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With the advent of cloud telephony, businesses now have access to powerful tools to streamline their communication processes and gain valuable insights into their operations. Call Activity and Custom Reports is one such feature associated with virtual phone systems. Let’s explore how these reports can help you improve efficiency.

Understanding Your Business’ Call Activity

Use our Call Activity and Custom Reporting features to understand your business’ call traffic. These reports typically show caller information, call duration, forward to destination, outcomes, and more. United World Telecom offers call activity reports and custom reports with each of our virtual phone number plans.

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Why is Reviewing Call Activity Important?

These features go beyond basic call logging by offering detailed and customizable call reports and tracking capabilities. This enables your teams to analyze performance, identify where customer service needs improvement, and make informed decisions.

Get insights into calling patterns and customer preferences, such as peak times, location of callers, agent performance, and more. Tie this data in with your performance KPIs and track key metrics such as call volume, response times, and conversion rates.

Additionally, you can use this data to optimize call distribution as well as reduce communication costs. For example, you can identify underused lines or overburdened agents and then make necessary adjustments. Managers can even use this information to demonstrate quality performance and train new employees.

Key Call Report Features

Most call activity reports will show you key metrics along with current and historical data. You can generate reports for specific numbers or call types to get more focused and real-time call center data.

United World Telecom also offers VoIP integrations for help desks and CRMs so you can get synced reports within your favorite CRMs. This makes room for more seamless data sharing, collaboration, and automation. You can tie this in with your sales campaigns, service reports, customer interactions, marketing performance, and so on.

How to View Call Activity & Custom Reports with UWT?

To view call records for each line, follow these steps in the Control Panel:

  1. Select My Phone Numbers from the left.
  2. Then, choose Service Plan by clicking on the chart icon.
  3. Select the Activity and see all your call activity for this phone line.

Need to customize the call activity report?

  1. Go to Custom Reports from the left.
  2. Enter a time frame and check the phone lines as needed.
  3. Click on Display Report or Download Report to view your custom report.

report options

Get Call Reports Today!

With Call Activity and Custom Reporting features offered by United World Telecom, you can gain valuable insights into your business’ call patterns and then optimize operations to maximize efficiency.

To learn more, contact your account manager or chat with our reps today

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