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Expert Tips for Expanding into Australia with Australian Toll Free Numbers

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Australia offers great opportunities for entrepreneurs to expand their businesses. Although it’s on the other side of the world in relation to America, Australia is currently one of the most exciting locations for investors, regardless of their industry. The nation is home to around 24 million people and yet few entrepreneurs realize that it’s one of the world’s most lucrative economies. In fact, it is the 12th largest in the world. So, this gives you a great opportunity for expanding into Australia with Australian toll free numbers. Here are some expert tips on how to choose Australia for your next virtual business expansion.

Source: O#23559 – ID#100002331709

Take Advantage of Cloud Phone Numbers

A cloud phone number, such as an Australian toll free number is a virtual business number that operates through the internet. Unlike standard phone numbers, cloud phone numbers do not require any dedicated hardware or expensive software. Companies who provide virtual Australian toll free numbers route all calls made to the number to the number of your choice. It can be your landline, office phone, cell phone, or VoIP line. You will never miss a call again.

Use Australian Toll Free Numbers For Marketing

This is an easy way to test how successful your marketing campaigns are and how many leads they are pulling in. You simply use a different Australian toll free number for each of your marketing campaigns. For example, one for your website, one for your email marketing, one for your TV marketing, and another for your business cards. Now you can track your calls and see which numbers are bringing in the most new customers.

Don’t Limit Your Types of Virtual Phone Numbers

You don’t have to limit yourself to Australian toll free numbers. When you choose a provider like United World Telecom, you can also choose from Australian virtual local numbers and vanity numbers. This is a great way to boost your brand and show your customers that you have a strong presence in Australia. They won’t even know they are calling a virtual number. All numbers have a local ringback tone, so it will sound just the same as if your customers were calling a neighbor.

Your Business Will Benefit From a Range of Advanced Features

You’ll be glad that you signed up for your Australian toll free numbers with United World Telecom because you also get a suite of advanced features that you won’t find anywhere else. These include:

  • Local ringback tones
  • Rollover minutes
  • Failover forwarding
  • Simultaneous ringing
  • Black and white lists
  • Voicemail to email
  • Fax to email
  • SMS to email
  • Call recording
Stay Portable with an Australian Toll Free Number

The portability of Australian toll free numbers should not be underestimated. Let’s say you want to move your business to a different area than your current location. No problem. You can easily take your toll free numbers with you and your customers will not have to start using a different number. Whether you are moving out of state or across the world, your numbers will stay the same. This means you can maintain the same reliable relationship will all your customers without a problem.

Strengthen Customer Relations

It’s a known fact that toll free numbers can improve customer relations. Why would people want to do business with you if they are unable to get in touch with your company? Whether a customer has an issue with a product, wants to find out more about a service, or is having difficulty making an order, toll free numbers can not only make their life easier, they can also make the customer keep coming back for more. And customer loyalty is a valuable commodity.

The more comfortable your customers feel with your business, the less likely they are to turn to your competitors.

Give Your Company Credibility

Another important aspect of Australian toll free numbers is the fact that they boost your company’s credibility. This is particularly the case if you buy a vanity toll free number. A vanity number can make your company stand out from the rest because it ties in specifically to your brand. It gives your company a professional appearance that will impress customers everywhere.

You’ll Never Miss Another Call

With Australian local and toll free numbers, you can have all your calls routed to the number or numbers of your choice. You can even have calls routed to several different numbers at the same time until someone answers. These options enable you to handle calls from different time zones, so you don’t drop calls and your customers are always satisfied.

Contact United World Telecom today and find out more about how you can use Australian toll free numbers and local and toll free numbers in more than 140 countries to expand your business’s global reach.

10 Things to Know Before Creating a Virtual Presence in Australia

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Expanding your business to a new area, such as Australia, is an exciting venture but it can also be a little overwhelming. On the one hand, you can reach a greater target market, on the other you suddenly have a long list of things to do and pay for.

compass australia map
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If you’re truly passionate about expanding your business venture to Australia, there is a way you can do so and at the same time keep your expenses to a minimum. How? By creating a virtual presence in Australia with virtual telephone numbers. It’s an efficient and affordable way to extend your company Down Under. Here are ten things you need to know to develop a virtual presence in Australia.

  • Do your research: Every country has different laws when it comes to expanding your company, doing business, and paying taxes. Australia is no different. Just because you have a virtual presence in other countries, doesn’t mean it will work the same Down Under. That’s why it’s important to read up on the rules and regulations before you start.
  • Choose your business structure: Even though you are establishing a virtual presence, you need to structure your business very carefully. Important things to consider include how much control you are going to have over this section of your company and how much you are going to delegate to someone else, and also what level of liability you will need.
  • Decide what kind of virtual numbers you need: As well as virtual local numbers, you can also choose Australian toll free virtual numbers. These allow your customers to call you whenever they need to, completely free of charge. There are two main advantages to virtual toll free numbers. One is that they give your customers confidence in the size and reputation of your company. The other is that they garner customer appreciation.
  • Apply for an Australian Business Number (ABN): Even with a virtual presence, you can’t start doing business Down Under without an ABN. An ABN is an 11-digit number which is unique to your company and allows the Australian government to identify you as a business owner. Once you have your ABN, you can register your business name, send invoices, and deal with taxes.
  • Set up your Australian business website: Now you can really get to the meat of promoting your virtual presence in Australia. Once you have secured your business name, you can get a domain. You can use this to reach your target audience, and this is where your virtual phone numbers come into play. Post different ones on your website, social media, business cards, and email marketing campaigns. This way you can track your calls and see which marketing strategies are working the best.
  • Register for the correct taxes: Australian taxes can be complicated and you need to know which ones to register for. This will depend on the goods and services you are providing. It might be a good idea to get some legal advice from a professional so that you don’t have problems down the road.
  • Make the most of social media: You must be prepared to update your social media pages on a daily basis. This shows customers that your business is active. It also gives them other ways to communicate with you and to share information about your business with their friends.
  • Develop an understanding of your client base: Your Australian clients are not the same as your American or Mexican clients. Each target audience has different needs and desires and may also have a different buyer’s journey. It’s important that you get to know them so you can offer them what they want.
  • Start a business blog: This is a great idea, and you can even start it before you launch your business in Australia, to draw more interest and build anticipation. A blog or vlog is a great way to build transparency and increase your social media presence. It also provides a neat space for you to promote your products and services in a subtler way than pure marketing. A blog or vlog can be a great way to swing a doubtful customer into your favor.
  • Be available 24/7: This is why you need virtual Australian phone numbers; so you will never miss a call. Calls can be routed to whichever number or numbers you choose. You can even set rules for certain times of day, so you will be able to deal with different time zones.

Contact United World Telecom today and find out more about creating a virtual presence in Australia with virtual local and toll free numbers. When you call, don’t forget to ask for a free trial. There’s no commitment.

Email Marketing Tip: How to Write Emails that Get Opened

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Keeping in constant contact with your customers is an important part of developing your business. Email marketing can be a wonderful tool for reaching out to your customers and providing them with information about your business like special deals, events, expansion, and more. You’ve probably spent a good amount of time crafting a great email only to check your stats later on and find that the emails you sent out have gone unopened. It is challenging to get people to open up and read your emails when they are constantly inundated with tons of emails. So what’s the secret to getting your emails opened and read? Check out these 12 tips for writing emails that get opened.

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Make it Personal

People receive emails from corporations all the time, so the best way to stand out among them is to mention the person by name instead of calling them a “valued customer” or some other impersonal title. And if you really want to make it special, sign your name at the bottom, that way they know that there is human life at the other end of that message.

Space Out Your Emails

Unless you have something to let your customers know about your business, you won’t need to send out constant emails. Only when there is an actual event or information that a customer would like to know should you be sending out emails. If they receive an email from you every day, that can get really annoying very quickly and you’ll find your “unsubscribe” number reaching new heights.

Reward Your Customers

When a customer opens an email from you, they will be receiving information about your company, but every once in a while you should reward them for opening the emails. This can be done by offering a special discount code or a free gift with purchase. If your customers don’t benefit from opening your emails, they will stop opening them all together.

Write An Appealing Subject Line

Your emails are not going to get opened without catching someone’s eye first. Read on for more tips about writing a great subject line

Add Numbers

Putting a number in your subject line stops skimmers from passing over your email because the human eye will stop to focus when digits are placed in the text.

Make A Promise

Making promises piques curiosity. For example, you can make your subject read something like, “Spin the wheel for an exclusive discount code inside. Get 10, 25, or 50 percent off!” Inside of this email should be a link that will take your customer to the website where you can spin a randomized digital wheel and receive a discount code for the amount you land on.

Keep It Simple

Don’t get overly clever with your subject lines. When something specific and simple is promised, a customer is more likely to open the email. Don’t try to confuse your customers; they want to know what they’re opening before they open it.

Use Your Humanity For Appeal

Your subject lines should get people interested through their emotions, whether that emotion is to save money, a fear of missing out, or a line that evokes curiosity.

Make Your Emails Interesting To Read

Write with enthusiasm: if you’re not excited about what is in the email, what makes you think anyone else will be? Writing quickly is an easy hack that allows your personality to show through your writing.

Cut Your Text In Half

It is 2018; people are short on time and long on information, so keep your text concise and to the point.

Switch Up Your Greetings

Using the same greeting in every email gets boring after a while. It makes the message you’re trying to convey seem boring and impersonal if the emails start to look alike.

Give Your Company a Personality

Email marketing is a great way to add a touch of humanity and flare to your company’s image. Always write your text to sound humanizing and be sure that your message sounds like the natural voice of your company. For example, a young woman’s fashion site should read as if your hearing about the latest styles from your sassy and fun best friend.

Care About The Customer

Before sending an email, ask yourself if what you’re writing is going to benefit the customer? Is it truthful? Is it interesting? If the answer to one or all three is no, then don’t send it. You want to build a relationship with your customer on trust. The best way to do that is to write personalized and beneficial text from the heart.

Cloud Communications in 2018 with Virtual Phone Numbers

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Cloud communication is one of the best digital advancements made in the past ten years. It is an evolution of the VoIP infrastructure and it delivers data and voice communications on a network of powerful servers that allows your information to be delivered instantly. The information is stored and delivered by a third-party that allows multiple organizations access to a single hosting site.

This hosting site is also run through the internet, which was not possible in the not-so-distant past. Internet communication was not as reliable a decade ago as it is now in 2018, and previously, many hosted telephone companies had to rely on expensive data. These new strides in technology have made virtual phone numbers more convenient for businesses as well as individuals. Interested in learning more? Read on to find out why cloud communications for virtual phone numbers is one of the best digital trends for 2018.

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It’s Affordable

Cloud-based phone systems are among the most affordable options from virtual phone providers since customers only pay for what they use. Your money goes towards the Broadband charges and a subscription fee. Everything else that you need for your virtual phone number, as well as any handling of problems or issues that may arise, are provided by the subscription service. Also, just because you are cutting costs using cloud-based technology services does not mean that you have to sacrifice features.

Nearly all Businesses Can Benefit

Cloud communications have been generally used for e-commerce, payment processing, advertising, and human resources. Cloud-based communication is also a wonderful tool for operating multiple call centers, meaning that you can expand your business to nearly anywhere in the world.

It’s Good for Small Businesses

Small and medium-sized businesses can benefit from cloud communication technology because of its affordability and the expertise the business can receive from its phone provider. Whereas a larger business can use their indispensable capital towards an in-house VoIP setup, a smaller business most likely does not have the capital to maintain an expensive telecommunication setup full-time.

You Can Shop Around

There are plenty of places to purchase a virtual phone number working on cloud communications. In the past, you might have had to choose a local or regional provider, but because of the way cloud communications work, you can now choose from any virtual phone provider.

You Can Access the Cloud From Any Device

Traditionally, IT communications were not able to handle serving multiple devices. Cloud communications can be accessed from where you are with any device that has a WiFi connection or data, such as your iPhone, computer, or tablet. New cloud technology has also helped many new businesses grow quickly while working from home because the only thing that is required is a strong internet connection.

Some Devices Don’t Work Without it

A lot of new devices are designed to work with cloud communications and aren’t compatible with older methods of communication. The iPhone, VoIP handsets, and modern printers need to be able to access cloud networks in order to function.

Cloud Does it All

Cloud communication has grown so rapidly in popularity because of how versatile it is. These communication services are so diverse, offering video, voice, and data. In the past, telecommunications systems were only built around voice. The Cloud now allows all three of these necessary modes of communication to work together, as well as separately in a single place.

Collaboration Across the Globe

One of the most important aspects of the Cloud is that it allows seamless communication between people in different parts of the world. This is why the Cloud is great for international businesses; communication across cultures has never been easier. Even if your business is located in New York and you have several clients in California, you will have instant access to them through the Cloud at any point in the day. This includes video conferencing, call forwarding features that allow you to forward calls when you are out of the office, and group messaging between team members.

Expanding a Business Overseas with Virtual Phone Numbers

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Many businesses have decided to go global to compete, but the competition has become more fierce in recent years because of the influx of businesses expanding, not only in America, but abroad as well. A product that might do well in America may be able to sell even more in markets like Japan or India. If you are thinking of taking your business abroad, then you may be able to get a leg up on the competition by following these tips.

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Competition is a Good Thing

As the number of competing businesses grow, so do the number of opportunities. New markets are opening all the time and existing markets are always expanding. New and old businesses should be prepared to take hold of new opportunities whenever they are presented. Thanks to huge improvements in technology and the telecom industry, almost any business can be easily equipped for international business.

International Virtual Phone Numbers

One of the most accessible pieces of technology available to a business is an international virtual phone number. These phone numbers are affordable and very popular with a variety of businesses. International virtual phone numbers work like any other phone number except that they are not bound to one single device. The number can be used to take inbound calls or make outbound calls from multiple devices. The best part is that the number can be hosted in your home country, yet international customers will still have access to your business.

The international virtual phone number is hosted on a Call Forwarding system that redirects phone calls from international territories to a local phone line. For example, a caller in the United Kingdom will be forwarded to your chosen local line in America. The caller from the UK will also not have to incur extra international calling fees. The customer saves money while your business saves money by not having to build international offices and hire new employees. If it is your end-goal to eventually build offices abroad, an international virtual phone number is a great way to establish roots in a new market.

Benefits of Using an International Virtual Phone Number

The strides made in telecom technology have created an easy path for more and more businesses to expand overseas. Because the virtual phone number matches a local number used in the foreign country or city of your choosing, the customer will not realize that the call is actually being answered in another country. This is important because many customers will not want to purchase your products if they cannot reach you by telephone. If a customer has a question about a product or wants to discuss exchanges, returns, or they simply want to let you know that they enjoy your product, they will hardly be eager to have to call an international phone number and incur charges to their phone bill.

International phone numbers can be used to enhance your business’ public image. You can control the image you want your business to convey by branding your business as a large and successful global company by having several points of contact in multiple foreign nations. Even if you are running your business from your kitchen island, you can still portray an image of being a big deal.

Purchasing an international virtual phone number will allow you to have a presence all over the world for a very low cost. You will save on international offices and a new international staff.

International virtual phone numbers also allow your company to maintain business relationships with contacts in foreign countries. Communication is key in every relationship and very important when you decide to take your business abroad.

United World Telecom offers a variety of international phone numbers in over 140 different countries. They also offer a variety of plans and access to features contingent upon your business’ needs. Whether you own a small business or are operating a large corporation, there are options that will enable you to obtain the international phone numbers you need. To learn more call us at 1 (888) 908-6171.

Opening a Business in Puerto Rico

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Many companies from around the globe already call Puerto Rico home. These companies came to boost their opportunities for advancement and growth through the variety of industries thriving in Puerto Rico. Not to mention having a skilled labor pool and low costs.

puerto rico
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Puerto Rico as a Business Destination

For companies expanding from the United States, Puerto Rico offers a familiarity while still providing the uniqueness and excitement of a different culture you might find further from home.

While Puerto Rico is part of the US, it is not technically a state, and there are some slight differences between starting a business in the US and starting one in the unincorporated US territory. Some people might say that Puerto Rico has a slow permitting process, and it might seem so if you compare the process to the fastest methods like those in New Zealand, which World Bank data has given the title of the #1 country on their ease of doing business list. Although it may not have the same fastest permitting process, the territory has a more straightforward process than places such as India and China.

An Excellent Location for Entrepreneurs

After being hit by both Hurricane Maria and Hurricane Irma in 2017, Puerto Rico has been struggling to get back on its feet. That may not sound like the ideal place to start your business, but the Puerto Rican government has created several incentives for entrepreneurs to open their stores. They hope that providing entrepreneurs with these incentives will bring revenue back to the country and this will help them to get back on their feet. It is a similar approach to what Singapore has done over the last ten years, while achieving outstanding results.

The Advantages of Opening a Business in Puerto Rico

1. Personal Taxes

The two biggest reasons to start a business in Puerto Rico are the taxes. Puerto Rico is exempt from US federal taxes because they are a commonwealth nation. However, they are technically part of the US which means that they retain US citizenship. For entrepreneurs wanting to be free of the US tax, all they need to do is live in Puerto Rico 183 days out of the year. Puerto Rico is the only place that US citizens can move to and not have to renounce their US citizenship to be exempt from federal taxes. Entrepreneurs in the US can have more than half of their income taxed in individual states, while Puerto Rico has a fixed income tax rate of 4%. Capital gains are also taxed in the US anywhere from 15-20% while in Puerto Rico the rate is 0.

2. Corporate Taxes

Companies in either the manufacturing services or export divisions can qualify for a 4% fixed income tax rate as well as a full tax exemption on total earnings, including profits. In a few cases, some businesses can qualify for a property tax exemption as well. And most startups get a full property tax exemption for the first five years they are in business. The savings in Puerto Rico compared to the US are nearly unbelievable.

3. Skilled Workforce

Puerto Rico suffers from a “brain drain” of sorts. While the island graduates thousands of STEM students every year, a majority of the grads decide to leave the country. In spite of those numbers, Puerto Rico believes that the opening of new businesses will help to keep these graduates in the country and even offers a 50% tax credit for companies who are working towards research and development.

4. US Perks

Businesses in Puerto Rico still get to enjoy many perks of other businesses in America despite not having to pay the tax rates. All products that a business creates in Puerto Rico get stamped with “Made in the USA.” There won’t be any shady business with your intellectual property either because it will be protected by US law. Puerto Rico is due to receive $17 billion in funds from the US, which is expected to create an increase in budget.

Opening a business in Puerto Rico does come with its fair share of obstacles, but if it is done correctly, the savings will be staggering.

Opening a Business in the UAE

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The United Arab Emirates ranks as #21 on the Ease of Doing Business in the World Bank data report for 2017, which went up ten ranks from its position at #31 in 2016. The growth of this thriving country, whose economy is dominated by the petroleum industry, has made the UAE a very tempting place for many businesses to open up shop.

business meeting UAE
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Background on the UAE

The UAE is based adjacent to the Arabian Peninsula on the eastern coast. It is a federation of seven emirates, the largest of which is Abu Dhabi. Abu Dhabi also accounts for a majority of the oil industry and the wealth of the nation. The next largest emirate is Dubai, which is a famous port city that has grown into a booming commercial center for multinational corporations. The smaller emirates include Sharjah, Ajmān, Umm al-Qaywayn, Raʾs al-Khaymah, and Al-Fujayrah. Although the official language for the UAE is Arabic, many people speak English as well, especially in the business world.

Doing Business in the UAE

The UAE has become extremely attractive to business owners for a plethora of reasons. If you are interested in starting your own business in the UAE, now is the time to do it. Read on to find out how easy it is to open up your own business and make considerable profits in the UAE.

An Open Economy

Yes, the UAE has an open economy. It is one of the most accessible countries to trade within the Gulf and it has a very high per capita income. Many countries have already made their way to the UAE, and in so doing have helped to increase the economy even more with their foreign capital. The previously established nation has become even more wealthy with the influx of offshore companies and money. The UAE is already a cozy home to several multi-million dollar corporations and small start-up companies.

The UAE Makes it Easy For Foreign Investors

The government of the United Arab Emirates caught on quickly that foreign investment would lead to a skyrocketing economy and therefore made it easier than ever for foreign companies to bring their businesses overseas. Foreign nationals get their own set of rules and regulations to follow, which includes fast-tracked legal procedures.

They want you in the UAE and the government won’t make you wait as they only require a minimal amount of paperwork. They have also set up registration and licensing to be fast and easy to understand.

Free Zone

Foreign companies can apply to be tax exempt under the free zone economy. This means that international businesses do not need to pay a corporate tax nor an income tax. All of your profits are just that, profits. There are free zones in Ajman, Dubai, and Abu Dhabi. When researching where you should take your company, those three areas should top your list.

Access To An Elite Labor Pool

The UAE attracts a strong workforce to its largest cities. There is an abundance of skilled and unskilled workers that flock to the UAE from places such as India. It is such an attractive place for employees and employers alike because of their low tax structure and very high wages. UAE residents are also very well-taken care of. 92% of people are literate, and health insurance is mandatory. They have an established education structure, and international universities have been set up in the UAE including NYU and MIT.

Solid Foundations to Build Upon

Whatever your business needs, the UAE has made sure that they already have it set up for you. When you bring your business to the UAE, you will have easy access to transportation, business parks, warehousing, and office spaces. There is no need to start from scratch.

It’s a Great Location

The UAE offers easy access to it’s fast-growing and well-established neighbors, including its major trade partner, the European Union. It is also close to China and India and has excellent trade relations with both countries. Plus, it is a safe place to work with a relatively low crime rate.

UAE: One of the Best Locations for International Expansion

The UAE caters to its foreign investors, and because of its location, safety, workforce, and infrastructure, it easily attracts many foreign companies looking for an excellent location for expansion. If you’re looking to start your own business, then the UAE is a great country to start in because it has all the tools necessary to set you up for success.

Enhance Profitability with US Phone Numbers

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Expanding your business to the United States marketplace has become very simple thanks to the rise of the digital age, international trade rules, and globalization. Getting a USA virtual phone number can assist businesses by giving businesses outside the US the opportunity to establish their organization. There is no need to pick up and move your entire business to a foreign land when you can create a virtual presence by simply using a virtual phone number.

businessman hands phone card
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Open Up Greater Communication with US Phone Numbers

Virtual phone numbers will give you an advantage over your competition in the US by allowing your business to establish communication with your American clients. Investing in a toll free number will allow your business to be accessible to customers across the world at any moment.

United World Telecom offers toll free phone numbers and local US virtual numbers packed with easy-to-use features that will put you ahead of your competition and increase your ability to make sales. Set up your virtual phone number to start building your company’s reputation in America.

If you are not sure whether getting a US phone number is the right decision for your company, check out these benefits and features of a virtual phone number and see how a virtual number can positively impact your business.

  • Virtual phone systems allow you to stay in contact with customers overseas without taking on international costs. If your company already has customers in the US and you or they are spending huge amounts of money on calling fees, then the choice to switch to a virtual phone number is easy. Stay within your budget by getting a cost-effective virtual number.
  • Since you’re not overspending your budget on international phone calls, you can use your virtual phone number to grow your relationship with your customers overseas. They will have better access to your customer service lines, and you can address their issues and questions right away.
  • You can establish a presence in any geographical location of your choosing without constructing a new building.
  • Your team will be able to stay in touch and collaborate easier.

Virtual Phone System Features

Now that you know all about the benefits, put them into action with the range of features offered in a virtual phone system:

  • Call Recording: You can keep a record of all calls that are being made, then you can use that data to analyze the strengths and weaknesses of your team. Your team will grow stronger, and your customers will take notice when their needs are being properly met.
  • Voicemail: Customize a professional voicemail for holidays and hours outside of regular business operation.
  • Call Forwarding: Whether you choose to use sequential forwarding or simultaneous ringing, you enhance your chances of answering the phone. With sequential forwarding, you can customize your settings to be sent to one phone first before being sent down a list of offices. For example, you can set your phone calls to go to your desk phone before they are sent to your mobile device. With simultaneous calling, multiple phones will ring at one time, and the first person to answer will be connected with the caller. This tool is great if you utilize a call center.
  • SMS Messaging: A majority of Americans use cellular phones and prefer text messaging as their way of communicating. It also raises the chance that your message will be received since many Americans screen phone calls. This additional feature is great if your target audience is millennial Americans because you are much more likely to get a response from a millennial through text.

Getting a U.S. Phone Number

You can obtain your virtual US phone number by contacting United World Telecom. Either call their toll free number at 1 (888) 908 6171 or visit their website to find a new virtual phone number.

On the website, simply choose the virtual phone number that you want, either toll-free or mobile, and enter your destination number (the number you would like the calls forwarded to). From there, you can choose the plan that best suits your business’ needs and add any additional features. If you are not sure if the service is right for you, start with the free seven-day trial. Then enter your contact and account information to begin making and receiving calls right away.

How To Turn A Disgruntled Customer into a Loyal One

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A customer’s happiness is the most important component of a business’ success. Without customers, there is no business. Therefore, making customer service an integral part of your business model is extremely important. Since it all starts with customer service, make sure that your staff is fully trained in how to deal with an angry customer should a problem occur. One bad customer experience is the quickest way to turn your customers over to your competitors, so being able to diffuse bad situations is the key to success. Having a great relationship with your customers will bring up the value of your brand and increase your sales. If your customer is angry, there are ways to please them, and even turn them into a customer for life. Here are several tips to keep in mind:

Angry hysterical young woman screaming
Source: O#22773 – ID#100160926560

Actively Listen To Your Customer

Take into account what your customers are saying about your products. There are times when a customer is angry about something outside of the service. Perhaps they are just having a bad day, so remember it is only your business to be sure that you solve their anger surrounding the issue with your product. Listen to what their issue is with intent, let them completely explain everything. Be completely silent while they explain, you may nod or acknowledge that you are listening, but be sure that they are finished talking before you begin.

Apologize Immediately

No matter what the issue is, be sure to apologize right away for the mistake or miscommunication. It might be an immediate reaction to want to be defensive of your products, but you have to remember that this person is allowed to air their grievances since they purchased the product and supported your business.

Go Out Of Your Way To Make Them Happy

This is what could turn your angry customer into a loyal one. If you do it right, your customer will be excited to return to your store. Going out of your way also makes your customer feel special. Perhaps you work at a restaurant and a customer was unsatisfied with their meal; you could comp the food and include a gift card to get them to return. When they return, you can go out of your way to make the next experience much better. By going above and beyond, you’ve created a customer for life.

Create an Opportunity for Improvement

Every angry customer brings up a solid point about issues with your company or your product. Take every opportunity to learn about what you need to improve on in order to give yourself a leg up from the competition. Treat complaints as if they are a problem that you need to figure out with your brand. If one customer is unhappy and lets you know there is a problem, surely there have been customers with the same issue but never mentioned it; they respond by simply not buying your product again. With that in mind, customer complaints are invaluable resources for improvement. Your business will never stop growing as long as your customers’ needs are being met and your product continues to improve. If you feel that your business does have room to grow and you don’t want to sit around waiting for complaints to roll in, consider sending out a survey that your customers can opt-in or out of to gauge their satisfaction.

Build Up Your Reputation

By consistently meeting consumer needs and providing excellent customer service, you will quickly gain a reputation for being delightful to shop with. Brands like Nordstrom have built up their reputation with customers and they have thousands of reviews from customers gushing about their dependability. People are more likely to go with a dependable option than something that has a wishy-washy reputation. Just remember, every angry customer is a chance to win customers over and invite them back.

By using these four simple tips and responding to angry customers in a positive and approachable manner, your business will be flourishing in no time. Since your company is now focusing on customer relationships, you have the tools to thrive in any market.

How To Boost Morale At Work

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Are your employees excited to come into work? Or do they shuffle in begrudgingly five minutes late every day? Are your employees’ friends with each other and you often find them sharing a laugh at the water cooler? Or do they keep themselves? If you find that your employees display poor moods while working, low employee morale could be damaging to your business. Productivity slows down, people seek alternative employment at high rates, and cooperation between employees worsens when your employees aren’t happy to come into work. This has the potential to put your business’ success at risk. When you are in a leadership position, it is your responsibility to strengthen morale among your employees. Read on to learn some simple yet creative ways to boost employee morale at work.

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Plan a Company Outing

Company outings are a great way for employees to get to know each other. You may have been to an outing or two for your company. It could have gone well or ended up a flop. Instead of having the head of HR plan the outing, ask your team what they would like to do. If people are hesitant to come up with ideas, make it an anonymous nomination. Once you have a few ideas your team can vote for what they would like to. It shows your employees you are interested in them and your rewarding activity will be more appreciated.

Show Your Employees That Their Jobs Matter

A 9-6 can get monotonous when employees are working on the same thing every day. Monotony gives time for pondering with what’s going on in places where the grass may (possibly) be greener. Show your employees that their work does have value in the real world. For example, restaurants will often read aloud 5-star Yelp reviews and congratulate their team when they’ve done a good job. Positive reinforcement can come in the most simple of ways.

Have Fun In The Office

Take a day each month where your employees can just have fun together for an hour, or even the whole day! Set up a Wii tennis match, play board games, or split your employees into teams and have them solve a mystery. The winning person or team can win awesome rewards like tickets to a sporting event or concert.

Get Rid of The Bullies

Sometimes we work with jerks. As the saying goes, “one bad apple could spoil the whole bunch.” If you find that a member of your team is often intimidating, rude, negative, or belittling it might be time to let that person go. They’re probably making everyone around them as miserable as they are. This is especially important in upper management, where one foul boss can have a seriously negative impact on their employees. A good way to weed these people out is to encourage constant feedback between employees and HR.

Take Time To Inspire Your Employees

Depression and anxiety rates are at an all-time high so giving your team the tools they need to combat anxiousness and depression at work is crucial. Schedule a monthly meditation and offer to reimburse gym memberships since exercise is shown to decrease anxiety and depression. Set up a time to watch inspirational videos, or have an inspirational speaker come in to speak to your team, then have an open discussion afterward so the ideas really stick.

Give Your Employees Real Lunch Breaks

Many white-collar employees opt to eat at their desks. However, taking a walk outside or trying a new restaurant would actually boost their moods and creative thinking. Taking a short break from work is a great way to recharge your batteries and encouraging your employees to take advantage of that is great for boosting employee morale.

Celebrate Your Employees

If your team surpassed their quarterly goals, reward them! Throw a pizza party in honor of their hard work or present your hardworking employees with a much-deserved bonus. Don’t forget work anniversaries either! Show your employees you appreciate the job that they’re doing by sending a little note or giving a bonus when they’ve reached a great milestone.

When your employees are in the presence of capable leadership, are recognized for their hard work, and feel that they are a part of something bigger than themselves, they exhibit higher morale, which in turn results in a higher level of performance. Keep encouraging and rewarding great work, and you will soon be reaping the rewards of a successful business that is powered by hard-working, happy employees.