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Argentina Virtual Phone Numbers

Ranked as the 21st largest economy as of 2018, Argentina has been a popular country for international entrepreneurs to expand their business presence. And one of the best ways that businesses have done so is with Argentina virtual phone numbers.

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In this article, we will take a look what Argentina virtual phone numbers are, how they can aid your business’ efforts in Argentina, and how to get them from the telecom industry’s most trusted service provider, United World Telecom.

What are Argentina Virtual Phone Numbers?

To understand what Argentina virtual phone numbers are, it’s important to understand what virtual phone numbers are. First, virtual phone numbers are an Internet-enabled technology that uses cloud computing and VoIP to connect callers instantly no matter where they’re located in the world. Subscribers reroute calls made to their virtual phone number to a primary phone number, called the destination phone number. This means that inbound calls from Argentina made to an Argentina virtual phone number can be routed anywhere in the world instantly.

There are various benefits to the power of Argentina virtual phone numbers. First, Argentina virtual phone numbers allow your business to broaden access to the country by eliminating barriers like long-distance fees and service blockages from Argentinian telecom service providers. Second, because Argentina virtual phone numbers have the same country code and numbering sequence of “normal” phone numbers found in Argentina, callers cannot tell the difference between domestic calls made within the country and those routed elsewhere. It is the latter which helps build brand awareness for your company that can launch a new business as soon as you begin subscribing to Argentina virtual phone numbers.

Then there’s the ability to maximize your organization by incorporating the Internet-based tech with your Argentina virtual phone numbers. Using a service like “simultaneous ringing” allows every device that’s connected to your Argentina virtual phone number (and the particular destination number) to ring until it is answered by the first available agent. Then there’s “call recording,” which not only helps review calls made between employees, staff, and the public, but also brings your organization in compliance with international regulatory organizations for such industries as finance and investing.

How to Get Argentina Virtual Phone Numbers from United World Telecom

Now that you’re up to speed on what Argentina virtual phone numbers are, let’s cover how to get them from United World Telecom.

First, begin at United World Telecom’s home page at

On the home page, you will find a number of links and buttons. Locate “Local Numbers” and click on it.

On the “Local Numbers” page, you will find two categories of dropdown menus: “Select Your New Phone Number” and “Enter Your Destination Phone Number.”

Under “Select Your New Phone Number,” scroll down the first dropdown menu and select “Argentina (+54),” which is the country code of your Argentina virtual phone number. Next, you’ll choose which type of Argentina virtual phone number is needed for your business, including:

“Toll Free (mobile accessible)”

“Universal Toll Free (UIFN)”

“Geographic”, which includes the following cities and regions:

  • Bahia Blanca (291)
  • Buenos Aires (11)
  • Cordoba (351)
  • Corrientes (3794)
  • Glew (2224)
  • La Plata (221)
  • Lujan (2323)
  • Mar Del Plata (223)
  • Mendoza (261)
  • Moreno (237)
  • Neuquen (299)
  • Parana (3434)
  • Pilar (230)
  • Pilar (2304)
  • Resistencia (3624)
  • Rosario (341)
  • Salta (3874)
  • San Juan (264)
  • San Luis (2664)
  • Santa Fe (342)
  • Shared Cost (810)
  • Tandil (2494)

Depending on which type of Argentina virtual phone number you choose, you can either pick a new phone number from the bottom drop down menu or a number will be provided upon activation.

Under the section for “Enter Your Destination Phone Number,” you will put in your country code and corresponding country. Then add in the remaining digits of your phone number and finalize by clicking “View Rates & Try for Free.”

Below, you will find a list of payment plans available for your Argentina virtual phone number, including:

  • Basic
  • Value
  • Power
  • Premium
  • Enterprise

Next, you will find a list of available add-ons and features for your Argentina virtual phone number, including rollover minutes, call recording, SMS messaging, outbound calling, and so forth.

After choosing your add-ons, the process is fairly straightforward and similar to many online transactions:

  • Enter your contact information
  • Enter your account type information
  • Enter your payment and billing information
  • Verify your purchase (you also have the option to add more Argentina virtual phone numbers at this point if desired)
  • Read and verify the terms & conditions
  • Finalize your purchase and click “Submit”

Finalizing the Process

Once your order has been submitted and processed, you will be contacted by a customer service representative from United World Telecom, who will help you get started and answer any questions you may have about your Argentina virtual phone number.