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What is Click-to-Call? Definition, Benefits, and How to Set It Up

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A click-to-call feature can help increase productivity and efficiency in your office by speeding up calling processes with accuracy. Here is an in-depth post detailing the different types of click-to-call features and the benefits of using them.

Click-to-Call: Explained

A click-to-call service is a business communication tool that enables phone calls through a VoIP connection. Other names include click-to-dial, one-click calling, and click-calling. There are a few types of click-to-call features in the industry. Among these are:

  1. Dialer extensions or CTI enabling agents to call contacts by clicking on their computers instead of manually inputting phone numbers.
  2. Wrapping website phone numbers in hyperlinks with the tel: schema so website visitors can easily click to call.
  3. ‘Click to call me’ lets interested prospects input their contact information through a web form, which instantly triggers a callback from your business.

The first type of click-to-dial feature lets you place calls without having to dial or type a number in. You simply click on the lead or customer’s name or a call icon and instantly place the call. Originally a call center feature meant to support outbound calls without human error or misdialing, now businesses everywhere can use click-to-call to make outgoing calls swift, easy, and accurate.

The second type of click-calling feature lets you insert a linkable phone number on your website. This way, when customers visit your website and need to call you, they simply click the link. They are then sent to their phone app and upon confirmation, the call is placed.

The third type is a call page. This is a widget or webpage that can be placed on your website and lets web visitors provide their name and phone number to receive an immediate callback. This way, you can connect with these interested prospects while they are still learning about your product.

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Benefits of Click-to-Call

Call centers have used click-to-dial functionality to effectively measure and enhance workforce efficiency. The benefits are not just limited to the ability to quickly dial phone numbers. It enables call center agents to optimize their inside sales efforts, leading to improved outcomes. By incorporating a call center CRM with a click-to-dial feature the following key benefits can be achieved:

  1. Speed up workflow — call leads and clients quickly, speed up callbacks, and reduce human error.
  2. Encourage web visitors to call your business — allow website visitors to easily connect with your company.
  3. Implement call tracking — learn more about where your calls are being sourced.
  4. Improve conversion rates — finally, give your team the right tool to engage customers over the phone.

How to Set up Click-to-Call

You can get click-to-call to make calls through your control panel when you sign up for an account with us. Within the panel, you can add and manage contacts and then use the click-to-dial feature to quickly and efficiently place calls without having to type the number in each time.

Additionally, you can also get a ‘call now’ button for your website easily by embedding a snippet of HTML code to the website. Once the code is in, the button will appear on your website and visitors can use it to receive a free callback from your business.

Get the Right Communication Tools for Your Business Today!

The click-to-dial feature can come in very handy for businesses dealing with large call volumes. By taking out the ‘dial the right number’ process, more time is spent having conversations. To learn more about our click-to-dial solution, call us today!

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