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Canada Toll Free Numbers

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Canada is open for business and is very welcoming to foreign investment, as well as business immigrants. Some international business cost studies show that Canada’s business costs are some of the lowest – namely approximately 5 percent lower than those costs related to conducting business in the United States. It has steadily remained one of the best countries for business as far as being very welcoming and profitable across the globe. Are you a non-Canadian business owner interested in conducting business in Canada? Get Canadian toll free numbers to start expanding into this part of the world!

How Do Canada Toll Free Numbers Work?

Canada toll free numbers are cloud-based phone numbers that route calls through the internet. You can use these numbers to forward incoming calls from Canada to your office located anywhere in the world. This means that you can enter the Canadian market without incurring high overhead and location costs. Simply, forward calls from your Canadian prospects and customers to your headquarter or satellite offices, as needed.

How Much Does It Cost?

We offer five different toll free phone number plans. Our pricing is straightforward; there are no hidden fees nor are long term contracts required. Our Canadian toll free numbers start at $12.95 per month. These plans come with included minutes and an additional per-minute rate.

Canadian Phone Number Format

Canadian phone numbers are typically 10-digits long. The Canadian dialing code is (1). The format includes the toll free code and a 7-digit subscriber number: +1 (800 xxx xxxx).

The Canadian toll free number format is +1 (800 xxx xxxx).

Benefits of Canada Toll Free Numbers

  • Establish a toll-free in-country presence in Canada
  • Access a new customer base and demographic
  • Support an existing client base
  • Access to voice and call management features:
    • Interactive voice response (cloud IVR)
    • Advanced routing like time-based, location-based, and simultaneous routing
    • Unlimited extensions
    • SIP trunking
  • Expand your business to Canada with your toll-free number

Doing Business in Canada

Among the competitive advantages that are most notable as related to conducting business in Canada, some of the highlights include:

  • Stability – Canada has a very reliable banking system. For several years, the World Economic Forum has rated Canada’s banking system as the most sound in the world.
  • Highly-Skilled Workforce – Canada has a very highly-educated population and tends to attract many of the best and brightest from all parts of the world.
  • Industry Strengths – Canada’s fiber optics, biopharmaceuticals, and aerospace industries have been recognized for their leadership. The nation also leads in other fields, such as digital gaming, agri-food, and medical devices.
  • Location – Canada is located at the “crossroads” between the North American market and the strengthening economies of Asia.
  • Lifestyle – Known for cleanliness and its progressive society with high standards of living, Canada presents a wonderful place to live, work, and raise one’s family.

How do Canadian Toll Free Numbers Work?

Toll free phone numbers in Canada have the prefixes 1-800, 888, 877, 866, 855, 844, and 833. Canadian people will recognize these numbers as “toll-free”, meaning that calls to these numbers are free. Thus, people in Canada are more likely to contact your business.

You can buy Canadian toll free numbers and use them for your business. This lets you offer your client base a free way to reach you without having to pay for the phone call.

They work through an online portal and are compatible with your existing phone number or PBX. Calls are simply forwarded to your destination of choice. You can manage the number settings and routing through your portal.

An image of a man using his toll-free Canada phone number.
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Don’t underestimate the value of allowing your contacts to reach you via toll free Canada numbers versus only through online chat or email. Communication in person or via telephone still holds a lot of value as far as gaining trust and building brand loyalty. Canadian toll-free numbers are an asset in every way.

Benefits of Doing Business in Canada

Canada also offers businesses well-worth-it R&D tax credits and incentives.

Why does Canada have an appealing and evolving environment for research? Because it has policies that support and encourage innovation, such as sufficient protection for intellectual property, openness to high-skill immigration, transparent government practices, and open competition in the domestic market as it relates to the deployment of communication technologies/ platforms and digital information.

Interested in learning more about doing business in Canada? Check out one of the top resources: the Canadian Trade Commissioner Service website. You can view different Canadian cities, provinces, and territories. Then, choose the desired area to learn more about conducting business there. The website also offers a plethora of information related to various industries in Canada.

One of the first decisions to make when interested in establishing a business in Canada is which type of business to form.

Types include sole proprietorships, partnerships, cooperatives, joint ventures, franchise, and corporations. Most foreign companies opt for operating as a corporation. You will also need to decide whether to operate as a brand or a subsidiary and whether to incorporate provincially or federally. If the business is incorporated federally, there is a level of encouragement to conduct business throughout all of Canada.

Buy Canada Toll Free Numbers Today!

In order to begin contacting the Canadian Trade Commissioner Service and other important resources for information, documents, hiring of staff and more, it is a necessity to have telephone conversations. The purchase and use of Canadian toll free numbers can greatly facilitate this process and help to move things along.

Canada toll-free number start at $12.95 per month with included minutes. You can buy Canadian toll free numbers and use these numbers to test the market during the research and business establishment process as well as after you establish the business. The service is month-to-month with no commitment.

United World Telecom has been providing Canadian toll free numbers and other international toll free numbers to businesses around the world for over 27 years. Want to learn more? Speak with our experts today to discuss the process involved in obtaining your own Canadian toll free numbers.

How to Buy a Canadian Toll Free Number?

You can buy a Canadian phone number from United World Telecom in two ways:

To purchase your numbers online, follow these steps:

  1. Visit our Pricing page.
  2. Select your new number from the left dialog box.
  3. Choose Canada, type of number, prefix, and number available.
  4. Then, enter the necessary information in the right dialog box to have your calls forwarded.
  5. Note: You can forward calls to any location or VoIP/SIP system.
  6. Click on View Rates and choose from our five different plans.
  7. Add premium services, if desired. We offer Call Recording, Outbound Calling, Voicemail Transcription, and Rollover Minutes.
  8. Submit your order and wait for your service to be activated.
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