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CallMe-Click offers an excellent way to improve cross-channel communications.

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In today’s business landscape, websites are becoming increasingly important and increasingly sophisticated as far as user friendliness goes. The grand majority of businesses offer a website or e-commerce site that helps to sell their product or service, helps to capture new leads, and helps to inform their customer base. Getting customers to your website is one part of the equation, but another essential part is in getting those customers to contact your company and speak with your sales team to close a sale.

More About Call Me Click

Call Me Click is a call now button on your website that can help to boost cross-channel communications. It is a simple HTML script that gets placed on a website, and it is completely customizable and simple to set up. It can be placed on a number of landing pages, as well as in online ad campaigns, email confirmations, and contact forms.

Call Me Click is the fastest way to get website visitors to contact your company by simply clicking a button. Research indicates that this feature can greatly improve conversion rates and ultimately boost the success of a business. With a simple click, at no charge, and no matter where in the world the website visitor is located, they can click on the Call Me Click button on your website (which is linked to snippet code) and this opens up a dialog window where the website visitor can enter the name and phone number and request to be connected to a sales associate or support staff for the company. The company is then alerted and calls the visitor back instantly, connecting their phone to the customer and/ or sales support within seconds.

The primary benefits and features of a Call Me Button are:

  • Increasing sales from website visitors
  • Decreasing waiting time in the queue and increasing customer satisfaction
  • Capturing visitor info even if there is no live support person available (by capturing visitors, email, phone number, name, and comments)
  • Provide toll free reachability to customers and prospects around the world
  • Easy to implement with the addition of a simple code to a website
  • Customizable to accommodate different languages and time schedules
  • Customize text, logo and various fields in the Call Me Click dialog through the online control panel

Communicate Smarter with the Right Tools

With competition getting faster, smarter, and stronger every day and technological advances being introduced at rapid speeds, it is important to stay on top of these types of advances and use them to their full advantage in helping a company to progress to its full potential. Communication is at the heart of that.

Call Me Click facilitates communication between a company and its market of customers and potential customers with just a click.

Increase Sales with Just a Button

With decades of experience in improving global communications for both business and personal use, United World Telecom offers the Call Me Click feature. Improve your website’s return on investment (ROI) potential with just the click of a button. There is a simple set up, quick installation on a website, custom configuration, and branding applied to your Call Me Click button. This will result in an increase in leads and sales. This feature will also result in improved customer communication, satisfaction, and loyalty, while reducing costs, controlling call flow and helping to restrict hours and originations.

United World Telecom also offers many other global communications solutions that can be specifically catered to the fulfillment of your business needs and wants as well as to help facilitate your overall business goals. Contact United World Telecom today to speak with our knowledgeable team of communication specialists who are ready help you set up the Call Me Click feature on your website and discuss any other global communication services and features that could very well complement and contribute to the success of your business.

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F A Q | CallMe-Click

CallMe-Click is a call now button that can be attached to your website. Web visitors can then use this button to fill a form with their contact information and receive a callback from your business instantly.

CallMe-Click or a call now button can help boost cross-channel communications and convert more web visitors into recurring customers.

You can get a call now button through United World Telecom’s CallMe-Click features. Call us at 1 (888) 908 6171 to learn more!

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