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United World Telecom offers local, international, and universal virtual phone numbers (also known as DID numbers, ITFS numbers, or UIFN numbers) in over 140+ countries loaded with features and additional service options such as SMS, outbound calling, and rollover minutes. Here are some of the types of virtual phone numbers we have available.

Toll Free Numbers

Toll free numbers are telephone numbers dialed without any charges to the caller. There are a few different kinds of toll free numbers depending on the country. In the United States and Canada toll free numbers are also accessible via mobile networks. In other countries, toll free numbers are not always mobile accessible.

There are mobile accessible toll free numbers available in some countries which can be dialed from landline and mobile networks, but it’s important to note that in some countries calls to toll free numbers from mobile networks are not always free depending on regulations.

Geographic / Local Numbers

Geographic numbers are numbers that are tied to a specific location within the selected country. In the US, a geographic number might have a specific “area code” for a city or region. Geographic numbers are SMS capable (optional) in many countries.

Universal International Freephone Number (UIFN)

Also known as Universal Toll Free Numbers, UIFN numbers are international toll free numbers which can be dialed from multiple countries. This can be done by dialing the access code for international and the rest of the toll free number. There is a setup charge associated with registering a new UIFN number.


Mobile numbers can be dialed from mobile phones, landlines, pay phones, and most of the time from other countries. They can’t receive fax transmissions. Some of these mobile numbers have SMS optional depending on the country.


National numbers work within the selected country and have SMS capabilities (optional). They can be dialed from mobile phones, landlines, payphones, and (some) other countries.

Number Parking

Cancel your landline and keep your phone number with our number parking service. It’s simple!

We charge you a (very) small monthly fee to keep your number without any service / minutes. When someone calls your number, they can be presented with a message/recording, but will not be connected anywhere. There is no contract, no commitment, and you can cancel or port your number out at any time.

The cost is usually a few dollars per month, depending on the country the number is based in, but can vary depending on the country the number is based.

Want to park your number with United World Telecom? Click the link below and fill out the form to get started!

Park Your Number

Notes about Number Parking:

  • Transfers require current service to be active
  • Transfers authorize with a call, SMS, or LOA form
  • Transfers can take 3 - 10 days
  • We do NOT cancel any of your old service after a transfer
  • Number parking is supported in the US, Canada, and many other countries!

Outbound VoIP

As a premium addon feature bundled with virtual phone numbers from United World Telecom, you can make outgoing calls and have the caller ID match the number you have registered with us. To make outgoing calls you can use any VOIP phone or softphone such as Zoiper.

When you make outbound calls with our service, the calls are indistinguishable from other phone calls. This provides an added sense of authenticity and allows the calls to be made without long distance fees.

It’s easy to get started! If you are a new customer, simply

You can also click here to read more about the outbound calling feature.

CallMe Click

CallMe-Click is a service offered by United World Telecom which provides a widget for your website you can use to initiate calls with visitors. The way it works is simple. All the user has to do is click a button on your website, fill in their contact information, and automatically they will receive an incoming call from your company. This is a fantastic way for your customers to reach you with a simple click of a button.

Read more about Call me click here and to inquire about this service.

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