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Cloud Phone Numbers

Cloud phone numbers are hosted phone numbers that operate through the Internet. Unlike standard phone numbers, cloud phone numbers do not require hardware or on-site technology in order to function. Operating phone systems through the use of the cloud has completely transformed the way companies are able to do business. With cloud phone numbers, local and international business phone number service are more affordable and flexible than anyone would have thought possible decades ago.

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Different Cloud-Powered Numbers

Some of the most popular types of cloud phone numbers are toll free, local, and UIFN (universal international freephone number. The kind that a business selects is based on their needs and business goals. Many businesses that are large in size, or aiming to appear larger in size, will select a toll free number. Calls that are made to an international toll free number can be forwarded to a mobile line, landline, or a VoIP telephone. Toll free numbers will not always work for callers calling from another country, however. Businesses like to offer these as a means for their customer base to reach them without incurring any charges. Local numbers are popular for businesses that are aiming to keep a local appearance in a specific region. Universal international freephone numbers are toll free numbers that can be called from different countries worldwide. The UIFN service is regulated by the International Telecommunication Union and can only be accessed by callers calling from countries that participate in the program.

Benefits of Cloud Numbers

There are many benefits to using cloud phone numbers for business. The benefits include many features that enable these numbers to work so well for so many businesses and individuals. United World Telecom offers features, such as call forwarding, customized voicemail greetings, rollover minutes, call recording, and much more. Other benefits of using cloud phone numbers include the ability to establish a local presence in various locations without having to incur the cost of having a physical office in each individual location, flexibility that is offered by being able to forward calls to different phone numbers, easy activation, among others. United World Telecom also offers 24/7 technical support by an experienced team of global communication professionals, so you have the privilege of speaking to a live, experienced person in the event of an issue or if you have questions.

Pricing for cloud phone numbers is a fraction of the cost of using traditional phone lines for business phone systems. United World Telecom offers cloud phone numbers in over 150 countries worldwide.

Cloud phone systems are hosted in the cloud, which essentially means that data is stored in a secure server that can be reached over the Internet. A cloud phone system completely replaces traditional landlines, answering machines, phone wires, and bulky business phone system equipment and can be controlled with an easy-to-navigate online platform. Making changes, such as changing the number that calls will be forwarded to, or modifying the voicemail message, is extremely simple.

Cloud Numbers from United World Telecom

When making a decision regarding which kind of cloud phone numbers best suit your business, it is important to consider both current and future business needs. United World Telecom has been providing global communication solutions for over two decades. This experience allows UWT to be able to see what the typical needs of various kinds of businesses are, assess those needs, and make suggestions as to the best services and features for anyone that needs that particular type of guidance.

Whether the business is large and just transferring over to cloud phone numbers and a cloud phone system or it is a small business that is aiming to grow and wants to expand without breaking the bank by opening multiple locations across the globe, cloud phone numbers can be life-changing for business owners. The array of features offered by United World Telecom will allow a business of any size to provide quality communication comparable to any costly traditional phone line system.