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International Call Forwarding Service

United World Telecom powers your business to soar internationally with our international call forwarding services. Expand globally and connect with customers worldwide without the overhead costs of operating physical offices. Our service is the bridge to your global expansion, ensuring you’re always within reach, regardless of geographical constraints.

What Is International Call Forwarding?

An international call forwarding service automatically forwards calls from a virtual phone number to your designated phone or SIP address anywhere globally. This service is your key to enhanced communication, connecting you with customers, partners, and teams worldwide. It’s ideal for businesses of all sizes aiming for a global call forwarding

How do International Call Forwarding Numbers Work?

When you call a virtual number, it is connected to a cloud-based international call forwarding service which routes the call to one or more numbers chosen by the recipient. From the caller’s perspective, there is no difference between a virtual number and a plain old traditional number.

In fact, the caller and recipient may be located in different cities or different countries. However, for the caller, the phone number dialed is a local or toll-free number. So, no long-distance charges or (in some cases) international dialing codes are necessary.

An example of international call forwarding:

Imagine your US-based business targeting UK customers. With our service, UK customers dial a local number. You can set up automatic call forwarding for calls made to your UK number. These calls will now forward to your US office and reach you directly, fostering trust and encouraging engagement.

How to Forward Calls Internationally

To forward calls to one or more numbers and destinations, you’ll need a call forwarding service from a cloud telephony provider like United World Telecom. All you have to do is:

  1. Get Virtual Phone Numbers — Choose local or toll-free numbers in your target markets with call forwarding.
  2. Configure Call Routing — Use our online panel to direct incoming calls to your preferred device(s) or destination(s).
  3. Connect Seamlessly — Route calls efficiently through our network for low international communication costs.

Benefits of Global Call Forwarding

Our international call forwarding solution is more than a service; it’s your strategy for global dominance. Test and enter new markets confidently, manage remote teams efficiently, and ensure your brand resonates locally, regardless of your physical presence. Here’s how your business can use call forwarding to increase your global coverage:

  • With virtual phone numbers from over 160 countries, your business can easily expand global coverage for sales and support.
  • Customize your call experience with advanced features like ringback tones, voicemail-to-email, and more.
  • Upgrade your communication infrastructure by adding cloud telephony solutions like call forwarding to your existing setup.
  • Pay only for your call forwarding service; no additional setup fees, hardware costs, etc
  • Establishing a local presence multiple countries virtually and cost-effectively.
  • Tap into new markets with local numbers, increasing accessibility and international sales opportunities.
  • Scale and adjust your setup as your business grows with call recording, outbound calling, and more.
  • Ensure 24/7 customer engagement by forwarding calls to off-duty teams.
  • Forward and route calls based on a variety of call routing strategies such as time of day or location, etc.
  • Link remote workers and distributed teams with advanced routing options for a unified communication strategy.
  • Set up and manage your account quickly and easily through our online control panel.

International call forwarding benefits

Why Choose United World Telecom?

While there are many call forwarding solutions available, it is important to find a service that offer high call quality and reliable service.

Since 1996, United World Telecom has led with innovative solutions and unbeatable service quality. Our industry leadership and long-term carrier relations mean that we can bring you a highly redundant and crystal-clear call forwarding service.

Our competitive plans are designed to offer the best value, ensuring cost-effective communication solutions no matter what country or region you wish to enter. Check out our virtual phone number plans and country coverage to compare our prices.

We guarantee satisfaction with our responsive support and top-notch connection quality. In fact, it is what our customers love about our virtual phones service.

Strategies for Expanding Internationally

What can your business do with an international call forwarding solution? Here are some ways to expand globally with a cloud telephony solution:

Increased Accessibility: Forward calls to wherever your teams are located during different times of day to increase your business’ reach.

Localized Customer Support: Offer support with local numbers and in-country outbound caller IDs, enhancing customer trust and satisfaction.

24/7 Support Models: Add new teams and adjust routing rules to provide 24/7 service for your customers.

Boosted Brand Awareness: Engage in local marketing efforts to make your brand a household name.

Scale with Ease: Adapt your operations to growing demands without hassle; easily adjust forwarding rules to accomodate new team members, phone lines, and locations.

Remote Team Management: Consider remote and distributed work models and oversee distributed teams with clarity and control.

Market Research: Gauge customer interest and tailor your approach with local insights.

call forwarding in the control panel

Get and Set Up Call Forwarding with United World Telecom

With United World Telecom, setup for your call forwarding service is straightforward. Our control panel allows for quick configuration, meaning you can start receiving international calls in no time. Test markets, scale operations, and manage remote teams effortlessly.

Choose United World Telecom for your international call forwarding needs and unlock the door to worldwide business opportunities. To learn more, contact us today or chat with us online. We’re here to help you grow your business!


Yes, you can forward and route calls internationally with an international call forwarding service.

An international call forwarding service is a business communication service that forwards calls internationally. For example, your business can have incoming calls from Mexico forwarded to your main office in the US or your satellite office in Mexico, or remote agents located around the world.

An international call forwarding service makes it possible for companies to expand their business to a new country and extend sales and customer support services.

You can quickly get global or international call forwarding by signing up for an international business number with United World Telecom.

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