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Virtual Call Center Tips

Virtual call center solutions — also known as cloud call center software — provide businesses and enterprises with call center features and tools that help them cost-effectively run an in-house or remote call center.

Cloud phone service providers can get you set up with these features and a virtual phone system with no downtime or installation fees. Learn what United World Telecom has to offer businesses like yours and how you can get started today!

What is a Virtual Call Center?

A virtual call center uses cloud communication tools to bring call center capabilities to businesses of all sizes.

With these solutions, you can start your own on-site or remote call center. This means that you can run this call center from anywhere and have remote agents spread worldwide. Doing so gives your call center the ability to provide global customer support and call center services. Businesses that do not have the room or overhead to hire their own sales and customer service teams will look for call center services to manage these departments. And a cloud call center software will enable your business to offer this to other enterprises.

Alternatively, an existing business can use virtual call center software to take control of their sales and customer service instead of outsourcing these services to call centers. Such software comes equipped with multiple features and services to make it easy for users to communicate internally and externally and improve office productivity. Read on to learn more about the features included in virtual call center solutions.

How Do Cloud Call Centers Work?

Virtual call center solutions include various features, tools, and services that run virtually via the internet. As such, virtual call centers are not attached to one physical location and can be moved and expanded as necessary. Additionally, you can customize and adjust these solutions to meet your business needs.

What Can I Do With Virtual Call Center Software?

The main reason to run a virtual call center with cloud communication solutions is the array of features and services you gain access to. This suite of tools does not only make it easy to communicate with customers and clients but also helps you offer additional services such as:

  • Lead generation
  • Sales production
  • Appointment scheduling and setting
  • Debt collection
  • Telephone answering and forwarding services for other companies
  • Contract telemarketing with third parties
  • Debt collection
  • Mobile solicitation
  • Wake-up call services
  • Voicemail forwarding services
  • Message receiving services
  • Customer service lines
  • Technical support services

You can expand your offerings to include more BPO-like services without spending more on your call center software. This way, you expand while keeping costs low.

Features of a Cloud Call Center

So, what are the key features and services you get with a virtual call center software?

  • International phone numbers — Toll free and local numbers from around the world.
  • International call forwarding — Forward incoming calls from any location to your business phone.
  • Call recording — Record all incoming and outgoing calls to review later.
  • Cloud IVR — Automated voice response to manage call volumes and assist callers.
  • Advanced call routing — Route calls to different locations simultaneously or with pre-set rules based on time, location, or skills required.
  • Multi-channel communication — Voicemail, SMS, and fax services.
  • Outbound calling — Make outbound calls to customers anywhere in the world.
  • Customized caller ID — Use custom caller IDs when calling internationally to make customers more comfortable answering your call.

Benefits of a Virtual Call Center

From cost-effective plans to access to advanced features, there are many benefits of using cloud call center solutions to run your virtual call center. This is why more and more call centers and businesses are using these services. Here are some of the top benefits of running a cloud call center with virtual call center solutions:

  • Access to advanced features: Choose from a wide range of advanced tools to make your business communication system work the way you need it to.
  • Flexibility and mobility: Go beyond geographical boundaries and work from any location using any device.
  • Global coverage: Expand to new markets and add global customers to your customer base.
  • Scalability: Grow your business at your own pace and add additional users or services as you need them.
  • Cost-savings: Keep business communication costs low even as you expand your service.

Get Virtual Call Center Solutions

United World Telecom offers cloud communication tools for businesses and call centers that want to switch to the cloud. To learn more, speak with our experts or chat with us online! Get cloud call center solutions when you purchase a virtual phone number with us.