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1-800 Toll Free Numbers

1-800 toll free numbers are toll free telephone numbers which have a distinctive three-digit code. Callers can dial 1-800 toll free numbers free of charge. The business or individual they are calling will pay the cost of the call. Toll free numbers are designed to allow customers to reach businesses which are not local without them having to pay a long-distance calling charge.

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1-800 toll free numbers are very often used for calling customer call centers because they provide a simple and convenient way for customers to seek help or answers to their questions whenever they need it. Callers who are using their mobile device with a wireless service will still be charged for their call minutes during a 1-800 call unless their plan allows them to make unlimited calls. Some 1 800 numbers are text enabled, which means callers can send an SMS to the number free of charge. If this is the case, the company can also send a text in response.

1-800 and Other Toll Free Codes

These days, not all toll free numbers begin with 1 800; this is because of their popularity. Other toll free codes have been created. These include, 800, 888, 877, 866, 855, and 844. However, although these are all toll free codes, they cannot be interchanged. For example, if you are calling 1 800-FLOWERS and you try 1-888-FLOWERS, you will not be connected with the same company. Calls to 1-800 toll free numbers are directed to a specific telephone number.

How 1-800 Toll Free Numbers Are Assigned

1 800 and other toll free numbers are assigned by bodies known as RespOrgs. These Responsible Organizations assign the numbers as they become available. Some of them also provide toll free calling services. RespOrgs can access a national database which contains information on all toll free numbers including the ones which are still available. If you wish to obtain a 1-800 or another toll free number, you don’t have to contact RespOrg; instead, you may get in touch with a toll free number service provider such as United World Telecom.

The Rules For 1-800 Toll Free Numbers

The rules regarding 1 800 and other toll free numbers are set by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), which is an independent body of the U.S. government. Its purpose is to regulate interstate communications via cable, wire, satellite, television, and radio. The FCC mandates that all 1-800 toll free numbers and other toll-free numbers have to be portable, which means that a subscriber can shift their number to a different RespOrg whenever they choose to change their service provider. The FCC is not in any way involved in the assignment of 1 800 numbers, and the FCC cannot access the toll free number database.

Vanity 1-800 Toll Free Numbers

A vanity number is a 1-800 or other toll free number whose digits spell out a word or a phrase connected to the company who subscribes to it. For example, 1-800-FLOWERS, 1-800-MATTRESS, and 1-800-CONTACTS. Not all vanity numbers have a significant spelling; some have a memorable numeric sequence, such as 1-800- 706-1111 or 1-800-215- 9191.

Toll free vanity numbers are popular because they are easy to remember. Market research shows that not only do vanity numbers add credibility to a company’s name and brand, but they also increase inbound calls related to advertising campaigns and return on investment.

Most people find it very difficult to remember a sequence of random numbers, yet most people find it difficult to forget a vanity number. Vanity 1-800 toll free numbers make it easier for companies to make business referrals and they are specifically valuable for TV and radio advertising because even though a customer may not need the number now, they will remember it when they do need it.

How Do Virtual 1 800 Numbers Work?

At United World Telecom, virtual 1-800 toll free numbers work through a cloud-based network of virtual phone numbers. All calls can be forwarded to the number or numbers of your choice, whether it’s your mobile device, your home phone, your office landline or your customer call center. You can easily change the number that received incoming calls by logging into our easy-to-use online interface, which gives you full access to all of your features wherever you are.

Do you have vanity 1 800 numbers?

At United World Telecom, we can also provide toll free vanity numbers. Contact us, and we will help you find an available vanity number to suit your company.

Do I have to make a long-term commitment?

At United World Telecom you can subscribe to as few or as many 1 800 numbers as you like without signing a contract or making a long-term commitment. If you wish to end your subscription, you can do so without any penalty. You can also port your number to a new service provider, as long as you are paid up to date.

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