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What is a Call Page? Call Now Buttons Explained

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Have you ever visited a website, browsed their awesome services, then left because you couldn’t get a hold of them over the phone? In this guide, we talk about how to prevent this with a call page.

What is a Call Page?

A call page, or call now button, is a simple script on your website that enables a button for visitors to request a free callback in under 30 seconds. It is the most effective tool to convert website traffic into sales calls.

More than 90% of visitors to your website will leave without buying anything. What if there was a way for you to convert more of those website visitors into hot leads?

How Does It Work?

There are no advanced programming requirements and no lengthy setup times to put a “call now” button on your website. Call pages work in 4 easy steps:

  1. You add a snippet of HTML code to your website.
  2. A call now button will appear on your website.
  3. A website visitor can click the button to fill out a form and request a free callback.
  4. The callback service first dials your agent and then calls your website visitor to establish a two-way voice connection.

Further customizations can be made down the line, but it’s that simple to offer a call now button on your website!

How to Use a Call Now Button

These are real-world applications that can enhance your business.

  • Small and medium businesses embed a call page into their websites for increased sales
  • Multinational enterprise offers voice calls to isolated countries
  • Call centers offer a call page for support

Top 7 Call Page Benefits

There are many benefits to putting a call now button on your website. Below we discuss some of the advantages of using a call page.

Convert More Website Visitors into Sales Calls

By engaging website visitors when they are most eager to buy, a call page helps websites convert more visitors into sales calls. Offer a free immediate callback option to answer any questions the visitor might have and convert the lead.

Offer a Convenient Way to Communicate

A call widget on your website helps reduce transactional friction by offering a convenient way for potential customers to request a call for free.

Voice is still one of the most preferred methods of business communication. However, many businesspeople will get deterred by having to dial an international phone number because international dialing conventions are confusing and there are usually long-distance fees associated with the call.

Enhance Customer Experience

A call page service helps provide a totally optimized customer experience. By offering your customers free calls back, people will not hesitate to get in contact with your business. A positive experience goes a long way in influencing a buyer’s purchasing decision and degree of happiness.

Reduce Telecom Expenditures

One of the advantages of a call page is that it helps businesses reduce telecom expenses. By initiating calls over the United World Telecom network, users can avoid paying excessive long-distance and international calling fees. There is still a charge for the outbound calls, but the costs are much lower because those calls are made through Voice over IP.

Convert HOT Leads

Leads on your website are most eager to buy your products. One of the advantages of using a call page is that it helps convert more hot leads. Sales will increase overall as more prospects are able to contact your business by phone.

Optimize Marketing Campaigns

What’s the point of spending money to drive website traffic if that traffic isn’t converting? A call page helps optimize various marketing campaigns and increase ROI by converting a higher percentage of visitors into sales calls. This solution helps maximize ROI for efforts related to driving website traffic.

Understand Web Traffic More Deeply

Thanks to the call detail records available, it is possible to analyze web traffic more deeply and understand customer behavior. You will be able to see which phone numbers and countries are being called, duration of the calls, and time of day. Understanding more data helps make important decisions.

6 Tips for Using a Call Widget

When used effectively, a call widget can help you convert up to 110% more website visitors. Here are six helpful tips that will help you generate more leads.

Customize the Popup

The first thing you want to do is alter the colors and texts on your page. It is good to use texts and colors that are consistent with your website and business. This helps ensure a favorable user experience.

Place the Widget on High-Traffic Pages

Depending on the nature of your business, different pages will have higher traffic than others. These are usually important product and service pages.

We recommend that you check which pages have the most traffic on your website and then insert the widget into those pages. This will help optimize conversions on pages with the most volume.

Embed the Widget on Your Home Page

A website’s home page gets more traffic than any other page. It makes sense for this reason to embed the callback widget onto your home page. You want people to see the call page and then reach out to your business.

Connect the Call Page to Your Contact Form

When a website visitor navigates to the contact form, he or she is likely very eager to connect with your business. It is very common, however, for website visitors to be discouraged when they are not able to get in touch with a business.

Implementing a call now button onto your contact form page helps convert more visitors at this crucial step in their customer journey.

Ensure the Widget is Displayed Properly

You spent a lot of time customizing your call page and inserting it into various pages on your website. Now you want to make sure the widget is properly displayed. We recommend checking how it is displayed across desktop and mobile devices across various browsers.

Configure Rules

Rules are important to help manage incoming calls more efficiently. Many companies will use IVR to automate certain rules. It is important to determine which agents should receive calls and at what times they are available. Modifying the black list of countries to disable unwanted destinations is also a good idea.

F A Q | Call Page / Call Back

A call page, or call now button, is a simple script on your website that enables a button for visitors to request a free callback in under 30 seconds

When a website visitor clicks your call now button, they fill out a form to request a free callback. Then, the callback service first dials your agent and then calls your website visitor to establish a two-way voice connection.

You can add a call button to your webpage by simply adding a snippet of HTML code to your website.

There are many benefits to offering a call now button such as increasing conversions, streamlining customer communication, enhancing customer experience, and reducing costs.

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