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Virtual Phone Numbers for Google Ad Campaigns

virtual phone numbers for Google ads

If you’ve been looking for a way to enhance your advertising efforts, you may want to consider virtual phone numbers for Google ad campaigns. In this article, we’ll take a look at what virtual phone numbers for Google ad campaigns are. We will also cover their benefits and how to get them by subscribing with United World Telecom.

What are Virtual Phone Numbers for Google Ad Campaigns?

To understand how virtual phone numbers for Google ad campaigns can be used effectively, it is first important to understand how virtual phone numbers work. When a virtual phone number is dialed, the call can be routed to another phone number (the destination number) elsewhere in the world, instantly. This enables businesses and individuals to have the ability to reach any city or country without callers incurring long distance or service blockages from their service providers, as well as avoiding international callers from having to dial out of their country code to connect to foreign businesses.

Because Google ad campaigns are based on the demographics of those searching for your products and related services, offering virtual phone numbers that correspond to the demographics of your target market is a powerful way to reach customers located anywhere. There are a number of ways to do this: either by offering local access numbers that focus on specific cities and regions and/or by using toll free numbers that impart a geographically agnostic quality to your business.

What are the Benefits of Virtual Phone Numbers for Google Ad Campaigns?

Targeting geographic demographics is a powerful tool offered by Google’s intuitive ad campaigns meant for businesses to focus their marketing efforts. With the wide variety of virtual phone numbers for Google ad campaigns available from United World Telecom, your business is able to broaden or focus the scope of your audience. For instance, by coupling virtual phone numbers for Google ad campaigns using local access numbers, you can combine a hyper-specific area with a phone number that has the same area code of your desired customers. Similarly, you can use a toll free number that’s more ‘geographically agnostic’ and appeal to a larger audience while projecting a professional image.

Another benefit of using virtual phone numbers for Google ad campaigns is that you can select vanity phone numbers. Vanity phone numbers enable your business to add visually appealing (and thus more memorable) lines of communication that can persuade customers to reach your business. Because of their rarity, vanity phone numbers build authority in the minds of your customers because it shows you’ve taken the time to align your business with this form of telecommunication.

Virtual phone numbers Google ads
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Add-ons are also available for virtual phone numbers for Google ad campaigns. For instance, suppose a caller reaches your business during the off-hours and leaves a voice message. To respond to the call using your virtual phone number, a “V” followed by a long string of digits will appear on the recipient’s caller ID, making a follow up ineffective. Instead, by using the add-on “outbound calling,” your virtual phone number will appear on their caller ID, making them more likely to recognize your business, therefore this will allow you to call them back successfully and thus complete the order. Another popular add-on called “time of day routing” can be useful for businesses that want to enable 24/7 availability. When used properly, time of day routing funnels calls made outside of business hours to another destination phone number, which can be located in a more favorable time zone and is staffed by other personnel. It is these and many other add-ons that make United World Telecom the perfect service provider of virtual phone numbers for Google ad campaigns.

How to Get Virtual Phone Numbers for Google Ad Campaigns with United World Telecom

If you’re convinced that virtual phone numbers for Google ad campaigns are the right choice, then United World Telecom makes the process incredibly simple. First, visit United World Telecom’s homepage at to begin. Once there, a series of dropdown menus will appear at the top of the page. These dropdown menus are organized under two categories: the first: Select Your New Phone Number and the second: Enter Your Destination Number.

Underneath Select Your New Phone Number, you will select the desired country code, phone number type, and choose the available phone number from a list provided (or a number will be provided upon activation). Underneath Enter Your Destination Number, you will provide the country code of the phone number where calls will be routed. Then, input the remaining digits of the phone number in the 2nd text box. When finished, you’ll proceed to “View Rates and Try for Free” for the remaining portion of the process.

You will then be presented with 5 payment plans to choose from. Select the appropriate one for your usage. Next, click on the checkboxes for add-ons to your phone number. After this, the remaining process should be familiar for those that use online transactions: enter in your contact information, intended usage, billing and payment information, check the Terms & Conditions agreement, and review your purchase. Once submitted, a representative from United World Telecom will call you shortly to help you get started using virtual phone numbers for Google ad campaigns.

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