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Local 2-Way Voice

Make outbound calls with local caller IDs in over 70 countries.

local two-way calling
local 2 way voice

What is Local 2-Way Voice Calling?

Local 2-Way Voice is a cloud telephony service that allows both inbound and outbound calls through a local phone number. With PSTN replacement, these local and international calls are routed through reliable local routes, ensuring connectivity. In other words, this service guarantees that calls made to and from your local phone numbers work without any interruptions.

United World Telecom offers 2-way voice calling for up to 70 countries, including the US, France, Germany, Australia, Singapore, Japan, etc. Use these local numbers for inbound and outbound calling and display desired local caller IDs. Get your local phone number today!

Benefits of Calling with Local Numbers

What can you do with Local 2-Way Voice? Here are the top benefits of this local calling feature:

check Use your local phone number and dynamic caller ID when making and receiving business calls.
check Access wide global coverage from 160+ countries, including hard-to-reach countries, and establish a local presence in prominent global markets.
check Leave the management to us by entrusting all your voice services to one cloud telephony provider
check Access your cloud-based account from anywhere, at any time, with 24/7 customer and tech support.
check Use our softphone on your favorite devices and stay connected with customers no matter where you are.
check Enjoy advanced inbound and outbound calling features with each local phone number plan.
"When I had to make outgoing calls to the US, the calls were coming from a Mexico number and clients wouldn't answer. Now I'm able to show a US phone number and that's been working really well."
— Gunnar Hallgrimsson, Business Development Manager

Set a Local Caller ID for Outbound Calls


As a business, improving response rates means effectively reaching new customers. One way to ensure responses is by displaying a local caller ID when making outbound calls. With Local 2-Way Voice and Outbound Calling, your teams can connect with global customers from anywhere in the world.

Use local phone numbers and display caller IDs when calling customers internationally. This way, you can establish an international local presence in new countries, enter new target regions at your own pace, increase callback rates, and make your global business more accessible. Additionally, it also supports remote and distributed teams, so they can reliably work from anywhere.

How to Use Local 2-Way Voice?

To use our Local 2-Way Voice service, you’ll need a local phone number(s) and an Outbound Calling plan with us. Then, make and receive local calls using:

  1. GCF Softphone or Web Dialer – available on desired devices and web browsers
  2. 3rd-party Softphones or PBX – like Zoiper, 3CX, etc.

Our tech support team can get you set up with the right tools.

Get Local Calling with United World Telecom

Why choose United World Telecom?

Our 25+ years of experience in the industry and long-term relationships with local carriers enable us to provide the highest call routing quality.

Our service also includes voice redundancy, with POPs across the globe and failover features, ensuring business continuity.

Ready to increase your global business presence? Get local phone numbers and Local 2-Way Voice with United World Telecom.

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