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UAE Toll Free Numbers

In the United Arab Emirates (UAE), regulations regarding the establishment of business and how business is conducted are shared at both the federal level and the emirate level. There are two ways to do business in the UAE: either through joint partnerships or through a Free Zone.

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Joint partnerships are described as businesses where at least 51 percent of the business is owned by a UAE national. In order to establish a business that is able to sell its products and services freely throughout all of the UAE, the business must be a joint partnership as described here. Forming this type of partnership is the simplest way to establish a business in the United Arab Emirates. All businesses are required to have a license and licensing procedures will vary from Emirate to Emirate. In order to get specific information related to conducting business in a particular Emirate, it is best to contact the individual Chamber of Commerce or that Emirate.

The Chambers of Commerce include:

  • Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry
  • Ajman Chamber of Commerce
  • Abu Dhabi Chamber of Commerce and Industry
  • Ras Al Khaimah Chamber of Commerce and Industry
  • Fujairah Chamber of Commerce and Industry
  • Sharjah Chamber of Commerce and Industry
  • Umm al-Qaiwain

Another way to conduct business in the UAE is by establishing a business entity in one of the numerous UAE Free Trade Zones (FTZs). This may be a good option for some foreign investors and businesses. The primary advantages to conducting business in free zones are:

  • The business owner maintains 100 percent foreign ownership of their business
  • 100 percent export and import exemptions
  • There are no corporate taxes for 15 years and this is renewable for another 15 years
  • No personal income taxes
  • There is 100 percent repatriation of capital and profits
  • The documentation is mostly in English and it is less complicated than the partnership paperwork
  • There is labor recruitment assistance available and additional support services, such as housing and sponsorship

UAE Free Zones

There are currently more than 20,000 companies operating in 21 Free Zones around the UAE. Each Free Zone is governed by an independent Free Zone Authority (FZA) and the FZA is responsible for issuing any necessary Free Trade Zone licenses and helping businesses to establish their business in the Free Zone. Foreign investors can either newly register their company in the form of a Free Zone Establishment (FZE), which is a limited liability company that is governed by rules and regulations of the Free Zone where it is formed, or they can establish a branch/ office of their existing company that is based elsewhere in the UAE or abroad.

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The guidelines for establishing a business in a Free Zone are typically pretty simple and straightforward, so these steps can be completed in a short amount of time, particularly if there are no environmental issues involved. Individual Free Zones may have different requirements, but the overall general steps include: completing a questionnaire from the Free Zone Authority that will be assisting you in assessing your company and what is required of your company, planning documents, license applications, request for electricity, a provisional approval, completing lease agreements, and meeting with the Free Zone Authority to ensure all details are properly completed and finalized.

Some of the industries with the most available opportunities include: materials and supplies, construction services, defense, energy, professional services, some tourism products and services, luxury hotel brands, creative arts and cultural entertainment products, high-end medical service providers, and advanced medical products.

Using UAE Toll Free Numbers to Grow Your Business

Prior to setting up any kind of business, one should be conducting extensive research regarding their new target market. Some of this can be conducted via email and online research, but much of it may very well require telephonic communication. A way to ensure these telephone calls are less costly and the connection is clear, is to invest in UAE toll free numbers. UAE toll free numbers allow you, as the business owner, to offer those in your new market to call you without incurring a charge. Calls made to your UAE toll free numbers can be forwarded to a designated cell phone number or landline of your choice.

UAE 800 Numbers Allow Locals to Call Your Business Toll Free

Having 800 numbers allows you to have virtual space in any country or region of the globe. When you wish to expand your market into UAE, but do not want to dedicate the funds to creating actual office space, creating a virtual office is an appropriate alternative. Callers can call your toll free number for free without worrying about international calling charges. The numbers are familiar to your potential clients so they hesitate less before using them. This can be very advantageous for a business trying to get a foothold in a foreign nation.

Get a UAE Toll Free Number

UAE Toll free numbers are an absolute must for any business that wishes to grow from a local level to an international one. In today’s economy, the broader and more diverse the customer base, the better it may be for your growth and sales.

How Much Does it Cost?

Our UAE toll free number plans start at $28.95 per month. However, we offer 5 different business phone number plans and you can choose one based on budget and monthly calling needs.

How Long Does it Take to Activate?

We have a large inventory of toll free UAE numbers. Once we receive valid know-your-customer documentation from your end, you can activate your number quickly.

UAE Phone Number Format

The UAE toll free business number format begins with the dialing code +971, followed by the toll free prefix (800) and a 7-9-digit number:
+971 (800) xxxxxxx / xxxxxxxxx.

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