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global phone numbers

For businesses that want to succeed in our global marketplace, it can seem daunting to set your sights on foreign countries that may appear out of reach. For startups and small businesses, gaining a business presence may also seem like something only reserved for unicorns and large organizations with excess capital to take the risk.

Luckily, with today’s technological developments in telecommunication, global phone numbers are changing how businesses can gain access to new territory overnight – thanks to United World Telecom’s incredible subscription-based service. Curious to learn more?

This article will cover what global phone numbers are and the many benefits of using them in your business.

What are Global Phone Numbers?

Global phone numbers are cloud phone numbers. Powered by developments in cloud computing, such as VoIP, virtual phone numbers enable callers to call your business for free or local calling rates, even if you are located internationally. Because many customers prefer to handle important information by phone, offering global phone numbers is the #1 choice of businesses to interact with their growing customer base directly, domestically and internationally.

Get Global Phone Numbers with United World Telecom

United World Telecom offers global phone numbers in over 140 countries worldwide, enabling businesses based in one country to communicate with others across borders seamlessly. When paired with an add-on called Outbound Calling, virtual phone numbers enable your business to directly contact customers and potential clients in other countries with your virtual phone number appearing on the recipient’s caller ID. This increases the likelihood that a recipient will answer the phone, as the country calling code and area code are identical to domestic phone numbers native to that country.

Additionally, global phone numbers come in a variety of types, each with its own usage. For instance, you may want to use vanity phone numbers to increase your marketing impact with a visually appealing set of digits that ties into your company—i.e., 1-(800)-FLOWERS. Toll free numbers are also available for domestic and international usage, which enables your customers to reach your business without incurring a charge.

Now that you’re aware of what global phone numbers are, let’s take a look at some of the many benefits that come with their usage.

Global phone numbers
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What Can Your Business Do with Global Toll Free Numbers?

Global phone numbers and cloud phone service opens up new opportunities for businesses. Whether you want to expand your service to new markets or hire remote teams, you can use global phone numbers to stay connected and conduct business as usual. Here are a few things your business can do with global numbers:

Risk Assessment

Opening up a new branch office in another part of the world is typically reserved for organizations with the capital and resources on hand to mitigate potential risks. Typically, this serves as a barrier to entry for smaller businesses and startups, coming with a fair share of risk that can stunt growth. However, using global phone numbers to transact with potential target markets gives your business a real assessment of the reception of your company’s goods and services with less expense when contrasted with

a) leasing property,

b) hiring foreign staff,

c) following international guidelines,

and many unforeseeable obstacles to business expansion.

Expanding Your Business Model

The technology behind global phone numbers has changed how businesses can operate internationally. By using virtual offices, businesses can use global teams to carry out their objectives. Thanks to online collaboration platforms (like Slack, Teamwork, Upwork, and more) and cloud phone service, we now have more opportunities for creating new sources of international revenue.

Access to Advanced Features

Furthermore, cloud computing’s evolving technology enables United World Telecom to offer several add-ons that bring extended functionality to your organization. For instance, PBX is a popular add-on that provides a directory system to your global phone numbers for customers to access the information they need directly, contact the correct organization through dialing the appropriate extension, and even using IVR (Integrated Voice Response) to make the process more efficient. Similarly, another add-on known as “simultaneous ringing” activates all connected devices to your global numbers. Hence, they ring at the same time, which ensures that all inbound phone calls are responded to in the shortest amount of time.

Professional Appeal

If there’s one thing that all businesses need to maximize their potential, it is being taken seriously by the public. And there’s no better way to impart a professional appeal to your business than by using global toll free numbers in your marketing materials (i.e., website listing, social media, mailers, etc.).

Advantages of Global Phone Numbers for Small Businesses

First, what are global phone numbers? These are virtual business phone numbers for international coverage with advanced cloud communication features and services. With global or international phone numbers, businesses can expand internationally through virtual phone systems. This means they can enter local markets around the world without needing to be physically present. They can get global phone numbers for different countries and answer incoming international calls anywhere in the world.

So how can global phone numbers help your small business grow?

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1. Expand and Connect Internationally

To expand internationally in a cost-effective way, your business will need local or toll free numbers for target countries. Customers in a specific country are typically more comfortable calling a local or toll free number rather than international numbers. International calls are generally very expensive, and local numbers can help reduce those costs.

Global phone numbers can help you offer international customers inexpensive ways to call you. You can get numbers for target countries worldwide and route calls to your office, wherever you are located.

United World Telecom offers virtual business phone numbers for more than 160 countries around the world. We provide a variety of virtual phone numbers such as:

  • International toll free numbers (ITFN) — Toll free numbers for different countries using local toll free codes. Customers in these countries can call these numbers for free. The business pays for the calls instead of the customers. But with a virtual phone number plan, you will have a set monthly bill.
  • Universal toll free numbers — A UIFN is a single toll free number for multiple countries participating in the UIFN program. Customers in these countries can call your UIFN for free. These numbers are more expensive as they provide more convenience for international businesses.
  • Local phone numbers — Local phone numbers are assigned to different cities, states, or regions within a country. These numbers have specific area codes that indicate the area they are assigned to. Customers from these areas can call these numbers for regular local rates.

Depending on how you want to expand, you can get one virtual phone number or a combination of different numbers. Whatever you need to build a strong international communication system can be purchased.

global phone numbers
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2. Stay Connected from Anywhere

With global phone numbers, your business can take the global stage from any location. They enable businesses to make and receive calls when connected to the internet and are not attached to any physical location. This allows your business flexibility to stay connected from anywhere as well as work from anywhere.

3. Remote Team Management

Part of running an international business means working with teams and employees from different parts of the world. Keep remote teams connected with virtual phone systems and global phone numbers. These remote teams can make and receive business calls using your business phone number as their caller ID, even if they work outside the main office.

Employees won’t need to use their own personal phone numbers. This way, your business can maintain professionalism through distributed teams. Furthermore, you can route calls to different remote teams based on the caller’s time of day or location.

4. Lower Communication Costs

With virtual phone numbers, your business can save on international expansion costs. International calling through traditional lines is much more expensive. Furthermore, businesses can enter new markets virtually and create a local presence without opening physical offices. This can help save on costs related to opening and running offices and hiring a full-fledged team in each target country.

5. Access to Advanced Communication Tools

Finally, global phone numbers come with various communication tools and services designed to optimize productivity, efficiency, and global connectivity. United World Telecom’s top services include:

  • International call forwarding
  • Call recording
  • Time-based and location-based routing
  • Outbound calling with dynamic caller ID
  • SMS and fax forwarding
  • Automated IVR and unlimited extensions, and more

Manage calls better so you can provide each customer with excellent customer care and develop customer relationships.

Need to Get Global Phone Numbers?

If you’re interested in purchasing a global phone number, you’re in the right place. Get global phone numbers from United World Telecom today and activate them instantly! Browse through our inventory online or call us at 1 (877) 898 8646 for a customized quote for your business.

F A Q | Global Phone Numbers

Global phone numbers are phone numbers that let users call internationally and receive calls from customers around the world.

You can get an international phone number from a global phone service provider like Global Call Forwarding.

The E.164 international standard for phone number formats includes international calling prefix (country code), the toll-free or local area code, and the subscriber number.