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What are the Different Types of Contact Centers?

types of call centers

Can’t decide which of the different types of contact centers is right for your business communication needs? Here we highlight 7 types of call centers to help you understand which …Read More »

Virtual Phone System: What Is It and How Does It Work?

Virtual Phone System how does it work

With more dependence on cloud communications, it’s time for businesses to upgrade their phone systems to ones that can be accessed virtually. Virtual phone systems make it possible for companies …Read More »

What Is SIP ALG and Why VoIP Users Should Disable It

What is SIP ALG and why VoIP users should disable it

In this post, we discuss what SIP ALG is and how it can affect the quality of your VoIP phone calls. Disable SIP ALG to improve VoIP call quality and …Read More »

What is an Auto-Attendant and 3 Benefits of Using One

what is an auto attendant

Need an automated telephony service to help you manage business calls? Learn how an auto-attendant works and how your business can use one effectively. What is an Auto-Attendant? Auto-attendant refers …Read More »

Troubleshooting the 7 Most Common VoIP Issues

troubleshooting voip problems

Having VoIP problems and don’t know how to solve them? Here we go over troubleshooting for the 7 most challenging VoIP issues. 7 Common VoIP Troubleshooting Problems VoIP phone systems …Read More »

What is a RespOrg?

What is a RespOrg?

A quick guide to what RespOrgs are, how they work, and how businesses can benefit from using a RespOrg service provider for their toll free numbers. RespOrg: Definition A Responsible …Read More »

5 Signs You Need a New Business Phone System

business phone system

Your business phone communication system can make or break your sales and customer support efforts. More specifically, a bad phone system can lead to miscommunication and ineffective communication which can …Read More »