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Choosing a Voice for your IVR & Voice Prompts

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The first voice that your customers encounter of your brand through your IVR & Voice Prompts can make or break your image. We all have heard the old adages about how the first impression is the most important, so wouldn’t you want the first voice your clients hear to be the right one for your company?

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Every time your customer calls your company, they are greeted by a familiar voice and in order to create a great experience for your customer, two major factors are at hand:

  1. The technology must be up to standard
  2. The voice must be humanizing

Having the highest standard in technology means that your customers will be greeted by a clear voice, that is able to guide them efficiently and correctly. When the voice is humanizing, the sound offers a friendly vibe that encourages friendliness to be mimicked on the other end.
The easiest way to accomplish this clear and friendly sound for your customers is to hire a professional voice actor to record on your IVR system. Voice actors for IVR are actually easily found because they are managed by telephony applications.

Choosing the Right Voice

Finding the right voice for your IVR is not as easy as picking a random name from a hat. You have to think about what voice stays consistent with your brand. To find the right person for your IVR, consider these options before making your choice.


In the past, all businesses used female voices for their voice prompts. You can find evidence of this as far back as World War II. The trend of using automated female voices began in the cockpits of fighter airplanes so that the male pilots could distinguish who was talking. To this day, the majority of businesses use a female automated voice, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you can narrow down your search just yet.

Male Voices Vs Female Voices

Pros for the male voice include that most people believe that a man is forceful and dominant. However, female voices are said to sound more soothing. Knowing these details, it can be assumed that a customer would feel calmer on the phone when hearing a female voice. However, depending on what you are selling or what image you are trying to portray, a male voice might be more persuasive than a female voice.

Know Your Audience

Between male and female voices, one thing is sure, males prefer to hear other males and females prefer to hear other females. Therefore, if your customer base is dominated by one gender over another your choice is much more simple. If there is no clear gender division of the audience, there are still more things to consider. For example, if you cater to an older community, it might be best to choose a male voice as older individuals might find it more difficult to hear and understand a higher-pitched female voice.


If your industry is not trying to sell a product or service, and instead uses IVR to communicate with their customers regarding account information and payment information, this company needs to find a voice actor that will be perceived as capable. In this situation, where your clients are trying to accomplish a task instead of purchase an item or dispute a situation, a more forceful voice may come in handy. However, no two task-oriented industries are the same. Health insurance companies prefer to use soothing female voices. These voices are preferred for more sensitive subjects as humans are inclined to trust females.

What Are the Options?

There are many options to choose from for voice automation including multiple companies to work with and multiple voice options. The three most popular voice options are robotic text-to-speak voices, hiring a voice actor, or combining the two.

Only you know what will be best for your company, and you might be finding yourself justifying each option for an IVR voice. Some companies know immediately which voice would fit with their brand immediately, others can have a harder time because they reach a broader audience. Consider the options and situations above before making your decision. Luckily, if your customers don’t like the voice you pick for your voice prompts, they probably won’t be super bothered by it. If you are worried that you haven’t made the right decision, consider putting together a focus group to test out your favorites.

7 Quick Tips for Increasing Your Business’s Reach with Toll Free Numbers

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Are you thinking about getting a toll free number for your business? If you are running an eCommerce store or need to provide a customer service line, then you will want to consider getting one for your business. A toll free number is a national phone line that your customers can call for free from anywhere in the US. Virtual toll free phone numbers free up office space by connecting through the internet instead of a landline, which means you can connect your phone number to forward to any device of your choosing. Providing your customers with a phone line that they can call offers a way for your customers to reach out when they have an issue, and it creates another avenue in which they can make a purchase. If you’re still not sure how you can make your toll free phone number work for your business, check out these 7 quick pointers aimed at upping your business’s reach.

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1. Make It Easy To Remember

Providing a toll free number for your business allows you to advertise with one number. No matter where your employees, stores, or customers are located, you can provide everyone with one number to dial. When your customers see this toll free number advertised somewhere they will automatically know it is for your brand, therefore, when you choose the toll free number that you want, make sure you choose one that has a nice flow to it or consider getting a vanity number.

2. Handle Higher Call Volumes

Toll free numbers are equipped with the ability to handle large calling volumes. Since they work in the Cloud, you won’t have to worry about a call dropping because toll free numbers offer call forwarding, meaning a phone call can be transferred instantly to the next available person.

3. Be Available 24/7

When a store is available at all times, a customer is more likely to trust that company with their business. Being able to answer your customers’ questions, take orders, and offer your customers a way to pay their bills over the phone at any time will create an instantly better relationship with your business and your customers. Customers won’t appreciate it if there isn’t a single phone number for them to contact if they have an issue.

4. Use IVR to Send Your Customers to the Right Agent

When your customers call your business, you can choose to greet them with an automatic message or send them straight to an available person. One way to tackle higher call volumes is to greet all of your customers with an initial welcome and continue onto a menu. Explain menu options so that your customer can choose with whom they want to speak to. For example, if they are looking to talk to someone in customer service, they can easily press a number to speak to customer service, but if they want to pay their bill, they can push the number that will direct them to the accounting office instead.

5. If You’re Going to Move, Port Your Number

If you have already invested in a toll free number and want to move locations, you can still move and keep your initial toll free number. If a move is better for your business, your toll free number won’t hold you back. You can still keep the number that you have been advertising with for years.

6. Reach a Larger Audience

Since toll free numbers work on a national level, you can promote your business outside of your town. Even if your shop is located in one neighborhood in one state, you can still advertise your products to customers located all over the US. When you have a toll free number, you offer your customers a free way to get into contact with your business. Which builds a certain level of trust.

7. Use Your Toll Free Number for Marketing Campaigns

You can try out new ways of marketing by associating each campaign with a different toll free number and then measure which numbers are getting the most calls. This will quickly help you to figure out what means of campaigning are working and where you can change up your direction.

How to Ensure Your Customer Service Sets Your Company Apart

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One of the easiest ways to set your small business apart from the competition is to have stellar customer service, but many companies don’t bother. However, these customer service strategies will take your company from “just another business” to a company that your customers can’t part with.

customer service
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Although all businesses can benefit from having a strong customer service team, if you are the owner of a smaller company then you’re up against lower prices from big box stores, and usually, those stores carry more items than your small store can. How will your business compete?

Big name stores like Wal-Mart and Home Depot have a lot on their sides, such as national advertising and bigger budgets, but there are still ways that small local businesses can compete with these big guys. Instead of making excuses as to why your business can’t compete, set a goal to not only keep your existing company, but bring in new consumers even as that big new competitor moves in on your territory.

So what are the ways that your small business can compete with the big boys? They’re the same strategies that big companies and small businesses alike can use. A lot of them don’t cost any extra money, and when you carry out these strategies correctly, you will find that your business will be doing better every day.

1. Enhance your role in the community

Small businesses can get the upper hand over larger businesses by becoming essential members of the community. Have your business publicly support local or even international causes, because if your name is on a cause that people support, they will be more likely to shop at your business knowing that you care about what they care about. You can do this on a small community level by merely offering your venue as a space for charity events or by sponsoring a town softball team.

2. Sell your customers an experience

If a larger company has come into your town and is selling the same products you sell for less than you can keep up with, then you need to have another way to compel customers to come into your store. Make your customers feel good when they come to your store. Greet them with a smile, remember their names, make small talk; when your customers feel known and wanted in your store, they will want to return over and over again.

3. Stock merchandise that your competition doesn’t sell

An excellent way to get new people into your store is to go into the big store down the street and find out what they don’t have, then stock up on it. Chances are, if people are looking for a particular item and the big store doesn’t have it, they will probably head your way, and if you’ve got it, then you’ve just saved their day and earned a new customer.

4. Stay in contact

The internet is an essential tool for expanding your business outside of its local market. Build a website for your company, create an email list for your loyal customers, and offer them exclusive discounts or invitations to things like holiday parties so you can give back to your customers. Sign up for social media sites so you can keep in constant contact with customers. An important place for all small businesses to be on is Yelp because you can do damage control with people leaving negative comments about your store, or you can send thank you messages to those who leave positive reviews.

5. Expand your business without moving

Purchasing a virtual phone number for your business can allow you to interact with customers all over the world and therefore expand your reach outside of your local community. Along with social media and building a website, you should also consider getting a toll free number which is a useful advertising tool that keeps you connected to all of your customers. These virtual phone numbers also come packed with features like call forwarding, so you never miss an urgent call and automated greetings to give your small business the impression that it is more extensive and therefore more professional.

6. Set up a loyalty program

Encourage your customers to return often by offering them incentives for their continued business.

All of these strategies are either free or low-cost and can help seriously expand your business. If you take anything away from this article, be sure that it is to make customer service your #1 priority!

Expand Your Company Instantly to New Locations with Virtual Phone Numbers

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Thanks to the internet and virtual phone numbers, many businesses have gone global with ease. However, to compete in this new global landscape, new companies must be prepared to take their businesses outside of their local habitats and out into the wide world. Because of the worldwide scale, the competition is growing, and companies need to stand out in order to compete.

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Expanding to New Markets

Business opportunities are growing because of the number of businesses joining the expanding marketplace. Customers from all over the globe are now more easily reached, and modern companies must be able to take on the responsibilities of serving these new international customers. Opportunities also arise at every corner, and a business must be ready to jump on them.

In the past, international business was a challenging field to compete in and available only to a specific group of huge companies with massive resources. As enhancements in technology and the telecom industry have improved, it is now easier than ever to reach a broader audience in untouched international marketplaces.

Virtual Phone Numbers

Telecom technology has been advancing in recent years and with it came the introduction of international virtual phone numbers. International virtual phone numbers are numbers that can be hosted from your business in America but they can look like a number from almost any country in the world, including China, Australia, New Zealand, and more. These virtual phone numbers are not tied to a physical device and they work through a service called the cloud.

All calls travel instantly through the cloud and are forwarded to your local phone lines, such as a landline or your cell phone. If your company wants to expand to another state they can use a local phone number that works just like the international number. You will be provided with a local area code and phone number that will be forwarded instantly to the device or devices of your choosing. For example, if you have many customers in California but are located in New York, you can provide your California customers a local number that they are more comfortable calling. It makes your customers feel like they are closer to your business even if you are located halfway across the country.

Why Use a Virtual Phone Number?

  • 1. Minimize costs: Using local phone numbers eliminates long-distance calling fees. Plus, you are able to expand your businesses to different parts of the country without having to build a store in multiple cities. You can run a fully functional and very profitable company with a large customer following from only one location. Virtual numbers also make it simpler for international customers to reach out and vice versa.
  • 2. Create a local presence: As mentioned previously, creating a local presence makes your clients feel more comfortable. By using a local phone number, you can also use one agent that is dedicated to this particular area, giving the calls a personalized touch. This way, your customers know who they will be speaking to and your agents already know who is reaching out to them.
  • 3. Virtual numbers provide flexibility to your employees: If you or your employees travel a lot, it may be hard to stay in touch. But, when you use a virtual phone number, all of your employees can stay connected through the cloud and whatever device they choose to work on because the virtual phone number can be tied to multiple devices. Therefore, your employees will never need to miss a call only because they are working from another location.
  • 4. You don’t have to spend a lot to portray a professional image: Virtual numbers come with amazing features that will make your company look like it is a vast enterprise. Not only that, there are very few startup costs to adding a virtual phone line. Toll-free vanity numbers are also a cost-effective advertising tool that can take your business to the next level.

From start-ups to large businesses, all companies can benefit from using virtual phone numbers. It is an excellent way for businesses to “add” new locations without having to move. They also add flexibility to your business hours and can help your company establish relationships with your customers. They are also a great tool to use for contact centers looking to improve their customer service.

5 Marketing Industry Secrets & Why Toll Free Numbers Are Awesome

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Having a strong marketing team will give your business the boost it needs to get an edge over the competition. The marketing landscape and how you contact customers is always changing. From the rise of the information age to social media, and running a successful contact center, the options could be overwhelming. There are a few ways that you can be sure your business stays ahead of these trends.

marketing secret
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Marketing demands both analytical and creatively-minded employees that can execute untraditional thinking that has also undergone careful analysis. Focus on building a core marketing team that can think outside of the box while staying in budget. The most important thing that any marketer knows is that it is all about the customer. In order to please your customers and run a successful business, keep the following 5 Marketing Industry Secrets in mind.

1. Look To Your Competition

The best place to begin is to look at other businesses in your industry, or even other industries, and see what is working for them. Once you have honed in on a few marketing strategies, you can reverse engineer them into working for your brand. All of these marketing strategies will have been created with a long and careful planning process which analyzes risks and rewards. You can begin the process by adding your own creative spin and running the numbers for your particular business.

2. Think Outside of the Box

While learning from other successful businesses and reverse-engineering is the best way to get started, eventually you are going to have come up with ways to not only compete with those other businesses but to beat them at their own game. Find ways to market in ways that other industries haven’t stumbled upon yet. Don’t be afraid to take calculated risks because no matter the outcome you will have gained experience.

3. Communicate

Something businesses often overlook is how often they should be communicating with their customers. The truth is although you may not have 24 hours in a day to speak with your customers, you need to be available to them. It is important to place on your website all the ways that your customers can reach you, that way they feel they can trust you and your product. The easier you are to get ahold of, the more confidence customers will have in your product. Advertise your toll free number on billboards, your website, your social media sites, and flyers. Whatever way you choose to advertise your company, your toll free number should be visible. If your business does not yet have social media sites or toll free numbers, it’s time to get the ball rolling. Most social media sites are free unless you choose to pay for extra marketing strategies. Toll free phone numbers have few startup costs because there is no equipment required to get started and many companies have a variety of plans to choose from that will be affordable for your company. Toll free numbers and social media sites make it easy for your customers to get in touch, while toll free numbers add a professional touch that your small business may not have had before.

4. Never Change and Always Improve

This may sound contradictory, but your company needs to remain a steady and reliable establishment in your customers’ eyes, but your company cannot take a lax stance on the changing marketing landscapes. Tried and true methods will work, but not if you want your business to be more than mediocre.

5. Be Results-Oriented

There are many ideas floating around about the best way to market your business, but none of it matters if the results aren’t there. On day one of your new business venture, you should begin building data. Consider all aspects of your business when analyzing your data stream. Be aware of what is performing well and what can be altered or cut loose from your budget. Starting out strong with this measuring tool will ensure that your business can keep up and overtake the competition by understanding what drives your revenue.

What is an RFP Document?

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An RFP Document is a Request for Proposal that many companies and the U.S. government use in business practices. Perhaps you have heard of an RFP before and just cast it off as a business term that you might use, but not necessarily know the process of. RFP documents are used between businesses that want to create a leveled playing field with other companies that they would like to do business with. The process of creating an RFP document can be overwhelming to some. Read on to learn about a simplistic approach to the RFP process.

Source: O#23559 – ID#100072367749


The first step to an RFP is creating a Request for Information. The RFI is like an introduction on what your company is about and what you hope for your company to strive for in the future. Once your company has created its RFI, you can send them out to several different companies which can hopefully help you create your bottom line. The RFI includes typically a set of questions for each company to answer as well as the company’s future plans and other essential details. Once your company has received a sufficient amount of RFIs returned, you can then look over each company’s circumstances and find out which company would work best with yours.

Issuing an RFP

Once you have decided which companies are the right match for your business, you can begin the process of issuing an RFP. The RFP will have more detailed questions than the RFI that both companies can release. These questions might be about the team members that will be working together and timelines that work for each business. Once completed, the RFP document then goes out to your top companies that responded to the original RFI document. The RFP may also be collected by a company that specializes in categorizing and housing RFPs. This company can use your RFP to help other businesses searching for services that your company offers.

Inside of this RFP document will also be your proposal. The company that you have invited from the RFI stage will write out their proposals which will include the solution to your issue and how their company will help resolve it. These should be very detailed and will look completely different for each company.

Request for Quotation

An RFQ is also known as an Invitation For Bid. The RFQ is similar to the RFP except that your company provides its solution and wants to find a company that can provide that solution in the way that your company would like to go about it. The RFQ states what the issue is, what the answer is, how to go about resolving the problem, and what it looks like and how it works. It also includes an idea of what contracts and payments will look like. This is important if your company is on a budget or if it is for a government agency which must always use a budget.


If your business needs something such as a simple good or service from another company they can use a tender bid. Instead of a long and complicated RFP, they will send out a Request for Tenders. If your company wants to find a company that will place their name and phone number on pens, they could use a tender bid. In order to get an RFT the company that you are looking towards will need to subscribe to a tender clearinghouse.


The RFP process is complex has many steps, but if you have a reliable team, you should be able to create one reasonably simply and without error. Because of its complexity, having multiple people responsible for different parts of the RFP is essential. Not only because it will save time, but because each department works differently and will have insider knowledge on specific details that need to be included. Be sure to gather everyone for team meetings so that everything in the RFP is concise, getting coverage, and the information is not being repeated. It also helps to have several people looking at the document to catch last-minute errors.

Case Studies

A case study should be included in your RFP to let other companies know about your company’s experience. This isn’t a very complex issue but can be time-consuming if you put it off. Add your case study to the beginning of your project so that way you can get through the RFP faster.

Call Center Compliance and Security

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Call center management knows that there are risks and rewards when it comes to running a business. However, some things, such as compliance and security are things that should never be risked. Information on your customers is sensitive data and needs to be continuously managed. Your business needs to find the leaks in security before any con artists can break in, which unfortunately is becoming a common practice today.

call center
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Due to a streak of data breaches, the Federal Trade Commission has created new rules and regulations for security that your business needs to be up to par with. If your business is not up to the standard, you will find yourself dealing with huge fines and legal battles.
In order for your business to stay compliant, you need to make sure that the following compliance acts are satisfactory.

1. Encryption

Encryption is a useful tool that allows companies to gain access to customer information by using coded messages that unauthorized users cannot get hold of. This can be used through call center interactions over the phone or through emails and chat. These encryption codes need to be adequately managed by your IT employees.

2. Login

Many call centers have a variety of login systems that can timeout very quickly. This can frustrate customers and agents alike, but there is a solution. Single sign-on is standard for the FTC and can work with several systems at once.

3. Storage

Storing data is an essential piece of managing all data that is unfortunately overlooked by many companies. Ensure that your company has enforced multiple backups to your data storage and that old data is being disposed of when it is no longer necessary. When your storage becomes compromised, it can become a massive headache for businesses. Therefore, it is best to plan ahead and have good recovery software in place.

4. Recording

Call centers use recording as a means to learn from mistakes and to look back on calls during disputes. However, recording important information can cause issues. In the past, call centers have had their agents turn off their recordings while being given important information, but that is not up to regulations anymore. What call centers can do is use an IVR to secure important data like credit card information and social security numbers. Also, in order to stay up to standards by the FTC, all callers must be notified that the call may be recorded.

5. Do Not Call

All call centers must be up-to-date on those consumers who have added their number to the do not call registry. Failure to stay up to date can result in massive fines.

6. Debt Collection

If you work for a debt collecting agency, the FTC is cracking down on those who do not follow the Fair Debt Collection Practice Act. Therefore, if your agents are using threatening language or shady collection practices, you could find your business in the midst of litigation.

7. Truth in Lending Act

All call centers must provide crucial information such as interest rates and late fees to their consumers before a customer agrees to purchase a product.

8. Equal Credit Opportunity Act

This act forbids companies from denying loans or credit to consumers based on their race, religion, marital status, age, gender, etc.

9. General Data Protection Regulation

GDPR is a relatively new regulation that call centers must accede to. This rule is for companies that store information for European residents whether or not the business itself is located in Europe. European customers can ask for their data to be erased. Businesses must grant their consumers their requests in a timely fashion in order to remain compliant. Therefore, if you have European customers, you must have a plan in place that can quickly erase data.

If your call center is not fully compliant, you could face some serious headaches in your future. The truth is, your company can not afford to wait to become up to standard because of the mounting security risks and in light of the critical data breaches that have already happened to several major businesses. Be sure that your vendors and IT staff are aware of all new regulations as they both play a significant role in call center compliance and security.

Authentication and Fraud Prevention in Call Centers

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The best way to combat authentication and fraud in call centers is to prevent it. Understanding is critical in the process of prevention. There isn’t just one way to prevent fraud in a call center; there are several ways that must all be used together in order to authenticate fully.

call center mask
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Dirty Tactics Used in the Hunt for Authentication

A variety of things are being used to authenticate callers, such as an account number. A social security number is often an easy way for scammers to get valuable information from customers. You must be on high alert against any compromised data, and even then, these essential pieces of information are still vulnerable. This is primarily because companies usually ask for information to authenticate, like their customer’s mother’s maiden name or first childhood pet when people inevitably lose their passwords. Asking these personal-knowledge questions are also easy ways that scammers can get through to find out more account information.

There are many authentication approaches for companies, including Knowledge Based Authentication and Multi-Factor Authentication. Most call centers revert to Knowledge-Based Authentication, or KBA, as their main bases for identification. But KBA is one of the most vulnerable authentication methods to fraud. This method can be compromised very quickly by users with untraceable software or by cunning people who can trick others into providing information to them. The people who procure this information through these means can then use this information to call your customers or your customer service agents to commit fraud. Not only are these threats a reason to skip knowledge-based authentication, but it is also very frustrating and bothersome for your customers to be subjected to a series of questions before they are able to get to what they need from your site. Since it is not a foolproof way to prevent fraud, what else can a company use to guard their customers’ information?

Multi-factor Authentication VS Knowledge-Based Authentication

Multi-factor Authentication, or MFA, is a superior choice to KBA. The MFA uses an approach that provides each caller with their own one-of-a-kind identity token. This token is taken from your phone device and carrier information. Another way MFA is useful to companies is that it can understand the characteristics of certain sounds which can be translated into a voice print. By collecting all of this information, you can then enter it into a database. The computer then scans all the information to send fraudsters into a database that will then blacklist them from the company and customers’ data.

Using these tactics and tools, a call center will then be able to assess the risks through authentication. Then it will be up to the representative to use this useful data and decide whether or not it is a risk. Their decisions will be informed and based on several factors such as what kind of account it is and which transactions, and for how much, are taking place.

The top providers of authentication are TRUSTID and Pindrop. Each one uses an MFA method. Both have numerous important clients on board, such as banks, credit card companies, and insurance agencies. However, they can both offer solutions to companies in other markets such as retail, telecom, travel, or healthcare. These solutions also work best when paired with an IVR, which can automatically prompt the caller to enter their authentication.

These solutions to fraud and authentication have worked for very large call centers that employ hundreds of agents that work for millions of callers, but what can a smaller call center use? Small call centers can still benefit from these authentication strategies through Value Added Resellers. These VARs can bundle up different types of software and sell them to call centers. That way, you can get what your call center needs on a scale that you can use to your benefit.

Fraudulent issues are becoming more commonplace in the market and companies need to be prepared for dangerous situations before they arise. Don’t let your company get caught unaware by scammers; use the top prevention methods in order to avoid putting your company in debt and frustrating your customers.

Crush The Competition with Virtual Phone Numbers

Source: O#23559 – ID#100003857902

Virtual phone numbers not only help to keep your business from inserting itself into your personal life, but they can also help you crush your competition. There are several incredible benefits to having a virtual phone number, such as a variety of built-in features, their low costs, hardware, and a reliable network.

Source: O#23559 – ID#100043730581

If you’re not familiar with what a virtual phone number is, then you probably aren’t sure why you need one for your business. Virtual phone numbers work for companies because they are an easy way for customers to reach you that isn’t tied to a specific telephone line. You can access your phone calls from any device, including cell phones, tablets, and computers, freeing you from being tied down to your desk all day for fear that you will miss an urgent phone call.

Virtual phone numbers are also great ways to save costs on long distance phone calls. If you have several clients overseas, you can purchase an affordable local phone number in those specific areas and avoid long distance fees. Even these international phone numbers are virtual so they can be tied to any device you currently use without issue.

Fulfilling the Needs of Your Customers

Contact centers are one of the business types that benefit significantly from the use of virtual phone numbers. Using local phone numbers helps agents to offer a more personalized touch with their customer service. Local phone numbers also help to alleviate the costs that some of your customers or clients would have to pay if your store is located outside of their local area.

The features provided with your virtual phone number contract can help your business portray a very successful and professional image, even if you’re working from your kitchen counter. Virtual numbers allow you to have as many numbers as you need, and they come with impressive features such as time of day routing (which will enable you to go out for lunch and not miss an urgent phone call). You can also add a customized greeting when your customers call. When a customer calls the number provided, they will be prompted by a professional greeting and then taken to a menu page that will allow the customer to choose which sector of the business they would like to speak with. For example, they may be prompted to press “1” for customer service, “2” for sales, and so on.

Virtual phone numbers also come with a feature called “call recording” in which you will be able to record phone conversations between customers and your employees. You can then use these files to figure out what works and what doesn’t work within the employee/customer dynamic. This can be a valuable tool to use when training customer service staff.

Creating a Local Presence

As previously stated, having a virtual phone number can give you a local presence in international countries, and it also allows you and your employees to work from anywhere in the world. Not only are virtual phone numbers flexible enough to allow you to step away from your desk, but you can also travel anywhere in the world. This is also a great way to keep international teams working together with functionality and ease.

Virtual phone numbers are also very affordable. Small teams and businesses have the option of choosing a flexible plan that will provide the minutes and services that they need, instead of paying extra costs for things they don’t. Because virtual phone numbers can be set up to reach most devices, you won’t need to purchase expensive phone lines. All work can be done on just one device if you choose, and you will still be able to keep everything in your business separate from your personal life and phone line.

One-Up Your Competition with Virtual Phone Numbers

The fantastic features and cost-saving benefits of a virtual phone number can genuinely give you the edge you need over your competition. If you’re thinking about purchasing a local or international virtual phone number for your business, contact us at to get started right away.

Why You Should Optimize Your Business Phone Systems in Australia

Source: O#23559 – ID#100002332015

If you haven’t optimized your business phone systems yet, you could be missing out on several prosperous opportunities. If you are still using an analog business phone number, you may find that it lacks the features and capabilities that you could be receiving with a virtual calling system. Read on to find out why you need an Australian virtual phone system now.

australia businessman cellphone
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Get the Edge Over the Competition

Australia has a booming business scene, and you don’t want to be left behind during this wave of prosperity. Virtual phone numbers provide an unmatched service that allows you to take calls when you’re on the move. Whether that means leaving your desk or leaving the country, you never have to miss a phone call if you switch over to a virtual phone service.

Top Benefits of Switching Over

  • Appeal To The Masses: You can use your virtual phone number to attract new people by providing a toll free number and advertising the number all around the country.
  • Stay Connected: With a virtual phone system, your clients and the members of your team can stay connected wherever you are located in the world. Virtual phone systems allow you to use local phone numbers to save costs on expensive international rates no matter where you are located in the world. If you are in America and your team is located in China, and your clients are located in Australia, you can remain accessible everywhere through your virtual phone system connection.
  • A Great Tool For Call Centers: Call centers can be set up with your new Australia virtual phone number the same day. You can start taking calls almost immediately. Call centers handle customer service inquiries, compliments, and grievances. Providing a call center for your business shows that you care about your clientele and that you believe in your product. Plus, at United World Telecom you can set up call recording. Call recording can be used as a handy tool for training customer service representatives as you can quickly learn what is and isn’t working.
  • It’s Personalized: Virtual phone systems come with a variety of features that you can use to customize your clients’ experience every time they call.

Top Features for Business Phone Systems in Australia

  • Voicemail: You can customize and record your own personal voicemail greeting where your customers can state their inquiries when you are outside of business hours.
  • Call Recording: As previously mentioned, virtual phone systems in Australia come with a call recording feature. This is an excellent customer service tool for training and learning whether or not the training is being fulfilled.
  • Call Forwarding: Never miss an urgent phone call with the call forwarding features. You have the opportunity to set a call forwarding system where phone calls can be sent to different devices or people within your company. Outside of business hours, you can use this feature to forward incoming calls to your voicemail. You can even set up call forwarding to send transcripted voicemail messages to your fax machine or an mp3 recording to your personal or business email address. It is much easier to stay up to date on business communications when you have call forwarding.
  • IVR: An Interactive Voice Response is the recording that is often used as a greeting for several businesses. Usually this automated voice or a pre-recorded message by you or one of your employees will offer a standard greeting to the caller and then direct them to a list of menu choices so you can better serve them. For example, “Hello, you’ve reached Thomason Packing and Shipping. Thank you for your call today. In order to best serve you, please choose from the following options: 1 for sales, 2 for customer service, etc.”
How To Get an Australian Virtual Phone Number

You can choose your very own Australian virtual phone number by visiting or by calling 1(877)898-8646. You can choose from local Australian numbers and toll free phone numbers, then receive a customized quote and start making phone calls right away with a free trial.