of new customers and partners.

Whether you are reaching out to potential clients, connecting with local businesses, or handling customer inquiries, a local phone number can make all the difference. Virtual numbers make communication easier while helping your business comfortably integrate into the UAE region.

Types of Available Phone Numbers for UAE

United World Telecom is the most trusted provider of international phone numbers in the UAE region. We offer the following UAE number types:
  • UAE Toll-Free Numbers are available with the (800) prefix and free to call from any location in the UAE, but are not reachable from outside the country.
  • UAE National Numbers with the (600) prefix are reachable from the entire country
  • UAE Local / Geographic Numbers come with local area codes like Dubai (4), Abu Dhabi (2), etc.

How Much Does a UAE Virtual Number Cost?

Our UAE virtual phone numbers start at $28.95/month. Choose from our 5 different UAE virtual phone number plans.

UAE Phone Number Format

The UAE phone number format includes the UAE country code (+971), toll-free or area codes, and the 7-8-digit subscriber number.

The UAE toll-free number format is (800) 0xxx-xxxx.
The UAE national number format is +971 600 xxxxxx.
The UAE local number format is +971 (4) xxx-xxxx. /p>
*Dubai area code (04)

How Long Does it Take to Get a UAE Virtual Number?

Activation times for UAE phone numbers depend on the phone number type. For example, toll-free numbers can be activated sooner than some national and local numbers.

Additionally, know-your-customer documentation is required to get a UAE virtual number. The sooner you provide accurate documentation, the sooner we can activate your phone number.

Advantages of Using UAE Virtual Numbers

So, why should your business use UAE phone numbers from United World Telecom? Here are the top benefits of using virtual numbers to expand into new regions:

  • Enter a new target market and acquire a new customer base
  • Experience cost-effective international calling, without additional overhead costs of opening new local offices
  • Establish a local presence and encourage more interactions and inquiries from local prospects
  • Utilize local marketing campaigns, advertisements, and promotions with your UAE number
  • Let customers and prospects call your business for free or regular calling rates, instead of international rates
  • Enjoy advanced features and added flexibility by routing calls to existing phone lines or devices anywhere in the world
  • Upgrade your existing communication infrastructure without adopting a whole new setup or new equipment.
Advantages of Using UAE Virtual Numbers
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Telecommunications in UAE

The UAE’s telecommunication scene is remarkably robust with advanced digital infrasturcture and extensive digital connectivity across the region. Telecom in this region is governed by the Telecommunications And Digital Government Regulatory Authority (TDRA). The TDRA ensures fair practices and monitors the progressive development of telecommunications in the UAE.

Leading telecom carriers in the UAE include Etisalat and du, both of which offer services tailored to meet the needs of a diverse clientele ranging from individual users to large multinational corporations. These services encompass everything from traditional fixed-line telephone services to cutting-edge mobile solutions and high-speed internet.

Businesses looking to establish a presence in the UAE can leverage local phone numbers or UAE SIP trunks, ensuring optimal communication solutions that cater to their specific requirements.

United World Telecom has been providing reliable virtual phone numbers to global and multinational businesses since 1996. Looking to establish or expand your presence in the UAE region? Get UAE virtual numbers today or consult with our experts for more information.

Real-World Applications of UAE Virtual Phone Numbers

Whether you are a small business trying to grow or a multinational enterprise establishing new contact points, virtual numbers can help you build a reliable global presence. Here are some ways to use cloud phone services in the UAE:

Customer Support: Provide real-time support to your UAE customers by having a local number they can call without incurring international charges.

Sales Operations: Enhance your sales strategy by using a UAE phone number in your advertisements, website, and business cards, making it easier for customers to perceive your business as accessible and committed to the local market.

Market Research: Conduct surveys and gather feedback from the UAE market easily through a local number, enabling better understanding and faster adaptation to local needs.

Teleconferencing: Facilitate seamless communication for virtual meetings and teleconferences with partners and customers in the UAE, reinforcing collaboration.

Why Do Business in the UAE?

The United Arab Emirates is renowned as a leading business hub in the Middle East. The country offers a strategic location, a booming economy, and a tax-friendly regime that makes it an attractive destination for businesses looking to expand globally. By using a UAE virtual phone number, you can tap into this vibrant market, benefit from its business-friendly environment, and engage with a diverse customer base.

Get a UAE Virtual Number Today

Use these resources and the accompanying contact information to start doing business in the UAE. Our global specialists can set you up with virtual communication tools and business phone numbers. Curious about the specific options available to you? Contact us and find out how today!

How to Buy a UAE Virtual Phone Number?

You can buy a UAE phone number from United World Telecom in two ways:

To purchase your numbers online, follow these steps:

  1. Visit our Pricing page.
  2. Search for UAE or +971 from the left box.
  3. Choose Toll Free, National or Geographic.
  4. On the right, enter the forward-to destination.
  5. Note: The destination can be changed at any time.
  6. Click on View Rates and choose from our five different plans.
  7. Add premium services, if desired — Call Recording, Outbound Calling, Voicemail Transcription, Rollover Minutes.
  8. Submit your order and verify application details.
How to get a UAE virtual phone number

The country code for UAE phone numbers is (+971).

The UAE phone number format includes the UAE country code (+971), toll-free or area codes, and a 7-8-digit subscriber number.

UAE virtual phone numbers are voice over IP or VoIP numbers. That means, users can make and receive calls with these numbers via the internet, from any location and any device

Types of UAE virtual phone numbers include toll free, national, and local numbers.

You can get a UAE virtual phone number from United World Telecom. We offer phone numbers such as toll free, local, and international numbers for more than 160 countries around the world.

No, users outside of the UAE can also use UAE virtual numbers. Both local and international businesses can connect with local UAE residents and business contacts from any location through virtual numbers.

Having UAE phone numbers makes it easier for local customers to reach your business. Your business can then create a network and extend sales and customer service to UAE.

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