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Call Detail Records

call detail records
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As you grow your business and improve operations, understanding your call traffic, phone line usage, and customer interactions becomes crucial. United World Telecom offers a comprehensive Call Details Records (CDRs) feature that allows businesses to access call logs and detailed reports for every phone line. With insights from call data, you can:

  • Visualize and optimize call traffic
  • Streamline your service
  • Offer better solutions
  • Improve overall customer satisfaction

What Are Call Detail Records?

Call detail records (CDRs) are comprehensive call logs that document every billable phone exchange within your business phone network. They record how, when, and where your phone system was used.

These records are pivotal for billing, call tracking, and evaluating operational success. With United World Telecom, accessing these records is straightforward, through our online control panel or alongside your monthly billing statements. With CDRs, you have permanent and easy access to vital call data. Use this data to improve how your business operates and communicates with customers.

What Key Information Do CDRs Collect?

CDRs from United World Telecom provide a treasure trove of call metadata to analyze and understand phone system usage. With this information, you can better understand employee activity and customer interactions, such as:

  • Date and time of calls
  • Call duration
  • Caller ID and destination number
  • Location of call origination and destination
  • Call completion status
  • Call type (e.g., toll-free, local)
  • Cost per call
  • Features used during the call
  • Call journey details, such as extensions or IVR paths, etc.

For privacy and security, CDRs do not include the content of the calls or text messages. Additionally, different providers will collect different data.

Leveraging Call Detail Records for Your Business

Call detail records from United World Telecom are designed not just for billing but as a tool to enhance various aspects of your business. Here’s how:

Improved Call Management
Gain insights into your call traffic and manage your phone lines more effectively. By understanding peak calling times, call durations, and other metrics, you can optimize staffing and resources to improve service delivery.

In-Depth Call Analytics
Dive into your call data to understand customer behavior, preferences, and pain points. This valuable information can help tailor your services to better meet customer needs, enhancing the overall caller experience.

Enhanced Employee Performance
Use CDRs to monitor and evaluate employee performance based on call activity. This data can highlight areas where additional training or better workload distribution is needed or recognize high-performing team members.

Optimized Marketing Campaigns
Assign unique numbers to your marketing campaigns and use CDRs to track their success. Analyze which campaigns drive more calls and conversions, allowing you to allocate your marketing budget more effectively.

Efficient Call Center Management
Use CDRs to strategically manage your call center. With essential data on call volume fluctuations, average call duration, and service quality, managers can make better decisions to boost call center efficiency.

Strategic Decision Making
Identify calling trends and patterns to make informed decisions about service improvements, new target markets, and customer service strategies.

How to View CDRs with United World Telecom

Setting up and accessing Call Detail Records with United World Telecom is a seamless process. You can take advantage of this feature for free with each of our virtual phone number plans. Once your phone line is active and running, access your call logs and detailed reports anytime, through our user-friendly, online control panel.

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Check out our Knowledge Base for detailed instructions on viewing and downloading CDRs.

Get more out of your call data with the call detail records feature from United World Telecom.

Our solution is tailored to meet the unique needs of your business. Use it to enhance call management, improve employee performance, and optimize marketing campaigns. Plus, gain insights into call traffic and customer interactions to improve customer relations.Want to see how United World Telecom can transform your business communications? Contact us today to learn more about our advanced call features or chat with us online!

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