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UIFN numbers
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What is a UIFN?

Universal International Free Numbers, also referred to as UIFN or Universal Toll Free Numbers, work almost exactly like virtual phone numbers with the exception of a few variations and requirements, particularly the fact that the numbers can work across multiple countries. Slight variations include differences related to dialing prefixes depending on the different countries from which the company’s business contacts will be making the calls.

Important Facts about UIFN Numbers

  • UIFN numbers work across multiple countries and must be registered in at least two nations
  • UIFN numbers must be in service in two or more countries within 180 days from the day the number was first reserved
  • UIFN numbers require the payment of a one-time registration fee.

United World Telecom, a well-established provider of virtual phone numbers with a long-standing reputation for excellence, sells UIFN numbers. United World Telecom offers global communication solutions for personal use by customers as well as for the use of businesses, though the facilitating of better communication systems for businesses across the globe is at the core of United World Telecom’s business model.

In examining and aiming to compete in today’s increasingly competitive global marketplace, business owners and managers have to remain steps ahead of the competition in order to attain and sustain long-term success. Good communication is essential for the success of any business and United World Telecom recognizes this, consistently researching and developing enhanced products and methods to aid businesses in better communication.

UIFN Numbers From United World Telecom

UIFN numbers can be more challenging to obtain than a standard international toll free phone number. However, United World Telecom streamlines the process for its customers through guidance, excellent customer service, and features to make the lives of business leaders easier.

Instead of having to manage numbers for each and every individual nation in which a business operates, business leaders can purchase a UIFN number that will work for customers calling from multiple countries. UIFN numbers are basically a conventional toll free number that comes with an additional digit at the very beginning. The number is typically comprised of eleven digits and is fundamentally the same as an original toll free number that the company may already be using. This factor could be of special significance when a business uses a vanity number that may be an integral part of the company’s branding and marketing techniques.

Providing UIFN numbers allows for customers and other business contacts to have easier access to a company globally, which in turn, expands the business’ availability as well as opportunities. Allowing consumers access through UIFN numbers helps to establish a global presence for a company or it helps grow an already established global presence. Another advantage of using UIFN numbers related to marketing and advertising efforts is that the use of this one number allows a business to create advertising materials with one phone number for multiple countries versus different materials with different phone numbers for each country the business is operating in.

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Expand Globally with UIFN Numbers

For an organization aiming to expand further in the future, additional countries can be later added to an existing UIFN number that is already in use. This helps to further facilitate engagement internationally for a business, giving consumers a way to reach the business at no charge to them.

United World Telecom also offers many different features as a bonus to the use of virtual phone numbers and any UIFN numbers set up for businesses. These features include advanced call forwarding to landlines or mobile phone numbers of the company’s choice, voicemail customization, conference calling, and much more.

United World Telecom offers customized communication products and services for businesses of all sizes that are cost-conscious. In some situations, international business owners are able to eliminate the use of physical call centers, substituting them with the use of virtual phone numbers, a UIFN number, and advanced call forwarding features. These options help businesses to save significantly, removing the need for a physical office in each place they operate.

Contact United World Telecom today to discuss details and requirements related to UIFN numbers, in addition to standard international toll free numbers and other products United World Telecom offers that can greatly enhance the ability of a business to grow and succeed.


A universal international freephone number or UIFN is a toll free number that can be used by residents and businesses in 45 set countries over the world. Instead of getting multiple toll free numbers, your business can use one UIFN to manage communications from these countries.

Top countries that are currently participating in the UIFN program include: Australia, Denmark, France, Germany, Hong Kong, United States, etc.

With a UIFN, you do not need to worry about managing multiple phone numbers for different countries. Make your international communication simple by using one number to extend sales and customer support to various locations.

You can get a universal international freephone number from any virtual phone service provider like United World Telecom.

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