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Toll Versus Toll Free: What’s the Difference?

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When purchasing a new phone number for your business, you will be able to choose between different number types.

In this post, we will explain the differences between toll numbers and toll free numbers.

Understanding the Difference Between Toll and Toll Free Numbers

A phone number is either toll or toll free. The difference between the two number types is the concept of a “toll,” which refers to a fee or tariff. Calls to a toll number incur a charge, while calls are free to a toll free number.

What are Toll Numbers?

Toll numbers are your regular telephone numbers where the caller is charged per minute for calling. This is not an official number type. It is referred to as a toll number because it charges a toll for calling. Therefore, if you are charged a local calling rate when calling a number, then it would be considered a toll number. Toll numbers usually consist of home phone numbers, local numbers, and so on.

Premium Rate Numbers

Premium rate numbers are a type of toll number, specifically 1-900 numbers, that use a pay-per-call model to provide services via calls and charge higher than normal rates. Unlike a regular call, part of the charges for these calls is paid to the business using the number. This way, businesses could be funded via these calls. For example, a caller would call a business (e.g, psychic services) and pay for the minutes and time spent on the call as part of the service itself. These numbers were commonly used for tech support, chat services, directory questions, weather forecasts, televoting, consulting, and so on.

toll free numbers

Toll Free Numbers

Toll free numbers are the opposite of toll numbers in that these numbers are toll-free. In other words, callers do not incur a charge for calling these numbers. The format for these numbers is very distinct and different from regular phone numbers. They usually begin with a special prefix such as 1-800, 888, 877, 833, and so on, followed by a subscriber number.

However, there are certain rules. For example, calls to a country’s toll free number are free only when called from within the country. A US toll free number is free to call by locals and businesses within the US.

Benefits of a Toll Free Number

TFNs are generally used by well-established businesses as a way of making it easier for customers to receive support. A local customer does not have to worry about calling fees when dialing a toll free number. This, therefore, encourages them to place calls to inquire about a product or speak with customer service.

Additionally, since TFNs have been traditionally used by large corporations, getting such a number for your business can build trust. Customers will appreciate your efforts to make your business accessible and easily reachable.

Reasons to Consider an International TFN

Furthermore, you can even use an international toll free number to extend operations to different countries around the world. How this works is you get an ITFS number for a country and callers within the country can call your number for free. These incoming calls get forwarded to a destination number of your choice in your specified country. For example, your UK business can get Singapore and Australia toll free numbers through a service provider like United World Telecom. Then, callers in Singapore and Australia can call their respective numbers for free, and you can have those calls routed to your UK office. ITFS numbers help businesses expand globally without moving physically.

Speak with an Expert About Toll Versus Toll Free Numbers

If toll or toll free numbers are what your business needs, then we can help! You can buy global phone numbers for more than 160 countries around the globe. And so, whether you want to offer free calling within your country or for other countries, we’ve got you covered. Sign up on our homepage today or call us to learn more!

What is a RespOrg?

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A quick guide to what RespOrgs are, how they work, and how businesses can benefit from using a RespOrg service provider for their toll free numbers.

RespOrg: Definition

A Responsible Organization or RespOrg is a company (usually a telephone company) that is certified to have access to a centralized database of toll free numbers. This centralized database is known as the 800 Service Management System or SMS/800.

How do RespOrgs Work?

RespOrgs are in charge of managing toll free databases, assigning numbers, and keeping records. If you want a toll free number for your business, you will need to contact a RespOrg. For customers, RespOrgs come into play when porting a toll free number. To port a toll free number, a current user will have to change the RespOrg ownership from the old carrier to the new carrier. You will need a Letter of Authorization from your new carrier and your current RespOrg must authorize the release of the number to the new RespOrg or carrier.

A business that has high toll free traffic can take advantage of one of the below choices:

  • Become their own RespOrg
  • Use a single carrier for all of their call volume
  • Use a RespOrg service provider

Port your toll free number to United World Telecom.

How to Become a RespOrg?

RespOrgs can be large or small companies or even run by a solo business owner. Some toll free number carriers or business phone service carriers may also be RespOrgs. Currently, the US has about 400 RespOrgs. To become a RespOrg, a business goes through a certification process.

Technically, any company or organization that uses a toll free number can become a RespOrg. To become a RespOrg, your business will need to do the following:

  1. Complete and submit a ten-page service establishment form
  2. Pay a deposit (avg. $4000)
  3. Pass a certification exam to be certified

Should My Company Become a RespOrg?

While becoming a RespOrg is an easy process, there are a few factors to consider. For example, you will need to factor in the salary of the employee managing the toll free traffic. The cost of being a RespOrg for your business — as opposed to using a RespOrg provider — may entail increased expenses. Plus, if your employee leaves, you will need to train and certify a new employee, which will require additional costs.

Many businesses, therefore, choose to work with a RespOrg service provider to reduce costs. RespOrgs will work with your business and your specific needs to offer you the best pricing. Some benefits of using a RespOrg include:

  • Ability to route calls to different carriers
  • Routing calls at different times of the day
  • Taking advantage of low-cost carriers in different countries
  • Access to Disaster Recovery — in case your toll free carrier is shut down, traffic can be routed to a secondary carrier

A company with high toll free traffic will find it beneficial to utilize a RespOrg service provider instead of becoming their own RespOrg.

Get a Toll Free Number for Your Business Today!

United World Telecom offers toll free business numbers for more than 160 countries around the world. You can get a toll free number to enter new markets and extend sales and customer support services to more customers. We also offer number porting services for businesses that currently have a toll free number but are not satisfied with their service. Sign up on our website today or call us to learn more!

Top Germany Toll Free Number Providers [2024]

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Toll free numbers in Germany are free for callers. The receiver (the business) is charged for the calls. Callers from anywhere within Germany can call these businesses with a toll free number for free. These numbers are excellent for businesses for this reason. They are an instant indicator that a business is established and poised for communication. If you are considering purchasing a business phone number for communication in Germany, a toll free number may be ideal.

Germany Toll Free Number Providers in 2024

If you need Germany 0800 numbers to support your business plans to expand to Germany, we’ve got you covered. Read on for the top Germany toll free number providers along with information about the types of numbers, their costs, and included features.

1. United World Telecom

Since 1996, United World Telecom has been offering toll free numbers for businesses all over the world. Furthermore, the company provides a global call forwarding service to keep businesses connected across the world. They provide a wide range of telecommunication services to support businesses that need high-quality, cost-effective virtual services for a variety of purposes.

Virtual number plans: United World Telecom’s Germany toll free number plans range from $17.95/month (€15.04) to $528.95/month (€443.22).

Features included:

  • Hosted call recording software
  • Outbound calling (dynamic caller ID)
  • Extensions for different departments
  • Direct inward dialing for individuals and teams
  • Cloud IVR
  • Call forwarding options
  • Call transfer
  • Voicemail and SMS to email

2. Global Call Forwarding

Global Call Forwarding was launched in 2007 and has become one of the world’s leading outlets for virtual business phone numbers. The company offers toll free, local, and international numbers as well as voice over IP.

Virtual number plans: Global Call Forwarding’s Germany toll free numbers start at $17.95/month (€15.04) and go up to $528.95/month (€443.22).

Features included:

  • Hosted call recording software
  • Unlimited extensions
  • Interactive voice response
  • Call forwarding options
  • Time of day routing
  • Select country forwarding
  • Simultaneous ringing
  • Voicemail & SMS to email
  • Outbound calling (dynamic caller ID)
  • Call transfer

3. Vodafone

Vodafone (Germany) was founded in 1990. The company, since then, has been supplying business phone solutions to users within Germany.

Virtual number plans: Vodafone’s Germany virtual business number plans range from $26.89/month (€22.90) to $281.35/month (€239.60), depending on the number of users needed.

Features included:

  • Multiple voice channels
  • Up to 10 blocks of phone numbers at one location
  • IP connection

4. Telekom

Since 1995, Telekom, a German telecom company, has been offering communication solutions across Germany. You can get services such as fixed network, mobile, and internet services.

Virtual number plans: Telekom offers different virtual phone numbers plans ranging from $29.30 (€24.95) to $64.53 (€54.95) per month.

Features included:

  • Multiple numbers
  • Multiple channels (language channels included)
  • Call forwarding
  • Call waiting
  • Voicemail, and more

5. O2 (Telefonica)

Since 1995, O2 (Telefonica) has supplied Germany with broadband, landline, and mobile telecommunications. They remain a reputable option in the market.

Virtual number plans: O2 (Telefonica) voice connection plans range from €40/month to €160/month, depending on the number of voice channels you need.

Features included:

  • Voice connections
  • SIP telephony
  • Easy extension management
  • Call management features
  • Conference calls

Get Germany Toll Free Numbers Today

Here at United World Telecom, we can help you get Germany toll free numbers for business with quick installation and fast activation. You have the option of using a variety of features and there are no contracts. Sign up on our website today or call us to get started!

ITFS Explained: What is International Toll Free Service?

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Need an improved and reliable business phone system? Have you considered an international toll free service to attract customers from all over the world? Such a service can help you establish communication overseas while having calls routed to your main office or smartphone, anywhere in the world. Here is an in-depth guide to international toll free service (ITFS), its benefits, and why you should consider one for your business.

What is International Toll Free Service (ITFS)?

An international toll free service (ITFS) refers to a toll free service that makes international calling possible and easy on the budget. With such a service, you can get international toll free numbers (ITFN) for different countries across the globe. Customers from within those countries can call your ITFN for free while incoming calls route to a number or line of your choice, anywhere in the world and on any device.

This is the main reason why most modern and international businesses are using an ITFS provider to establish a strong international presence. International calling can be expensive, which is why new and small businesses stick to local clientele only. However, with ITFNs, even a small business can go global without incurring a tremendous increase in their expenses.

Try international toll free services risk free

Reasons to Consider an International Toll Free Service

So, why should your business consider subscribing to an international toll free service? Here are a few top reasons.

1. Expand to New Global Markets
An ITFN helps you test out and enter new markets spread across the world. Think your service will do well in Mexico but are not sure? Get a Mexico toll free number and conduct market research. Run small-scale campaigns or surveys and study how potential customers respond to your product. Then, you can decide whether to further invest in this country or try a different one.

2. Extend Sales Operations to New Countries
Once you are sure you want to extend operations to a new market, you can start small. With ITFNs, you do not need to immediately open field offices to offer sales and customer support services. Start by getting a toll free number and creating a local virtual presence. All incoming calls will route to your original office, wherever it is located. Later, as your business grows in that country or region, you can run a small office with remote and local employees.

3. Offer International Customer Support
An international toll free service will let you provide international customer support to all clients located across the world. You can have calls sent to your main office, home office, or remote agents spread the world over. This way, you can offer support during different time zones and in different languages as well. Customers who can quickly connect with a business at a time convenient to them will remain more loyal.

4. Build a Reputation as an International Business
Use an international toll free number to generate sales and provide support across the world. And by doing so, you can establish your business as an international one. This will only help increase brand visibility and awareness, all of which are important to keep sales growing.

5. Increase Credibility and Reliability
For years toll free numbers have been associated with well-established and large corporations. Getting an international toll free service can help you develop a credible reputation in more than one country. By remaining accessible and easily reachable, you become a business that is reliable and trustworthy. Your customers know that they can reach you quickly no matter what and that will make them want to continue doing business with you.

6. Offer 24/7 Multichannel Customer Service
An ITFS provider like United World Telecom does not only offer a reliable toll free service but also gives you access to communication features that will boost sales and customer service. You can offer 24/7 customer service by:

  • Using our IVR technology to provide quick answers or troubleshooting solutions
  • Forwarding calls to multiple locations simultaneously or during specific hours
  • Offering support in local languages and time zones
  • Using voicemail and SMS services
  • Using our CallMe Click feature that lets web visitors put in their contact information to receive a call back from your business immediately, and more

Being able to provide customer support around the clock goes a long way in retaining valuable clientele.

7. Be Flexible and Mobile
Lastly, your business can remain flexible and portable. Take your business with you wherever you go, set-up offices in different locations, and offer remote-working opportunities. Remote working has become increasingly favorable and being able to offer this option to employees can positively impact productivity.

What is ITFS

Choosing an ITFS Provider

Think an international toll free service can boost your international sales? The next step is to find the right ITFS provider. Here are a few factors you must consider when looking for the right provider.

1. Reliable Service
How long have they been in business and what are current customers saying about their services? Looking up the company’s history and customer reviews can be helpful in determining how reliable their service is.

2. Wide Range of Plans
Do they offer you different business plans? Is there any flexibility or are there only long-term contracts that are hard to get out of? This is important to consider as subscribers sometimes want to change plans because the process is not working out. If your provider has a strict long-term contract policy or high cancellation fees, then you may want to find a different one.

3. Variety of Communication Features Included
Besides forwarding calls from international clientele to your desired phone, you can also take advantage of enhanced business communication features. For instance, United World Telecom offers the following features with our virtual phone number plans:

When looking for your new international toll free service provider, ensure they have features that you need to build the right business phone system.

4. Easy Access to Customer Support
Finally, you should be able to reach your provider easily and 24/7; whether it is by phone, email, or chat. United World Telecom, for instance, offers 24/7 customer support via phone, email, live chat, and trouble tickets.

Is ITFS Right for You?

If global expansion is on your business to-do list, then an international toll free service is highly recommended. This service will make creating long-distance business connections easier and less expensive. Speak with our global specialists today to see how we can help you!

5 Benefits of International Toll Free Numbers

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Are international toll free numbers worth it? What benefits can they bring to your business? In this post, we will explain the top 5 benefits of an international toll free number and how ITFN can improve your company’s sales and customer support efforts.

Why Your Business Needs International Toll Free Numbers

An international toll free number is a phone number that can be dialed for free from within their designated country. These calls are then forwarded to another country where the business is located. You can make and answer calls for this number from any location and any device.

For example, a business located in the United States can get toll free numbers for different countries such as UK toll free numbers or Singapore toll free numbers. Callers from within the UK or Singapore can call this toll free number for free. And incoming calls are routed to the business’ office in the US or your smartphone or home office.

Getting an ITFN can greatly boost your international communications and present you with multiple opportunities for growth and expansion. Here are 5 benefits of international toll free numbers.

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1. Global Expansion

With ITFNs, you can expand internationally to many of the world’s 195 countries. Whether you want to target Asia, the MENA region, the UK, or the Australian continent, you can create a local presence in any of these countries with the help of international toll free numbers.

According to Velocity Global, about 53% of businesses are pursuing global expansion upon receiving investments in 2020. Industries that are entering local markets and making waves are Tech, SaaS, Big Data, and Agtech industries. And the main reason why these businesses look for new markets is to expand their customer base and develop better efficiencies.

2. Reduce Operating Costs

With international numbers, as a business manager or owner, you may even consider outsourcing certain tasks to lower-wage countries. Most businesses outsource customer support, telemarketing and sales needs, IT support, troubleshooting, and more.

Outsourcing is becoming more common thanks to cloud technology. In fact, about 93% of organizations consider or adopt cloud technology to improve outsourcing. In fact, a third of all organizations claimed they were willing to increase operating costs for access to the cloud.

You can get services from these areas without opening field offices in the vicinity. This way, you can reduce operating costs while keeping your business afloat.

3. Branding & Credibility

With international toll free numbers, you can easily and quickly set up global communication and marketing. You can communicate to customers in other countries that your company is large and well-established. Market your business as a global one that offers quick and reliable service. All of this can greatly impact the way potential customers see and interact with your business, increasing sales and growth.

4. Increase Customer Satisfaction

An important aspect of running any type of business is offering excellent customer service that will result in high customer satisfaction rates. With toll free numbers, you can provide a toll free hotline for sales or customer support that customers can call for free from different parts of the world. You may also set-up 24/7 customer support by forwarding calls to offices in different time zones. These tactics can help you offer better service, become more accessible to your customers, and thereby improve customer satisfaction.

5. Measure & Improve Performance

Lastly, you can use phone call tracking to analyze global marketing and sales campaigns. You can purchase multiple ITFNs and track incoming calls from target areas. Where and how are customers interacting with your brand? Which geographic location or demographic group is responding better to your product? Where are sales failing and why? These are a few parameters you can use to improve performance and achieve desired results.

Where Can I Get International Toll Free Numbers?

United World Telecom is a trusted provider of international toll free numbers. We offer numbers from more than 160 countries across the globe. Our international toll free numbers ensure that you receive calls while maintaining call quality and reducing international calling rates. Sign up for a new number today on our homepage or call us to learn more!

6 Reasons to Change Your Toll Free Number Provider

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Wondering if your toll free number provider is the best that’s out there? Here are 6 reasons you may want to consider switching your toll free number provider for a better option.

6 Reasons to Change Your Toll Free Number Provider

Your toll free number provider determines how customers interact with your brand. Whether it is through quick and high-quality communication or with the help of advanced technology such as hosted call recording and cloud IVR. Therefore, you must be sure that your current provider is the best that is out there and serves your needs effectively. Here are 6 factors to consider when evaluating your current toll free number provider.

  1. Support
  2. Call quality and reliability
  3. Access to cloud communications
  4. Cost and calling rates
  5. Access to advanced communication features
  6. Long-term contracts or high cancellation fees

1. Lack of Customer Support

Is your current toll free number provider accessible and easily reachable? A business phone number provider needs to offer multichannel and 24/7 support so you can connect with them easily in case of an emergency. Additionally, you need to be able to talk to a real person as opposed to an automated response, especially in regard to urgent issues. Lack of customer support is a leading cause behind businesses switching providers (phone numbers or otherwise).

2. Low Voice Quality

Another reason why you may want to switch to a new toll free number provider is if your current toll free number has poor quality. Most toll free service providers offer a call forwarding service through which your incoming calls are routed. However, if the audio is not high-quality, your calls will be interrupted and dropped. Customers usually have a bad impression of businesses that don’t take care of their communication system. Dropped calls or bad call quality can hinder good customer service.

3. Desire to Use Cloud Communications

Are you ready to get a virtual cloud phone system for your business? Virtual phone systems let you move your PBX system to the cloud. Hosted VoIP services offer you all the benefits of a virtual phone system without the bother of purchasing and maintaining expensive hardware or hiring an experienced IT team. Cloud phone systems can upgrade your existing toll free number system without tremendously increasing your cost of operations.

4. High Costs and Calling Rates

Do you want a plan with more comfortable rates? With advancements in telecom, a lot of virtual communication providers are able to offer common features such as call forwarding, IVR, hosted call recording, and so on. However, plan costs and calling rates may still differ. Don’t settle for a plan that goes beyond your budget with extensive calling rates.

5. Need for Advanced Communication Features

Also, don’t settle for mediocre business communication features. You have the opportunity to create the ideal business phone system along with your toll free number. Take advantage of what toll free providers have to offer. Look for premium services that can not only create channels of communication but those which can also help you track and measure performance. Features and services to consider strongly include:

  • Call forwarding and routing options
  • International call forwarding
  • Cloud IVR
  • Multiple extensions
  • SIP trunking
  • Outbound calling (with dynamic caller ID)
  • Inbound/outbound call recording software, and more

6. Don’t Want to be Locked in Contracts

Lastly, any toll free number provider worth their salt won’t ask you to make a long-term commitment or offer up high cancellation fees. You should be comfortable with your provider and if need be, get out and find another easily. United World Telecom, for example, does not require you to sign a contract, make a commitment, or pay any cancellation fees. We believe our excellent service speaks for itself. If your current provider has too many restrictions that make it hard to leave, then look for one that makes working with the service easier.

Consider United World Telecom

United World Telecom has been a reliable international toll free number provider for years and continues to offer high-quality communications to businesses across the world. You can get international toll free numbers for over 160 countries across the world, all while taking advantage of our excellent variety of communication features. To learn more about what we have to offer, chat with us, or call us today!

Local Numbers vs Toll Free Numbers: Which Does Your Business Need?

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A company’s business phone number is an important element of running a business. This is usually the first mode of contact between a customer or prospect and the company. Therefore, it is in your best interest to make it easy and convenient for them to reach your customer service or sales teams. When choosing a new business number, the most common choices are local numbers or toll free numbers. Here, we will help you decide which is better for your specific needs.

Local Phone Numbers vs. Toll Free Numbers

Virtual phone service providers like United World Telecom offer a variety of telephone numbers to choose from. We offer toll free, international, local, vanity, and universal toll free numbers. Each of these number types has a distinct use and purpose. But which type of business number is more suited for your company depends on what you are trying to achieve with this number. Read on for the differences and how they can benefit your business.

What is a Local Number?

Local numbers are phone numbers assigned to specific areas such as a state, city, or region. These numbers are unique to these areas and have area codes to distinguish them. For example, one New Jersey area code is 201, Orlando in Florida is 407, and so on. Individuals calling these numbers pay local calling charges as issued by their providers.

Having a local number as your contact number makes your company accessible in a different location. For example, even if your business is based in Seattle, you could get a Texas virtual local number and provide an inexpensive way for individuals in Texas to call you. Virtual local numbers make it possible for your business to be virtually present in multiple locations without having to relocate. This way, you can provide customer service and support to more customers beyond your immediate location.

What are Toll Free Numbers?

Toll free numbers are not assigned to specific local areas such as cities or states. And so, receivers are not aware of the exact location of the business they are calling. However, the reason why these numbers are so popular is that they are free to call. Instead of charging the caller, toll free calls are charged to the receiver (the business).

These numbers have a distinct three-digit code at the beginning to separate them from other phone numbers. For example, the US has 800, 888, 877, and so on, while the UK has 0800 and 0808. Medium-sized businesses and large corporations generally have a toll free number to encourage customers to call by providing them a free calling method.

In fact, many companies get international toll free numbers (ITFN) for different countries where they want to provide customer service. Individuals from these locations will be able to call your company for free. And incoming calls are routed through an international call forwarding service to any number of your choice. Your business will appear as closer in proximity than it actually is.

Choosing Between Local Numbers and Toll Free Numbers

Local numbers will help you establish and maintain a local presence in multiple locations. Local numbers can receive calls from outside their origination country and some mobile networks. However, callers will be charged a local calling fee, as determined by their provider. On the other hand, toll free numbers create a free way for interested individuals to connect with your business. Unfortunately, toll free numbers cannot be reached from outside of their origination country.

However, with both local and toll free numbers, your business can:

  • Forward incoming calls to numbers or lines of your choice
  • Expand your business internationally
  • Extend customer service and support to customers across the globe
  • Use advanced virtual calling features such as call recording, SMS forwarding, and more

So the question remains, what do you want to achieve with your business phone number? Consider these questions:

  1. Do you want to set up multiple “virtual offices” in various locations?
  2. Are you a local, national, or international company? In other words, do you want to cater to all states and regions within one country or expand services to other countries?

Toll free numbers are more suitable for medium-large sized businesses while local numbers can help start-ups and small business scale as needed. You may even consider experimenting with both by purchasing a few of each and studying the results.

Get Local and Toll Free Numbers from United World Telecom

Get a local phone number for any region or state you want to target by signing up on our homepage. If toll free numbers seem a more suitable option, you can purchase one through our homepage by selecting the country and prefix you want.

Six of the Best Toll Free Numbers (And Other Funny Numbers)

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Who says business numbers must be strictly serious? Your number can be an opportunity for displaying creativity to attract customer attention. Here we will look at how some companies have used their toll free numbers in exciting ways to draw customers to their businesses.

Creative Uses of Toll Free Numbers

Businesses continue to demand toll free numbers for a simple reason: they work. They are very helpful in bringing customers to a business and they add a subtle layer of professionalism. And, the effects are even more profound when you use vanity toll free numbers.

Vanity numbers insert patterns or letters within the number itself to make it stand out from other numbers. Here’s an opportunity for businesses to insert their name or a feature associated with their business. And it makes for a great way to market your business as well because these numbers are easy to recognize and remember. We have compiled some of (what we think are) the best toll free numbers out there; here’s a look!

Six Best Toll Free Numbers

1. 1-800-GO-FEDEX — FedEx, the go-to multinational delivery service’s contact uses a vanity toll free number with its name inserted in it.

2. 1-800-HURT-NOW — a toll free line for personal injury attorneys. Calling this number can help you get connected with a personal injury attorney best suited for your case.

3. 1-800-THRIFTY — Thrifty Car Rental’s customer service for online reservation help. Interestingly, their other toll free contact number is 1-800-FOR-CARS.

4. 800-GIANT-MEN — The Gentle Giant Moving Company inserts its name creatively in its business number to market its brand, emphasizing that they are giants of moving.

5. 1-800-DOG-POOP — This pooper scooper service’s vanity toll free number immediately grabs your attention!

6. 1-800-GOT-JUNK? — You must have seen this vanity number displayed on vans and billboards across the street. This is a toll free number for the world’s largest junk removal service.

Other Popular Toll Free Numbers

Besides the above, here are some other common toll free numbers that you may have used from time to time:

  • 888-BBT-ONLINE
  • 1-800-WALGREENS
  • 1-800-CALL-LEE
  • 1-800-FLOWERS
  • 1-800-TAXI-USA
  • 1-888-BEST-BUY
  • 1-800-T-MOBILE
  • 1-888-SANDALS, and there are many more

Funny Phone Numbers

If your business wants to really grab the attention of potential customers, there is nothing quite like humor to hook them in. Many companies have taken a clever spin on vanity numbers, using just their phone number to create a fun, memorable, positive experience for customers. Now for some examples of the funniest business numbers:

  • 800-IGo-HoJo — Howard Johnson’s
  • 800-9CAKE90 — Piece of Cake Inc
  • 800-FIT-IS-IT — Jazzercise Dance Fitness Program

Vanity Numbers for Your Business

Vanity toll free numbers are excellent tools for businesses to consider. They can be highly versatile, offering beneficial features for marketing endeavors, connecting with customers, and adding a further level of reassurance. A business number that stands out from the crowd as a notable, memorable number is always a good thing; why not place your business ahead of the competition with additional credibility? If your business is aiming to make an impact with clever marketing, there are endless possibilities when using a vanity number.

Vanity Toll Free Numbers with United World Telecom

Are you interested in purchasing a toll free number or vanity toll free number for your business? Our inventory is highly inclusive, so if you are searching for a particular type of toll free number, we may be able to assist you. United World Telecom offers toll free numbers in more than 160 countries across the world. To find out how we can help you get more customer calls and drive up sales, call us today at 1 (877) 898 8646.

Comparing Phone Number Providers in Saudi Arabia

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Looking for a new provider to purchase a Saudi Arabia toll-free phone number for your business? We have compiled a list of providers that you should consider before you make a decision.

Saudi Arabia Toll-Free Phone Number Providers

When deciding which KSA toll-free phone number provider to go with, one must consider a variety of factors. These factors include coverage range, provider’s credibility, pricing structure, additional fees, and ease of use. We will look at different Saudi Arabia toll-free phone number providers and compare them so that you can make an informed decision.

*Please note that prices mentioned in this article are current prices as of January 15th, 2024, and are subject to changes and tax inclusions.

Saudi Telecom Company (STC)

Founded in 1998, STC is a company offering various information and communication tech (ICT) solutions, and mobile, and digital services for unified communications nationally and regionally in Saudi Arabia. STC has the largest market share of all telecom companies in Saudi Arabia.

What they offer:

  • 800 toll-free numbers
  • Universal Access Number (UAN) 9200
  • Voicemail
  • SIP trunk service
  • Audio conferencing service
  • Interactive voice response (IVR)
  • Call transfer


Monthly fee: 35 SAR = $9.33
Installation fee: 200 SAR = $53.33

How to get started:

Provide your contact details on their business website to receive more information about their services and to get started on purchasing your Saudi Arabia toll-free phone number.

Integrated Telecom (ITC)

Since 2005, ITC has been a telecom provider offering broadband, interconnection, and satellite services to Saudi businesses. ITC offers a Business Trunk service which includes a session initiation protocol (SIP) trunk service along with a Saudi Arabia toll-free phone number, UAN, or a vanity number. Furthermore, the service is integrated with voice over internet protocol (VoIP) features such as IP PBX.

What they offer:

  • Toll-Free numbers
  • UAN 9200 number
  • SIP Trunk with a specified number of channels as needed
  • Vanity Number (Optional)
  • IP PBX system (customer provided)
  • HD voice and video calls
  • Service delivered over Ethernet


Individual consultation to determine business needs.

How to get started:

It is not an easy sign-up process but they do offer a free consultation through their website. Contact customer service to get started on purchasing your KSA toll-free phone number.

GO Telecom

Etihad Atheeb Telecommunications Co, also known as GO Telecom, is a fixed-line operator in Saudi Arabia. They offer business phone solutions such as Saudi Arabia toll-free phone numbers, Direct Inward Dial Numbers (DIDs), and Direct Outward Dial (DOD) numbers.

What they offer:

  • 800 toll-free numbers
  • UAN 9200 number
  • Multiple SIP trunk lines based on your needs
  • IP PBX


Monthly fee: 30 SAR = $7.97
Installation fee: 150 SAR = $39.87

How to get started:

No online sign-up process is available. Call or email customer service to get your Saudi Arabia toll-free phone number.

United World Telecom

United World Telecom has been a provider of virtual communication solutions since 1996. They offer local, international, and toll-free numbers for more than 160 countries across the globe. In addition, they also provide advanced virtual communication features that enhance internal and external business communication. Their key advantage over local providers is their ability to forward calls internationally, more competitive pricing, responsive support, and added flexibility with no long-term contracts.

What they offer:

  • Toll-free numbers
  • Different pricing plans
  • Call recording
  • Call forwarding
  • Unlimited Extensions
  • Advanced IVR/PBX
  • Call Transfer
  • Select Country and Time of Day Routing
  • Outbound Calling with Customizable Caller ID
  • Inbound SMS plan
  • Can be used internationally


United World Telecom has 5 different plans based on your business size and the number of minutes needed. Additionally, there are no set-up or installation fees and no long-term contracts. These prices are for their KSA toll-free numbers with mobile accessibility.

Basic Value Power Premium Enterprise
Price 68.95 / month 158.95 / month 258.95 / month 358.95 / month 558.95 / month
Monthly Minutes 72 412 805 1,197 2,086

How to get started:

The sign-up process for a Saudi Arabia toll-free phone number from United World Telecom is quick and easy. You can sign up online through our homepage, and purchase your new toll-free number.

Choosing the Right Provider for Your Needs

Based on your requirements and how you want to set up your business communication system, pick a provider that fits your needs and your budget. Consider these questions: do you want a provider with additional benefits or simply a toll-free number? How many features would you like to use? Should your number be accessible internationally? And so on.

To purchase a Saudi Arabia toll-free number from United World Telecom, sign up on our homepage or call us at 1 (877) 898 8646 for more information.