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Call Transcription

call transcription
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Transcribe, Read, and Analyze Business Calls

Call Transcription is a premium feature that transcribes voice calls into text format. Supported by AI and machine learning, this feature can detect and transcribe with over 90% accuracy. Use this feature to:

control panel screen call recording
Screenshot of call recording settings in our control panel
  • Quickly scan through calls
  • Read, review, download, and share transcripts
  • Monitor service quality
  • Prepare for follow-up calls better
  • Increase accessibility,
  • Create comprehensive customer profiles, and more.

Use this feature alongside our Hosted Call Recording and Translation services for better call-to-text capabilities.

What is Call Transcription and How Does it Work?

Call Transcription is an advanced call management feature that transforms audio from your incoming and outgoing business calls into text.

United World Telecom customers can turn this feature on for each phone line in the Control Panel.

Once activated, calls are recorded based on your desired frequency. These calls are then transcribed and logged in call activity and recent reports.

Access the recordings and transcripts in the control panel or softphone. Our CRM and help desk integration users will see links to recordings and transcripts directly in their platforms.

Benefits of Call Transcripts

Call Transcription can be used across different customer-focused teams and functions to better understand and communicate with customers. Here are the top use cases and benefits of this feature:

  • Sales and support managers can quickly review calls to monitor quality and agent performance
  • Use insights from transcripts for targeted sales and support training.
  • Reduce the need for manual and duplicate note-taking.
  • Allow agents to focus entirely on the conversation, leading to improved customer interactions.
  • Analyze transcripts to determine customer behaviors, trends, responses, preferences, etc.
  • Use call data and insights to improve marketing and sales strategies, adjust messaging, improve localization, and so on.
  • Maintain comprehensive records of all customer communications, crucial for compliance and resolving disputes.
  • View transcriptions via our control panel or integrate them with your existing systems for easy access.

CRM transcription screen

How to Get Call Transcription

United World Telecom makes it simple to start using Call Transcription. Simply sign up on our pricing page or add it to your desired phone line in the control panel.

Want to test it out? Reach out to our sales reps today to see this feature in action!

How to View Transcripts in the Control Panel

To activate Call Transcription, log into the United World Telecom control panel.

  1. Click My Phone Numbers from the left-hand side of the dashboard.
  2. Click on the Recording icon for the service line that you would like to record calls.
  3. You will first need to activate Call Recording. Toggle the menu option to the right from Status Off to Status On.
  4. Then, turn on the Transcription and/or Translation buttons, as desired.
  5. Click Save Changes to confirm your request.

You can then view call transcripts in Activity reports, Custom reports, as well as the softphone.

call recording in control panel
» Click to view Step-By-Step instructions.

How Much Does Call Transcription Cost?

New users get the first 30 days free! After 30 days, the call transcription feature is $4.95 monthly + $0.05 per minute.

Try it for free! Speak with our representatives or contact your account manager. Call us at +1 (561) 276-7156!

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