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How To Set Up a Business Phone System in your Office

best business phone system

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Need to give customers a way to reach your business by telephone? Setting up a business phone system is something nearly every business owner will have to do at some point. Get to know the process before diving in. This way, you can have a clear sense of how to get set up quickly and effectively. In this article, we’ll guide you through the process of how to set up the best business phone system for your office. Thus, you can get back to helping your customers.

Step 1: Choosing the Right Type of Business Phone System for Your Office

Before you can go about setting up your business phone system, you’ll have to choose between the various types. Since they all work a bit differently, different systems may be better for different businesses, based on specific needs. Some of the best business phone systems include the following options.

A Multi-Line Phone System

This type of phone system can handle multiple calls at once. This is because they all route to a main system that can then transfer calls to connected business lines. It uses traditional copper wiring. So, they are more basic and may not offer as many features as other phone systems. But, they’re easy to operate, as they’re very traditional. And, they’re known for being sturdy and reliable systems. Finally, they can be set up with both toll-free and local business numbers. So, multi-line systems may be a great option for many types of businesses.

Using a PBX Phone System

A PBX system offers all the same functionality of the multi-line system, but it has one major difference. Rather than housing all calling data in one main telephone unit, it’s all routed to a separate, centralized device. Or, rather than a device, a cloud (internet) software. Plus, it’s highly adjustable as it’s basically a personalized phone system for the office. So, it can offer a number of customizable features that may make doing business easier and more efficient.

VoIP Phone System

This phone system connects phone calls to business phone lines using broadband internet connection rather than traditional copper wiring. This makes phone calls on these systems fast and reliable as there is internet access all over the world. This offers the ability to house a number of business phone numbers and lines from one business office. And, provides other capabilities like the option to connect various business software to your phone lines like your internet CRM. Finally, since it works over the internet, you don’t have to have a physical business phone unit to utilize it. So, you can route calls directly to any telephone you want, including mobile devices.

best business phone system
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A Few Notes About Cloud-Based Systems

It’s important to note that both VoIP and PBX phone systems are cloud based phone systems. A cloud based business phone system is essentially a phone system that uses the internet. But, it does so to store business phone call data and connect calls. The internet business phone system is the most commonly used and set up for business needs. So, the following instructions will apply to these types of systems.

Step 2: Choosing Your Service

Once you’ve chosen the best business phone system for your office, you need to choose a phone service. So, choose one that can meet your needs. Certainly, you want to choose a company that can offer all business phone services in one place. If so, consider the business phone systems from United World Telecom. UWT offers virtual phone numbers, toll free numbers, and local numbers of all kinds.

Step 3: Choosing Your Business Phone Number(s)

After you have chosen your phone service, you can go about selecting the type of business phone number you want. And, the number to go with that line. If you want to offer your consumers a free, easy-to-remember phone number, choose a toll free number. Or, select a vanity number that’s relatable to your business by choosing digits associated with letters on the phone keypad. Want to call specific audience bases in certain areas of the world? You can select a local phone number so your business number has the same area code as your target audience.

Step 4: Choose Your Business Phone Features

You know the ins and outs of your business phone system, who your provider is, and have chosen your number. Now, it’s time to select from the various features of a business phone line. If you go with United World Telecom, you’ll have a number of virtual number features to choose from including:

Choose the features you know that your business can benefit from. And, set them up before starting to take calls. Once you have features chosen, you can begin passing out your new business phone numbers and taking business calls!

In Closing: Getting Help Setting Up Your Business Phone Line

Interested in the best business phone system for your office? Contact United World Telecom today to receive top-rated service for your business phone line system. And, take advantage of all of the cloud-based phone system features for your new business phone system.

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