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ITFS Explained: What is International Toll Free Service?

what is international toll free service

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Need an improved and reliable business phone system? Have you considered an international toll free service to attract customers from all over the world? Such a service can help you establish communication overseas while having calls routed to your main office or smartphone, anywhere in the world. Here is an in-depth guide to international toll free service (ITFS), its benefits, and why you should consider one for your business.

What is International Toll Free Service (ITFS)?

An international toll free service (ITFS) refers to a toll free service that makes international calling possible and easy on the budget. With such a service, you can get international toll free numbers (ITFN) for different countries across the globe. Customers from within those countries can call your ITFN for free while incoming calls route to a number or line of your choice, anywhere in the world and on any device.

This is the main reason why most modern and international businesses are using an ITFS provider to establish a strong international presence. International calling can be expensive, which is why new and small businesses stick to local clientele only. However, with ITFNs, even a small business can go global without incurring a tremendous increase in their expenses.

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Reasons to Consider an International Toll Free Service

So, why should your business consider subscribing to an international toll free service? Here are a few top reasons.

1. Expand to New Global Markets
An ITFN helps you test out and enter new markets spread across the world. Think your service will do well in Mexico but are not sure? Get a Mexico toll free number and conduct market research. Run small-scale campaigns or surveys and study how potential customers respond to your product. Then, you can decide whether to further invest in this country or try a different one.

2. Extend Sales Operations to New Countries
Once you are sure you want to extend operations to a new market, you can start small. With ITFNs, you do not need to immediately open field offices to offer sales and customer support services. Start by getting a toll free number and creating a local virtual presence. All incoming calls will route to your original office, wherever it is located. Later, as your business grows in that country or region, you can run a small office with remote and local employees.

3. Offer International Customer Support
An international toll free service will let you provide international customer support to all clients located across the world. You can have calls sent to your main office, home office, or remote agents spread the world over. This way, you can offer support during different time zones and in different languages as well. Customers who can quickly connect with a business at a time convenient to them will remain more loyal.

4. Build a Reputation as an International Business
Use an international toll free number to generate sales and provide support across the world. And by doing so, you can establish your business as an international one. This will only help increase brand visibility and awareness, all of which are important to keep sales growing.

5. Increase Credibility and Reliability
For years toll free numbers have been associated with well-established and large corporations. Getting an international toll free service can help you develop a credible reputation in more than one country. By remaining accessible and easily reachable, you become a business that is reliable and trustworthy. Your customers know that they can reach you quickly no matter what and that will make them want to continue doing business with you.

6. Offer 24/7 Multichannel Customer Service
An ITFS provider like United World Telecom does not only offer a reliable toll free service but also gives you access to communication features that will boost sales and customer service. You can offer 24/7 customer service by:

  • Using our IVR technology to provide quick answers or troubleshooting solutions
  • Forwarding calls to multiple locations simultaneously or during specific hours
  • Offering support in local languages and time zones
  • Using voicemail and SMS services
  • Using our CallMe Click feature that lets web visitors put in their contact information to receive a call back from your business immediately, and more

Being able to provide customer support around the clock goes a long way in retaining valuable clientele.

7. Be Flexible and Mobile
Lastly, your business can remain flexible and portable. Take your business with you wherever you go, set-up offices in different locations, and offer remote-working opportunities. Remote working has become increasingly favorable and being able to offer this option to employees can positively impact productivity.

What is ITFS

Choosing an ITFS Provider

Think an international toll free service can boost your international sales? The next step is to find the right ITFS provider. Here are a few factors you must consider when looking for the right provider.

1. Reliable Service
How long have they been in business and what are current customers saying about their services? Looking up the company’s history and customer reviews can be helpful in determining how reliable their service is.

2. Wide Range of Plans
Do they offer you different business plans? Is there any flexibility or are there only long-term contracts that are hard to get out of? This is important to consider as subscribers sometimes want to change plans because the process is not working out. If your provider has a strict long-term contract policy or high cancellation fees, then you may want to find a different one.

3. Variety of Communication Features Included
Besides forwarding calls from international clientele to your desired phone, you can also take advantage of enhanced business communication features. For instance, United World Telecom offers the following features with our virtual phone number plans:

When looking for your new international toll free service provider, ensure they have features that you need to build the right business phone system.

4. Easy Access to Customer Support
Finally, you should be able to reach your provider easily and 24/7; whether it is by phone, email, or chat. United World Telecom, for instance, offers 24/7 customer support via phone, email, live chat, and trouble tickets.

Is ITFS Right for You?

If global expansion is on your business to-do list, then an international toll free service is highly recommended. This service will make creating long-distance business connections easier and less expensive. Speak with our global specialists today to see how we can help you!

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