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Six of the Best Toll Free Numbers (And Other Funny Numbers)

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Who says business numbers must be strictly serious? Your number can be an opportunity for displaying creativity to attract customer attention. Here we will look at how some companies have used their toll free numbers in exciting ways to draw customers to their businesses.

Creative Uses of Toll Free Numbers

Businesses continue to demand toll free numbers for a simple reason: they work. They are very helpful in bringing customers to a business and they add a subtle layer of professionalism. And, the effects are even more profound when you use vanity toll free numbers.

Vanity numbers insert patterns or letters within the number itself to make it stand out from other numbers. Here’s an opportunity for businesses to insert their name or a feature associated with their business. And it makes for a great way to market your business as well because these numbers are easy to recognize and remember. We have compiled some of (what we think are) the best toll free numbers out there; here’s a look!

Six Best Toll Free Numbers

1. 1-800-GO-FEDEX — FedEx, the go-to multinational delivery service’s contact uses a vanity toll free number with its name inserted in it.

2. 1-800-HURT-NOW — a toll free line for personal injury attorneys. Calling this number can help you get connected with a personal injury attorney best suited for your case.

3. 1-800-THRIFTY — Thrifty Car Rental’s customer service for online reservation help. Interestingly, their other toll free contact number is 1-800-FOR-CARS.

4. 800-GIANT-MEN — The Gentle Giant Moving Company inserts its name creatively in its business number to market its brand, emphasizing that they are giants of moving.

5. 1-800-DOG-POOP — This pooper scooper service’s vanity toll free number immediately grabs your attention!

6. 1-800-GOT-JUNK? — You must have seen this vanity number displayed on vans and billboards across the street. This is a toll free number for the world’s largest junk removal service.

Other Popular Toll Free Numbers

Besides the above, here are some other common toll free numbers that you may have used from time to time:

  • 888-BBT-ONLINE
  • 1-800-WALGREENS
  • 1-800-CALL-LEE
  • 1-800-FLOWERS
  • 1-800-TAXI-USA
  • 1-888-BEST-BUY
  • 1-800-T-MOBILE
  • 1-888-SANDALS, and there are many more

Funny Phone Numbers

If your business wants to really grab the attention of potential customers, there is nothing quite like humor to hook them in. Many companies have taken a clever spin on vanity numbers, using just their phone number to create a fun, memorable, positive experience for customers. Now for some examples of the funniest business numbers:

  • 800-IGo-HoJo — Howard Johnson’s
  • 800-9CAKE90 — Piece of Cake Inc
  • 800-FIT-IS-IT — Jazzercise Dance Fitness Program

Vanity Numbers for Your Business

Vanity toll free numbers are excellent tools for businesses to consider. They can be highly versatile, offering beneficial features for marketing endeavors, connecting with customers, and adding a further level of reassurance. A business number that stands out from the crowd as a notable, memorable number is always a good thing; why not place your business ahead of the competition with additional credibility? If your business is aiming to make an impact with clever marketing, there are endless possibilities when using a vanity number.

Vanity Toll Free Numbers with United World Telecom

Are you interested in purchasing a toll free number or vanity toll free number for your business? Our inventory is highly inclusive, so if you are searching for a particular type of toll free number, we may be able to assist you. United World Telecom offers toll free numbers in more than 160 countries across the world. To find out how we can help you get more customer calls and drive up sales, call us today at 1 (877) 898 8646.

Virtual Phone Numbers for Environmental Groups and Organizations

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Any type of organization can benefit from the use of virtual phone numbers. Cost savings are important to all types of organizations, no matter the size or sector. However, a smaller organization may initially be drawn to the significant cost-savings benefit at first glance.

Virtual Phone Numbers Are an Environmental-Friendly Approach

The fact that there is no need for any bulky hardware may also be an immediate draw for environmental groups and organizations that promote cutting back on the use of plastics, metals, and other materials used in creating hardware systems. These are just two of many benefits when it comes to the use of virtual phone numbers for environmental groups and organizations.

Virtual Numbers Are the Perfect Option for Groups & Organizations

Virtual phone numbers are like any other phone number, except they are not tied down to any specific phone and location. When someone calls a virtual phone number, the owner of the virtual phone number may have the calls going to a landline or a cell phone of their choosing. Many different features can be activated to work with virtual phone numbers for environmental groups and organizations. Calls may be answered with a pre-recorded greeting. Calls can be forwarded to an extension within the organization. Time of day routing can also be used so calls are forwarded to different call centers depending on the time of day when they are received. This ensures that calls are not missed and the organization can essentially be operational 24 hours a day.

Virtual Numbers Are a Flexible Option for All Businesses

Virtual phone numbers can grow along with the organization. While the organization may not need extensions at first, extensions can be added later as more staff gets hired. This helps manage call volume when call routing to different staff members becomes necessary for efficiency and better service.

Environmental Groups using Virtual Phone Numbers
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Choose Local to Connect with Communities

Choosing a local phone number may help to create trust and credibility for a smaller, locally run organization while a toll free or vanity phone number may help an organization more quickly establish a national or international image. These capabilities help to strengthen a brand. Using virtual phone numbers allows the organization to be based in one state, yet have local phone numbers for many areas within the United States or even abroad. The ability to do this allows for the organization to reach these markets without incurring high financial costs in travel, relocation, training and more that is required to open different physical locations. That alone is a huge benefit to any organization that aims to expand without necessarily having the budget for expensive expansion.

Virtual Numbers Reduce Costs

The organization is also able to accept incoming calls without having the caller incur long-distance fees if the phone number is local or toll free. Calls can be routed and rerouted to a number of call centers in different locations and this helps to minimize the risk of missing any important calls. Another benefit is that using virtual phone numbers requires minimum set-up and training to get started. Using virtual phone numbers can be a significant step in scaling efforts and growth operation.

Numbers Can be Accentuated with Additional Features

Added features, such as call recording can prove to be extremely helpful in recording interactions with callers to use for training purposes or for accountability and tracking purposes. Accountability is becoming a more common standard used by organizations of all sizes to ensure best practices are being put to work and only improved upon as time goes on.

Another feature that can be added is extensions that can automatically forward calls to a department or specific staff member within an organization. SMS forwarding, sequential forwarding, simultaneous ringing, fax to email, local ring-back tones, voicemail to email, and failover forwarding are additional features that can boost the effectiveness of virtual phone numbers.

United World Telecom Has All of Your Virtual Number Needs Covered

United World Telecom also offers rollover minutes, so if all minutes are not used in a month, they are not lost and will automatically rollover to the next month.

Despite the advances in modern communication methods, the ability to be able to speak to a live person is still highly regarded. If someone is setting up an organization and wishes to be available to whoever they are working within the community or worldwide, using virtual phone numbers for environmental groups and organizations is a low-cost alternative to setting up brick and mortar locations while allowing the organization to easily access different markets. Setup with United World Telecom is quick and easy, enabling organizations to get started quickly and take advantage of all of the benefits immediately.