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Singapore Toll Free Numbers

Singapore Toll Free Numbers

In this article, we will look at what Singapore toll free phone numbers are, the benefits of using their toll free service, and how to get them from United World Telecom in one of the world’s most sought-after markets, Singapore.

What are Singapore Toll Free Phone Numbers?

Using virtual toll-free numbers makes it easier to do business in Singapore as an international business. In order to attain new customers, a Singapore toll free number can give your business unrestricted access for clients, partners, and customers. Singapore toll free numbers provide customers and contacts with easy access to a business or customer service department, which can be all tied to one phone number (known as the “destination phone number”).

In its most simple terms, a virtual phone number connects callers instantly anywhere around the world. As a product of recent developments in cloud computing (i.e. VoIP), this means that businesses now have access to emerging markets that previously required setting up a physical location in a foreign country. With the advent of virtual offices and virtual locations, businesses can now tap into Singapore, one of the world’s most thriving economies. And using toll free numbers powered by the cloud, your business can extend free calling for your customers with Singapore toll free numbers.

Benefits of using our Singapore Phone Numbers

The benefits of Singapore toll free numbers are numerous based on the potential of this emerging tech. For instance, perhaps your business already has a domestic toll free number. When an international caller dials that phone number, they will be charged as if the call was not toll free. Worse, their service provider may not permit the caller to dial out of their home country. With Singapore toll free numbers, you can circumvent these obstacles entirely. Best of all, our toll free numbers are identical in function and numbering to toll free numbers that are familiar to the citizens and businesses of Singapore.

Professionalism is also a major component of using toll free numbers. As a tech-savvy populace, Singapore respects businesses that offer an authentic phone number to call. For smaller startups and small businesses, using a Singapore toll free number can immediately enable your business to appear larger and business-ready.

And for more sophisticated businesses that want to gain a competitive edge, Singapore virtual phone numbers can be augmented with a number of key add-ons and features. Some of these include “time of day routing,” which routes calls to different destination phone numbers or voicemails depending on the time of day that the call was made. “Call recording” is also another popular addition, which allows businesses to review their customer service and support staff’s interactions with the public. This can yield incredible insights into one’s business, particularly as these can be tracked with United World Telecom’s intuitive dashboard. By comparing analytics and conversion rates, you can increase your ROI for using Singapore toll free numbers. And then there’s “CallMeClick,” a feature that allows you to have one-click calling, particularly geared towards the emerging mobile-only trends forecasted by 2020.

Singapore Toll Free Numbers
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How to Get Singapore Toll Free Phone Numbers

To get toll free numbers from United World Telecom, you want to begin by starting at the home page, There, you’ll find a link to click “Toll Free Phone Numbers,” which brings you to the next webpage.

You’ll notice a number of dropdown menus divided in two categories, starting with “Select Your New Phone Number.” Each dropdown menu is related to your toll free number, so begin by selecting Singapore (+65) as your country code. Then, you’ll be presented with the types of Singapore virtual phone numbers that are available. Because you are looking for toll free numbers, select either Toll Free (mobile accessible) or UIFN (Universal Toll Free) — both are toll free numbers that allow you to contact Singapore without your customers incurring a cost. After that, you can either choose an available Singapore toll free number or be given one upon activation.

Next, you’ll want to input the phone number where calls will be forwarded to, which is known as the “destination phone number.” Enter the country code and remaining digits, and then click “View Rates & Try for Free.” You’ll be presented with a choice of payment plans. Select which one fits your budget, then select the add-ons and features to add to your service. After this, the process is relatively uncomplicated: Enter your contact information (including whether you will use the number for a business or for individual use), payment information, billing information, and end with a review of your order and terms & conditions. Once you’ve submitted your order, a United World Telecom representative will contact you within 24 hours and you can begin using your Singapore virtual telephone numbers immediately.