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Global expansion is crucial for businesses aiming to grow in today’s interconnected economy. While expanding into foreign countries might seem daunting, especially for startups and small businesses, cloud communications advancements have made the process much easier.

Global phone numbers from United World Telecom offer a simple, cloud-based solution for businesses to establish a presence in other countries. Companies can set up toll-free, local, and national phone numbers in over 160 countries.

Our service enables businesses to have global phone numbers in other countries and establish a local presence while eliminating the need to hire local employees, open a physical in-country office, and navigate legal complexities. By using these numbers, businesses can receive and make calls internationally, building stronger relationships with their international audience.

In this article, we cover what global phone numbers are and explore the many benefits they offer to businesses.

What are Global Phone Numbers?

Global phone numbers are essentially cloud-based phone numbers from different countries.

Thanks to advancements in cloud communications and VoIP, these phone numbers allow businesses to have a local presence in other countries. People can call your business at no cost or local rates, even if your business receives the calls in another country. This is especially useful because many customers prefer to talk on the phone for important matters. These phone numbers also allow businesses to call internationally with an in-country caller ID.

For businesses looking to directly connect with and expand their presence abroad, getting global phone numbers is an excellent choice.

How to Get a Global Phone Number with United World Telecom

United World Telecom simplifies international business expansion by providing global phone numbers in over 160 countries. This service allows businesses to effortlessly connect with customers across international borders and establish a local presence abroad. Your business can set up a global phone number in a few easy steps:

  1. Choose the country where you would like to have a phone number.
  2. Add additional features like outbound calling.
  3. Complete the checkout process and verify application details.
  4. Start making and receiving calls with your new phone number.

With the addition of Outbound Calling, these phone numbers enable your business to receive and make calls to international contacts. The key advantage is that your phone number appears on the recipient’s caller ID, displaying a familiar local area code and country calling code. This familiarity increases the chances of your calls being answered, as the number appears similar to local numbers within the recipient’s country.

Now that you understand the concept of global phone numbers and how to get them, let’s explore the benefits they offer to businesses. From expanding your reach to enhancing customer engagement, these numbers can help support global business ambitions.

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Unlock International Business Opportunities with a Global Phone Number

With a number coverage in over 160 countries, United World Telecom enables businesses to connect seamlessly across international borders using global phone numbers. Whether you want to expand your operations to new markets or support existing customers, we help you stay connected.

While we serve some of the largest multinational enterprises, global phone numbers are not just for large corporations. Even small businesses and startups can use them to test new markets, manage remote teams, and maintain a professional image without the risks and costs associated with physical expansion. These phone numbers let you gauge market reception, avoid expensive overseas offices, and navigate international regulations more efficiently.

Here are a few more things your business can do with global numbers:

Expanding Your Business Internationally

With United World Telecom, expanding to global markets is straightforward. Our range of international toll-free numbers (ITFS), universal freephone numbers (UIFN), and local phone numbers present various opportunities to establish a local presence in key markets. These numbers enable customers to contact you at no or low cost, building trust and improving customer satisfaction. They can also serve as a help-desk solution for employees located overseas. Despite the rise of other communication channels, most consumers and employees still prefer to communicate over the phone.

Professional Appeal

When a business expands to another country, it should take steps to build trust and credibility with locals. Global phone numbers, especially global toll-free numbers, are one of the best ways to create a professional brand image. These phone numbers can be published internally and used in marketing materials to build trust.

Access to Advanced Features

Global phone numbers come packed with advanced features like international call routing, call recording, time-based and location-based routing, outbound calling with dynamic caller ID, advanced IVR, local ringback tones, and unlimited extensions. These scalable tools help streamline global communication, enhance customer service, and foster strong customer relationships internationally.

Advantages of Global Phone Numbers for Small Businesses

Global phone numbers help businesses of all sizes to expand internationally. They offer the unique advantage of testing, penetrating, and supporting local markets globally without the need for a physical presence. Here’s how these numbers can support your business’ global growth ambitions:

1. Cost-Effective International Expansion

Global phone numbers, including local and toll-free numbers, make international expansion more accessible and affordable. Customers generally prefer calling local or toll-free numbers over international ones due to their desire to avoid high international calling charges. By providing phone numbers in target countries, you can offer customers cost-effective ways to reach you, thus fostering better engagement.

United World Telecom offers global business phone numbers for more than 160 countries around the world. Our global number offerings include:

  • International Toll-Free Numbers, which allow customers in specific countries to call you for free.
  • Universal Freephone Numbers, a single number accessible from multiple countries.
  • Local Phone Numbers, which are specific to cities within a country enable customers to call at local rates.
  • National Phone Numbers, country-wide phone numbers that can be dialed from anywhere in a country.

Depending on how you want to expand, you can get a consistent global phone number type or a combination of different number types. Whatever you need to build a strong international communication system can be purchased.

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2. Stay Connected from Anywhere

Global numbers allow your business to operate on an international scale from any location. These numbers are not tied to a physical location, granting you the flexibility to connect from anywhere. This is particularly advantageous for businesses embracing global expansion or with a distributed workforce.

3. Remote Team Management

Part of running a global business means working with teams and employees from different parts of the world. Managing distributed teams is seamless with cloud communications and global phone numbers. Remote teams can use these numbers to make and receive business calls, displaying your business’s caller ID. You can also route calls based on time zones or locations, ensuring efficient call management.

4. Lower Communication Costs

Global phone numbers significantly reduce the costs associated with international business expansion. Traditional phone numbers, along with their associated contracts and regulatory complexities, are expensive, but with global virtual numbers, you can create a local presence in new markets without the overhead of physical offices and teams. This approach leads to substantial savings in operational costs.

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Ready to Set Up a Global Phone Number?

Interested in setting up a global phone number or multiple global phone numbers? United World Telecom is your ideal partner. We can help you quickly set up and start using phone numbers to connect with the world. Explore our extensive global phone number inventory to find the perfect fit for your business. For a more personalized consultation, contact us at 1 (877) 898 8646 to and we’ll prepare a custom quote tailored to your specific business requirements

F A Q | Global Phone Numbers

Global phone numbers are phone numbers that let users call internationally and receive calls from customers around the world.

You can get a global phone number from an international phone service provider like United World Telecom.

The E.164 international standard for phone number formats includes international calling prefix (country code), the toll-free or local area code, and the subscriber number.