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Embrace Global Growth with ITFS Numbers

In an increasingly competitive market, business owners must keep up with advances in technology and strategies to stay ahead of the competition. Facilitating communication with customers is the first step. ITFS numbers, or International Toll-Free Service numbers, enable people from other countries to call your business for free. This not only enhances customer experience but also solidifies your global business presence.

Why ITFS Numbers Matter for Your Business

ITFS numbers are essentially international toll-free numbers that allow callers to reach your business at no cost to them. This is a huge draw for customers, as toll-free numbers portray the image of an established company and also send a clear message to the company’s customer base that their calls are so important that the company is willing to pay for them.

International toll-free service numbers, also referred to as ITFS numbers, are the international equivalent of a United States toll-free number in that they allow someone to call a business and the business pays for the call. With ITFS numbers, your customers in one country can make toll-free calls that can be received in another country.

Expanding Internationally with ITFS Numbers

For business owners who wish to expand their business to another country or have already expanded and are physically located outside of their business location, providing international clients with a better way to contact your company will help build loyalty to your brand. Research indicates that if your company is easier to communicate with, then the chances of a customer continuing to do repeat business with you, as well as referring friends and family to your business, increases. For example, you can create a logo that resonates with international audiences and can also contribute to your brand’s global appeal.

The process of acquiring ITFS numbers is fairly simple. It does not require a hefty amount of upfront costs. Typically, ITFS numbers are virtual phone numbers that can be forwarded to your existing phone line. United World Telecom offers ITFS numbers, as well as many corresponding features to work with these numbers. Some of those features include email, fax, customized greetings, outbound calling, unlimited extensions, rollover minutes, simultaneous ringing, sequential forwarding, and many more.

The use of ITFS numbers makes it easier to operate on an international scale. For example, if you are located in the United States and customers need to reach you in Australia, you can provide them with Australian ITFS numbers and the calls from your Australian customers will be seamlessly forwarded to your offices in the United States. Calls may be forwarded to a landline or a mobile phone line of your choosing.

ITFS numbers help to increase your international reach and will help to boost your overall brand image on a global scale. These are two key factors in achieving success with an international expansion.

United World Telecom offers a variety of options for virtual phone numbers, including ITFS numbers. United World Telecom provides virtual phone numbers in over 150 countries worldwide and has been working in the area of global communications for over two decades. Though United World Telecom offers a variety of communication options for both business and personal use, business communication alternatives are a primary focus for UWT.

Ultimately, the benefits of using ITFS numbers are that they will improve the overall brand strength and drive more business to your organization. It is much more likely that a customer will reach out to you if they are not responsible for any fees related to the phone call. More access to your organization means a higher chance of sales and greater opportunities for an increase in overall success.

If you have been considering expanding your business to other countries outside of your home country, contact United World Telecom for a full review of ITFS number options and how turning to these options can benefit your specific company directly.


ITFS numbers are international toll free numbers. Businesses can use these numbers to offer customers across the world the option to call your business for free, no matter where it is located.

With ITFS numbers, customers from one country can call your business located in another through voice over IP (VoIP) technology. This means that calls are transmitted through a stable internet connection, helping businesses evade expensive long-distance calling charges.

An international toll free service (ITFS) lets callers call your business for no calling charges. Using ITFNs helps your business attract more customers and offer global customer service.

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