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Why Your Current Phone Marketing Strategy Isn’t Working

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So, you’ve managed to set up a foolproof phone marketing campaign. The lines are open, your staff is waiting, and the only thing to do is wait for the calls to roll in.

The only problem is that it is not working. Why?

Phone Marketing for your Business

In this article, we’ll cover why your current phone marketing strategy isn’t working and how to fix it. We will cover the following points:

  • Employees do not have proper training and equipment
  • Your offers aren’t compelling enough
  • Customers can’t (and won’t) reach you
  • Embracing automation as the future of marketing

Employees Are Not Properly Trained and Equipped

Sometimes, your organization’s successes and failures come down to how experienced your staff is at phone marketing. Whether you’re making outbound cold calls or processing inbound ones, if things aren’t working, it may mean your employees aren’t up to snuff.

Most notably, there is no single reason for poorly-performing employees. Some people just aren’t suited for over-the-phone marketing. Perhaps they may have introverted qualities that make them more suited to “back of the house” operations. Additionally, others need commission-based incentives to make a real effort.

Along these lines, there’s also the failure fn the organization to take responsibility for how their staff performs. For instance, some organizations don’t take the time to bring their employees up to speed and ensure that they know how to use their devices. Luckily, United World Telecom’s virtual phone services work with any audio and Internet-equipped devices to communicate with leads. This means that your employees can use their own devices (if permitted), as this is what they’re most familiar with. This makes cell phone marketing a possibility for both staff on your premises and those working remotely. Employees are thus more comfortable and better able to communicate.

Why Your Current Phone Marketing Strategy Isn’t Working
Source: Lic#163072464 ID#206387476

Your Offers Aren’t Compelling Enough

Cell phone marketing captures a waiting audience that is accessible around the clock. Considering most people have a smartphone within reach, you just need to create a compelling offer that motivates them to make a move. In other words, you must be compelling.

United World Telecom offers a variety of ways to get the attention you deserve. One way is by using vanity numbers as a way of garnering attention. Simply put, a vanity number is a phone number with a visually-appealing and memorable series of digits. Tying this into your phone marketing campaigns (such as billboard advertisements, radio ads, and more), customers will remember your brand AND how to contact your business (which is certainly a win-win).

Customers Can’t (and Won’t) Reach You

You may have the most carefully crafted marketing campaign, but it is useless if customers can’t reach you. Thanks to United World Telecom, your customers can reach you no matter where in the world they’re calling from. Virtual phone numbers can be purchased in various target markets, which means:

  • No long-distance fees
  • No service blockages by a foreign network provider
  • Ease of localization efforts

How You Can Make Improvements in Phone Marketing

The last point is crucial, as customers don’t want to reach out to a business in another country versus one that is perceived as doing business domestically. By subscribing to an Ireland Virtual Phone Number, for instance, you can penetrate Irish markets and open up lines of communication that would otherwise be ignored.

Bridging the Digital Divide

Let’s be honest: people can be lazy. In order to reach customers, you have to streamline how customers can take in your advertising and then take action. CallMe Click is one such add-on from United World Telecom that translates from a passive experience to an active, motivated one. By equipping your website and advertising material with CallMe Click, it only takes a tap of the screen or a click of the mouse to convert on your marketing campaigns.

* * *


In conclusion, United World Telecom offers a wide variety of methods to enhance your marketing strategies. By using these methods and many more, your marketing dollars can convert directly into increased revenue.

Quality Assurance vs Quality Control: Improving Support Calls in Business

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Are you looking to improve the quality of support calls for your business? If so, we’ll cover a number of topics to do so in this article, including:

  • The difference between quality assurance and quality control
  • Using quality assurance to improve support calls in business
  • Using quality control to improve support calls in business

The Difference Between Quality Assurance vs Quality Control

First, there’s a big distinction when it comes to the definitions of Quality Assurance Vs Quality Control in support calls. Quality assurance is process-oriented, which focuses on preventing defects and errors in support calls. Quality control, on the other hand, is product-oriented and focuses on identifying defects.

Still confused? If so, the easier distinction between the two is that quality assurance is what happens before rolling out your customer support. This includes training programs and equipping your staff with functional hardware/software. Quality control is a way of refining your process. This includes debugging and streamlining how your staff delegates problems to different technicians. As a result, you can see that they’re both related to providing support to your customers.

Of course, this begs the question: How do you improve support calls specifically?

Quality Assurance vs Quality Control: Improving Support Calls in Business
Source: Lic#163064672 ID#10302425

Quality Assurance Vs Quality Control: Using Quality Assurance to Improve Support Calls in Business

As mentioned, training goes a long way in improving support calls. Those in charge of training employees and new hires must thoroughly understand company policies and protocols. If, for example, a customer calls needing support for their non-functioning device, is there a strategy for handling the call? During the call, your staff discovers the reason for the malfunction is that service was cut off due to non-payment. The phone support staff must know these calls require forwarding to the billing department, not the IT department. This can make your phone communication more optimized, as there’s less time spent transferring calls. This, in turn, is the epitome of quality assurance. All measures of support are in place before the calls come in, ensuring they are handled appropriately.

United World Telecom makes this easy by providing a number of functionalities to upgrade support calls. By setting up a PBX directory (short for Private Branch Exchange), inbound callers can self-select which department they need to contact. Or, inbound calls can automatically reroute to the appropriate department based on their phone number and/or customer identification numbers.

Quality Assurance Vs Quality Control: Using Quality Control to Improve Support Calls in Business

Similarly, when it comes to improving quality control for direct support calls, United World Telecom offers “call recording.” As the name implies, inbound calls are recorded and stored for later use. During the training process, your business can use examples of successful calls and error-laden ones to educate your trainees on what they should do when in the field.

Also, call recording can improve quality control by verifying the service of a particular employee. Suppose your managers review an employee’s support call, only to find out that they were giving redundant information, easily accessible online or through your directory system. By learning from these calls, you can improve the quality of inbound calls, redirecting callers immediately to information by using another popular add-on from United World Telecom called IVR.

Short for Integrated Voice Response, IVR enables callers to use voice commands to access staff, departments, and information. As an example, suppose that you automate a greeting: “Please state why you are calling today. For instance, for access to tech support, say ‘tech support’.” You can then automatically redirect callers to the appropriate department, reducing call times for efficiency and causing less frustration all around.

In Closing

As you can see, we are just scratching the surface when it comes to improving quality assurance and quality control in your business. Above all, these measures should be in place to ensure your phone staff offers the highest level of customer service. With the right tools, your business will have no problems ensuring optimal communication. Contact United World Telecom today to speak with a telecom expert to optimize your business’ support calls today.

Sales Management: Building a Global Call Center Sales Team

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A sales team functions as the core of any sales-oriented business. In order to have a successful sales team, the business must have a focused and effective sales management system in place. Similarly, management systems include systems and metrics to track sales. The sales management plan should also include follow up and periodic reviews. Above all, these components are necessary for a sales team to grow and thrive in a consistent manner.

What is Sales Management?

Sales management involves developing a sales force, coordinating various sales operations, and putting sales techniques in place. Therefore, the ultimate goal of sales management is to allow an organization to consistently meet and surpass sales targets. So, for any business that brings in revenue, a sales management strategy is extremely important.

Sales Management Processes

Research shows a clear split between organizations that establish well-defined sales management processes and those that don’t. A few of the most critical sales management processes include systematic hiring, coaching the sales force, business planning, establishment of common goals, and performance management.

  • Systematic Hiring: It is extremely important to hire top-level sales staff. An effective hiring process includes methods to examine whether a candidate is fit for the position from many different angles. Using the same list of questions for interviews allows for a systematic and focused process.
  • Coaching: This is the number one activity that drives sales. Companies that have a well-understood coaching program in place consistently outperform those that do not.
    Business Planning: Business planning at the sales manager level means identifying key customers within the region and creating customer plans accordingly. Business planning allows for better targeting of sales efforts.
  • Common Goals: A sales manager makes sure the sales team aligns with the company goals.
  • Performance Management: Setting objectives and reviewing performance, both periodically and annually, is imperative. Figuring out how the organization will deal with non-performance is also key.
Source: Lic#161514956 ID#8771371

Running the Call Center

Many organizations find that allowing their call center specialists to work from home is a win-win for everyone involved. This allows the staff flexibility and allows the organization significant cost-savings.

Taking the Call Center Global

Particularly when forming a global call center, allowing for sales staff to work remotely is typically the best option. A business owner with a well-trained, knowledgeable staff that is familiar with the company policies and the product or service they sell can operate a call center from anywhere.

What is a Virtual Number?

A virtual phone number is a number that works through the use of the Internet versus the use of a hard-wired phone line. Virtual phone numbers offer many benefits. For instance, they give business owners flexibility and mobility unmatched by traditional phone lines. Calls made to virtual phone numbers automatically forward to any phone number, depending on the changing needs of a business. Virtual phone numbers also allow for a business to meet global needs, such as offering services in various time zones.

How Do I Get a Virtual Number For My Business?

Getting a virtual phone number for your business is simple. With a simple search, you will see that various providers offer virtual phone numbers. Therefore, it is important to go with a provider that has experience and a reputation for offering a great product along with excellent customer service. United World Telecom has been offering global communications solutions to businesses for over two decades. Along these lines, UWT also offers many features and virtual numbers in over 150 countries worldwide.

“Success is the sum of small efforts repeated day in and day out.”

When focusing on sales management and building a successful global call center sales team, careful planning must take place. Above all, with proper systems employed and everyone on the same page, an organization is well prepared to take the success of the business to great heights.

Is Using a VoIP Phone Service Right for Me?

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So, is VoIP phone service right for you? In this article, we will briefly cover how VoIP service can impact your business and personal life.

Why You Need VoIP Phone Service Reason #1: Professionalism

In business, appearance is everything. One of the main benefits of using VoIP phone numbers is that you gain a professional aesthetic by using them.

Think about the last time that you contacted a high-volume professional organization by phone. Chances are, that call was a toll free number using a VoIP  service. These toll free numbers enable users to automatically route calls around the world instantly — something traditional telecom networks don’t provide.

Businesses that want to extend toll free calling can choose ITFS numbers to accommodate those located abroad. Short for international toll free service numbers, these numbers use a familiar toll free prefix to connect international callers with your business without incurring a fee. UIFN, or Universal International Freephone Numbers, work in a similar fashion, enabling your business to provide toll free calling to two or more countries at once.

Why You Need VoIP Phone Service Reason #2: Efficiency

One common complaint about regular phone service is that businesses lack the ability to easily alter their service. United World Telecom makes this easy with an intuitive interface and dashboard geared towards the ultimate in efficiency. You can make changes in your service and track data analytics in real-time.

For instance, you may want to remove problematic callers from reaching your organization. To do so, simply blacklist the problem numbers. On the flip side, you can whitelist numbers to enable only those calls to go through (perfect for VIP callers).

Why You Need VoIP Phone Service Reason #3: Staying in Touch with International Family & Friends

One of the primary barriers to talking to friends and family by phone is getting around the restrictions of network service providers. Often, this can mean network restrictions, exorbitant long-distance fees, and just a personal preference of those you’re trying to reach. However, VoIP phone service circumvents these problems entirely, giving you a virtual phone number that comes with a familiar country code and region code. In essence, VoIP phone service eliminates even the necessity of dialing outside of a country.

Is Using a VoIP Phone Service Right for Me?
Source: – O#84180868 ID#27446420

Why You Need VoIP Phone Service Reason #4: Virtual Offices

Virtual offices are the way of the future, with many large corporations and startups embracing this lean model of operation. While virtual offices are held primarily online, there still is the need to speak with individuals over the phone to:

  • Clarify information
  • Resolve disputes
  • Provide a more human, personal connection to staff
  • And more

Similarly, using VoIP phone service in conjunction with an online collaboration platform can create an efficient and cohesive office-like environment.

Why You Need VoIP Phone Service Reason #5: Virtual Locations

Similar to virtual offices, virtual locations offer a way to virtualize your business anywhere around the world. Thanks to the instant routing capabilities of virtual phone numbers, your business can create the image of a branch office and interface with locals seamlessly.

Why You Need VoIP Phone Service Reason #6: Expanding Your Business Model

Using voice service can greatly impact how quickly your business scales. Traditionally, in a business environment, it would take a company a vast amount of resources to open up a branch location in another part of the world. However, with the aforementioned virtual model taking precedence in the 21st-century, this is no longer necessary. Instead, businesses are looking to scale down their overheads while also maintaining a human element by phone.

To Conclude

In closing, now you know how VoIP phone service can impact your business and personal life. Therefore, you should have a better grasp of how VoIP Can benefit your communications. To take things further, you can start subscribing with United World Telecom today!

Learning Leadership Skills in the Workplace

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Are you interested in learning leadership? Considering leadership is a highly desirable skill, it’s a priority for those who want greater job opportunities, better work environments, and more. Granted, there are natural leaders who seem to know what to do and when, but the how is universal and can be learned by anyone.

That being said, there’s no better place to learn leadership skills than in the workplace. With the pressure to lead a team to success, learning leadership on the job can yield tangible results. In this article, we will cover the various aspects of learning leadership in the workplace, including:

  • Trial by Fire
  • Improvise | Adapt | Overcome
  • Practice Makes Perfect
  • Understanding Your Team’s Needs

Trial By Fire

Being able to perform under pressure, or a “trial by fire,” is one of the key ways of learning leadership. And no matter what workplace you manage, a certain amount of pressure is inevitable. The trick to managing it is to endure the discomfort to attain the goal. For instance, consider your team’s ability to reliably hit deadlines. Are you capable of dealing with conflict and complaints from your employees?

If you’re able to handle small problems, you gain the confidence to handle larger ones where the stakes are higher. After all, if you have problems correcting a worker on their performance, how can you resolve a company-wide issue that could dissolve the business overnight? Similarly, it’s evident why the phrase “putting out fires” is so prevalent in the workplace. Therefore, when leadership fails, it’s no wonder problems seem to constantly erupt without warning, causing damage spontaneously.

A Technological Example

Even still, would you be able to anticipate these problems beforehand because you’ve been “burned” before? For example, if you’re able to divert inbound calls made to your business during crunch time, you avoid overstressing your available staff. By using one of United World Telecom’s add-ons, such as “time of day routing,” you help your team focus while calls are routed elsewhere.

Learning Leadership Skills in the Workplace
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Improvise | Adapt | Overcome

One motto that the U.S. Marines live by is “Improvise. Adapt. Overcome.” Essentially, this means that leadership skills are never set in stone. The tasks of business leaders include:

  • Creating novel solutions to unforeseen circumstances
  • Modifying those methods as things progress and new issues occur
  • And ultimately bringing resolution to the issue

Therefore, having the ability to expect the unexpected requires the flexibility to devise solutions on the spot.

Using the Right Communication Tools for Precise Leadership

As an example, you may realize that your team is needed for an emergency meeting with a high-priority client. By using “whitelisting,” one of United World Telecom’s features for inbound calls, you can filter only VIPs through as needed. As the situation deescalates, you can modify which team members are needed for direct communication. This enables you to allocate non-critical staff to other needed areas. Once the meeting commences, your team can resume its work for maximum productivity without interruption.

Additionally, you can utilize tools that provide long-term solutions. For instance, you may notice that your team is constantly bombarded with common questions that could be addressed with stock answers. To alleviate the redundancy that can wear out your team, you may want to implement some automation. A directory system (known as a PBX, or Private Branch Exchange) can make this possible for inbound calls. By setting up a PBX, callers can answer their own questions and direct themselves to the appropriate staff as needed. This frees up valuable resources and keeps your employees focused.

Practice Makes Perfect

The only way to learn and retain leadership skills is by exercising them. Consequently, taking on new responsibilities expands your skill set and enables you to familiarize yourself with the unknown. Once you have common problems and scenarios under control, it becomes easier to anticipate the best solutions while learning leadership.

Considering that United World Telecom offers subscribers a wide variety of functions and add-ons, experiment with different usages. For instance, you may want to try out the “simultaneous ringing” feature during non-peak times to see its effect on your staff.

Understanding Your Team’s Needs

In conclusion, learning leadership in the workplace is more about learning the nuances of human nature. Above all, addressing your team’s needs will help make their work easier and more conducive to a productive work environment. Whether by observing or directly asking your team, pay attention to how their performance is affected throughout the workday.

Considering Working Overseas Jobs? Read These Tips

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Working overseas can be an excellent opportunity to experience a different culture and way of living, as well as benefiting your career. Overseas jobs can help you to expand your skillset and eventually become an expert in your field. However, it is not always easy to grow your career with overseas jobs. To help make the transition a bit more smooth, read these tips.

Choosing a Destination

Countries such as the United States, Canada, New Zealand, and Australia are very popular relocation destinations. With that said, the key to choosing a destination is to base it on your personal preferences. Think of your goals as they relate to your career. Also, think of your personality and what kind of environment you would be happy living in.

Securing Overseas Jobs

Flying by the seat of your pants is great when it comes to some things, but when it comes to your career it is best to be more methodical. Therefore, securing a job before you move to another country is a smarter option than waiting until after you move. Most countries aren’t willing to extend work visas unless you already have a job and the employer is on board. Best to be safe rather than sorry when it comes to this, and to avoid any potential visa issues. Some companies even offer relocation packages that handle the visa process for you, so why not aim for that goal?

Considering Working Overseas Jobs Read These Tips
Source: Lic#159544706 ID#229735572

Save Up For Your Move

Relocation can be costly, particularly if you are moving to another country. Even if you are moving somewhere with a lower cost of living, it is smart to have some money set aside. A new landlord will often require a deposit and you may need things you haven’t yet thought of, so it’s best to have a safety net.

To save up, you may want to get a second job and possibly place all earnings in a relocation savings account. If you don’t already have a job, pick up a part-time job and save as much as you can. Though it may be a temporary challenge, it is something that could make your life much easier when you move.

Research the Destination

It is extremely important to take the time to thoroughly research the country you are planning to move to. This will include reading about the local culture and traditions, as well as the country’s history, political matters, and its people. This will ease some of the culture shock and help you better prepare as you deal with any challenges. Go deeper than the surface through your research. This will help you understand the people and your new surroundings much better.

Be Prepared to Embrace Any Cultural Differences

Many people may move to another country and never truly embrace the local culture. They continue doing the same things they did in their native country. One of the primary benefits of taking an overseas job lies in experiencing and embracing the local culture. That means fully immersing yourself in your surroundings. Similarly, eating traditional foods, learning about traditions, taking part in customary events, and other ways of living like a local can be immensely satisfying. You can begin to embrace the culture before you arrive in the new country by reaching out to locals through your job, via social media, connecting with local groups, and having conversations.

Additional Tips For Working Overseas Jobs

There is a lot to think about when you accept a job overseas. Other tips to consider include:

  • Learn about employment rights
  • Learn as much of the language as possible
  • Figure out travel routes to and from your place of employment and other destinations you plan to frequent
  • Plan out communication methods (purchasing a virtual phone number is ideal)

In Closing

The golden rule when considering working overseas jobs is to be prepared. This will help to avoid issues and stress. This will also help to make your transition much smoother and help you to better enjoy the process. Working abroad can be one of the most exciting opportunities for life, your career, and your overall growth as a person. Above all, embracing the opportunity with a clear plan will help you to get the most out of the experience.

SaaS Startup Solutions for Every Niche

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Are you looking for SaaS startup solutions for your business? It seems that Software as a Service is becoming the go-to for budding entrepreneurs across all industries and niches. Every day, new companies emerge, boasting a lean, agile business model built on delivering scalable services for every purpose. However, there are many commonalities across SaaS startups giving new companies a competitive edge right out the gate. Similarly, one of these common elements is virtual phone numbers offered by service providers like United World Telecom.

Solutions for a Multitude of Businesses

It’s important to remember that SaaS is a very broad term that encompasses nearly every conceivable niche. Therefore, in this article, we will take a look at how United World Telecom can enhance your startup’s efforts with:

  • Virtual Offices/Locations
  • Social Media-Based Sales Conversions
  • Providing Customer Support

Virtual Offices/Locations for a SaaS Startup Business

One of the advantages of SaaS businesses is that they are predominantly operated over the Internet to deliver their services, as well as offer customer support. This is where virtual phone numbers bridge the digital divide, offering a humanizing element that doesn’t necessarily need face-to-face communication. Instead of using traditional methods of expansion via branch offices, “virtual offices” and “virtual locations” manage this for SaaS startups. Customers can reach your company by way of virtual phone numbers, which reroute calls instantly anywhere around the world. Consequently, with this functionality, you can customize your virtual office/location to fit your startup’s unique niche and business model.

SaaS Startup
Source: Lic#158415490 ID#6702124

Using the Right Software

Similarly, online collaboration tools like Teamwork, Slack, and Trello have made it easier to execute tasks in remote locations for you SaaS business as needed. For instance, you can hire a subcontractor to provide in-house services to implement your software. So, at the same time, they can act as an agent of your startup. This is perfect for companies that regularly outsource this type of labor or those with agents scattered across the globe. Keeping in touch by phone ensures that everyone can manage and perform the details of each project with constant communication.

Social Media-Based Sales Conversions

Social media is a part of every business type imaginable. And Saas-based startups are using social media more and more to demonstrate how their software can revolutionize their customer’s lives. By including media on platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, you appeal to a wide base of interested customers that can jumpstart your SaaS startup in no time.

Of course, you need to convert these potential leads into actual customers. Virtual phone numbers fulfill this role perfectly, particularly with United World Telecom’s add-on known as “CallMe Click.” As the name implies, when a user clicks on a link for phone number or contact info, a call is instantly initiated to your virtual phone number. This instant connection helps move things along quickly, taking advantage of the moment customers demonstrate interest. After all, in the distraction-heavy world of social media, creating an instantaneous connection to your SaaS company is ideal.

Providing Customer Support for your SaaS Startup

While running a startup often requires juggling many day-to-day tasks, its very easy to lose track of keeping the human element in your SaaS startup. This is why it’s important to have virtual phone numbers for each target market you’re looking to connect with. Building long-term relationships with customers is essential to the longevity of your company. No wants a business treating them as just another number.

For example, by using nationwide toll free numbers, your SaaS startup can circumvent problems with intra-regional and international calls. These problems typically manifest as:

  • Long-distance fees,
  • Service blockages,
  • Or simply the preferences of your customer base to deal with a startup that they perceive as a domestic entity.

Virtual Numbers for Your SaaS Business

Luckily, United World Telecom offers countless phone numbers to add to your arsenal. With an inventory of over 140+ countries and countless cities/regions, you can accommodate your customers’ needs impeccably. This, in turn, leads to more sales conversions for your SaaS startup – no matter which industry you specialize in.

Virtual Phone Numbers for Billboards

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Whether your company is large or small, virtual phone numbers on your billboard ads may be exactly what your business needs. When operating a business, marketing typically plays a big role. Knowing which types of marketing strategies to employ and mapping out the process of when to launch the campaign, how long it should be, and the details of the campaign are other integral parts of the process. Billboard advertising has been around since the mid-1800s, but with advances in technology, it’s more effective than ever. 

Should I Invest in Billboard Advertising?

Billboard advertising is a tried-and-true tool for marketing. They are so commonplace that we may often overlook their usability. However, when planning an advertising strategy, this is an option to consider. 

Benefits of Billboard Advertising for Your Business

Billboard advertising is not only still in-use out of habit. They remain in use due to the results they produce. The fundamental concept behind billboard advertising is still sound, and new technologies have introduced additional ways to use billboards. Some of the benefits of billboard advertising for your business include:

  • Billboard advertising allows for geographically targeted marketing.
  • Simple, clear information on a billboard has a big impact.
  • Repetition drills in messages when people drive or walk by billboards regularly.
  • Strategically placed billboard signs allow you to capture the attention of your audience more directly. These ads are unavoidable and in-your-face, unlike ads on TV, computers, or smartphones.
  • Digital billboards have opened new possibilities for using these innovative marketing tools.

Is Billboard Advertising Only for Large Organizations?

Whether your business is small, local and newly-established, or large and long-established, billboard advertising can be very effective. Using the right messaging and the right location, billboards can work really well for businesses of all sizes. Including those that are just starting out. 

What About Virtual Phone Numbers for Billboards?

Using virtual phone numbers for billboards brings another layer of usability and effectiveness to the table. With virtual phone numbers for billboards, you can use different virtual numbers for each marketing campaign. The purpose of this is to track the effectiveness of each specific campaign. 

Billboards with virtual phone numbers
Source: – O#100005892288 #100186088462

What is a Virtual Phone Number?

Rather than through the use of a traditional hard-wired landline, a virtual phone number works through the use of the Internet. Calls made to virtual phone numbers can be automatically forwarded to a main office line or any other landline or mobile line of your choosing. While this allows for all calls to be answered in one central location, the calls that come through virtual phone numbers can be tracked and recorded for both marketing and training purposes. This allows for you to measure how many calls came through from the billboard ad with a specific virtual phone number. Virtual phone numbers are extremely cost-efficient and, like billboards, they represent a very effective marketing tool. 

What Makes Billboard Advertising Different Than Other Types of Advertising?

Billboards hold a very unique place within the advertising world due to their physical presence. They are not fleeting like a TV commercial, a radio ad, or an Internet ad. Billboards typically stand on the side of the road with a very large and visible message. 

In Closing

There is no single magic solution that will fill all of your organization’s growing and changing marketing needs. With that said, when used correctly, utilizing billboard advertising and virtual phone numbers together can do things that all other methods cannot. If you have a clear message with a call to action that you want to convey to your target audience, then billboards with virtual phone numbers may be exactly what your organization needs. Tracking your campaigns to review results and make modifications is one of the best reasons to have virtual numbers. Contact United World Telecom today to learn more!  

The Challenges of Running a Powerful Sales Team

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If you’re in charge of managing a high-performing sales team, you’re probably aware of the many challenges that you’ll encounter daily. With the hectic pace, the variety of personnel, and quotas to meet, sales management is one of the most difficult occupations.

Managing a Sales Team Effectively

Failure to appropriately tackle these challenges could stymie your company’s efforts from achieving maximum success. You may even experience a less-than-stable work environment. And worst-case scenario, mismanagement can cost you your job.

The following are some of the most common challenges you will encounter as a sales manager. We will then provide tips on how to overcome these challenges effectively.

Sales Team Challenge #1: Attracting and Retaining Talent

Effective sales management is highly dependent on the quality of its personnel. As a manager, you may be experiencing high turnover that hinders your efforts. Or, you may be constantly attracting less than stellar performers. In truth, the best way to attract and retain talent is by setting up incentives and creating a positive work culture.

First, you want to make sure that you’re setting commissions and bonuses at competitive rates. Do some research and try to find the median in your industry’s hiring process – and simply offer more than that. Remember, salespeople are motivated to find better-paying work and stick with companies that help them succeed.

Sales Team
Source: O#23559 ID#100016228275

Sales Team Challenge #2: Time Management with Prioritizing

If there’s one resource you wish you could have more for your sales team, it’s time. Unfortunately, there is only so much manpower to accomplish the many tasks throughout the day. This can be a challenge for managers that always feel like they’re falling behind.

The solution? Try to look for more efficient ways of doing tasks that drain your time. If necessary, run down the list of the day’s events and see where there is room for improvement. Chances are, some activities may be mission-critical, but get left behind in favor of other work. For instance, you may have deadlines that could jeopardize a long-term client versus getting your sales team to follow up on new leads. Both tasks take significant amounts of time. But considering that attracting clients takes 5x the effort than holding on to new ones, the choice is clear.

That’s where prioritizing comes in handy. Prioritizing can often seem like choosing between “impossible” situation after “impossible” situation. However, there are usually tasks that must be done for the greater good and longevity of your sales team.

Sales Team Challenge #3: Inspiring a Competitive Team

It may seem like a contradiction, but having a competitive spirit among your sales team is necessary for a high-functioning company. To do this, you’ll need to coach your sales team through constant incentive and thoughtful comparisons between colleagues. After all, most sales reps go into sales in order to actualize their potential, so it’s your responsibility to foster a positive environment.

You’ll want to highlight top-performers and give them the spotlight, while also showing how up-and-comers are able to attain the same success. Bear in mind that what motivates some will not motivate others, so you’ll want to discover what each rep values. Some may be looking for more flexibility to have time off with their family; others may be looking to make as much money as possible. You’ll want to discover what makes your top reps more successful and see what’s holding back under-performers.

Sales Team Challenge #4: Aligning Your Team with Your Marketing Department

For most organizations, your sales team is separate from your marketing team. Because marketing is responsible for attracting new leads and retaining customers, there may be a disconnect between the two. After all, they’re on the front lines – whereas the marketing department serves as support staff.

As a manager, you should have regular meetings with your company’s marketing team just like you do with your sales team. You’ll want to make sure that your marketing team is united around common goals so that your sales team is better served. For instance, your marketing department may be focusing on social media ads, whereas your demanding better online catalogs for clients to place consistent orders. By ensuring that these goals are aligned, you help avoid miscommunication and wasted effort that doesn’t serve the company.

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Best Prank Hotline Numbers to Trick Family and Friends

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Sometimes, you simply just want to laugh at your friends or family with a silly prank. So, what’s the harm in telling them you’ve changed your number and giving them one of these prank hotline numbers instead?

Whether you’re looking for a harmless way to prank your loved ones or need to provide a fake number to a stranger, there are a few prank hotline numbers you can remember or jot down. This way, you’ll always have these to give out whenever you need a laugh or to escape an awkward situation.

 The Classic Rejection Hotline: (605) 475-6968

This one’s been passed out to unknowing individuals for over a decade. When called, it slowly and calmly explains that the person that gave the caller the number is not interested in pursuing an intimate relationship. So, if a guy or gal seems interested in you and asks for your number but you’d rather not reject them in front of a bar filled with people, give them this number instead.

The Fake Automated Sobriety Test Hotline: 605–475–6958

Trick your friends or family into thinking they can get an automated sobriety test sent straight to their phone! Simply have them call or text this number and they’ll get back statistical information on how “drunk,” “dumb,” or “otherwise” they are according to their fake sobriety test! With over 6 million calls to this number, you’re sure to have a laugh.

Bad Breath Notification Hotline: 605–475–6959

Give someone this number to have the receiving end tell them that they need to brush their teeth! This goofy prank line has over 18 million calls to date. So, there must be many people walking around with bad breath!

Hogwarts Admissions Office Hotline: 605–475–6961

Know a sincere and true Harry Potter fan? Have them call this prank hotline number that leads them to a fantastical Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry admissions office! While we wish this number would tell all muggles that they can be wizards or witches, it’s just a prank number. And sadly, no real Hogwarts has ever been discovered.

The Jury Duty Prank Hotline: 605–475–6965

No one likes jury duty! But having someone tell you that you need to go to jury duty as a prank can only be hilarious. Give this number to someone who hates jury duty and watch the look on their faces as they realize it’s just a prank!

Best Prank Hotline Numbers to Trick Family and Friends
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The How to Keep an Idiot Entertained Hotline: 605–475–6962

While this prank hotline seems a bit harsh, it’s a funny way to make a jab at a friend or family member about their intelligence. So, we don’t recommend giving this number out to just anybody… they must be able to take a joke! If you know someone who likes to laugh at themselves, this is a great number to try.

The It Could Always Suck More Hotline: 605-475-6964

Know someone who’s down in the dumps? Trying to think of a way to get them back to feeling like themselves? This number, when called, tells you that everything could always be worse. It’s a funny way to find motivation and the people you’ll hand this number out to will surely thank you for the insight.

Want to Make Your Own Prank Hotline?

Have your own idea for a prank hotline number? Whether it’s to pass out to someone after a long, bad date or a funny way to prank friends and family members, your idea could come to life. At United World Telecom, we provide all things communication, including your next prank hotline number! Contact us today to learn more about creating your prank number. This way, you can give out your number and prank whoever you want with your own hilarious brilliance!