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How To Get a Toll Free Number

Do you want to learn exactly how to get a toll free number? Have you been considering getting a toll free number for your organization or personal usage? If so, read on to learn more about how to get a toll free number and the simple process that can get you one today!

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What is a Toll Free Number?

If you want to know how to get a toll free number, you should know that it’s a pretty simple process. As you may be aware, a toll free number is a phone number that a subscriber pays for — you, in this case — in order to allow callers and recipients to reach your business without being charged. By extending this amenity to your clients and customers, your business immediately gains a professional appeal that puts it ahead of the competition. And, on a similar note, customers appreciate the fact that your business foots the bill instead of shifting the responsibility to the customer.

With today’s technological developments in cloud computing, toll free numbers are available anywhere in the world for businesses that want to expand their presence. Because modern toll free numbers are powered by the Internet, toll free numbers can be routed to any phone number in the world. This phone number, called a destination phone number, doesn’t have to be a toll free number, which can be a great benefit for new businesses like startups.

However, one catch of toll free numbers is that the “toll free” quality doesn’t work internationally. Due to service restrictions by telecom providers of the individuals or businesses that you want to reach, calls made by international callers may either be charged long-distance fees or blocked outright. Both outcomes aren’t helpful when it comes to doing business internationally. To circumvent this, there are toll free numbers called “ITFS numbers.” Short for “International Toll Free Service numbers,” ITFS numbers enable callers located in different countries to enjoy the toll free aspect of reaching your business.

Features & Add-Ons

There are a number of features and add-ons that can be coupled with toll free numbers that can make them even more versatile. Some potential uses include:

Adding an IVR/PBX-based directory to allow customers the ability to self-select through your company’s departments and key staff members, ultimately making your business more efficient while saving costs on overheads.

Using “call recording” with toll free numbers, your business can back up important conversations with clients, as well as ensuring that quality standards are met for interactions between your employees and the public. Additionally, many international regulatory organizations require calls to be recorded for such industries as finance, banking, and investing.

Simultaneous ringing can help manage the large call-volume that businesses using toll free numbers regularly face. When callers dial a toll free number, multiple phones and/or workstations ring at the same time until the call is answered. This ensures that calls don’t go unanswered and any available employee can process inbound calls.

With “outbound calling,” your business can call potential customers and clients. Best of all, when a caller receives a call from your toll free number, it’ll show up on the recipient’s caller ID with a toll free number that they’re familiar with, which makes it more likely that they’ll pick up the phone to handle important business matters.

So, do you want to learn about how to get a toll free number with United World Telecom?

How to Get a Toll Free Number with United World Telecom

Let’s take a look at the simple steps for how to get a toll free number for your business.

Begin by navigating at

There, you’ll find a number of dropdown menus underneath specific headings. Find “Select Your New Phone Number,” which includes the country that you want your toll free number to be based in. United World Telecom offers phone numbers in over 140+ countries.

Next, select the “Toll Free” as the number type from the next dropdown menu. Depending on which location you choose, you may be able to select a toll free prefix, a mobile-accessible phone number, or other options.

After you’ve selected which type of toll free number you need, you’ll be provided a list of toll free numbers to choose from. For some locations, your toll free number will be provided upon activation.

Now that you’ve selected your number, you need to provide a destination phone number underneath the “Enter Your Destination Number” heading, including the country code, area/region code.

At this point, you can select whether you want a free trial or if you wish, you can go ahead with a paid subscription plan by clicking on the “View Rates & Try for Free” button.

Below, you’ll find 5 different plans to choose from, including “Basic,” “Value,” “Power,” “Premium,” and “Enterprise.”

Next, you can select optional features to add to your toll free number (i.e. call recording, rollover minutes, outbound calling).

After you’ve selected which features you want, you’ll enter your contact information and account type (Business or Personal), verify the Terms and Conditions, and click on “Try for Free” to verify your purchase.

Once you’ve verified the details of your purchase in the online cart, you’ll enter in your payment and billing information, finally clicking on the “Pay and Activate” button to complete your purchase. And that sums up the simple process of how to get a toll free number!