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5 Benefits of International Toll Free Numbers

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Are international toll free numbers worth it? What benefits can they bring to your business? In this post, we will explain the top 5 benefits of an international toll free number and how ITFN can improve your company’s sales and customer support efforts.

Why Your Business Needs International Toll Free Numbers

An international toll free number is a phone number that can be dialed for free from within their designated country. These calls are then forwarded to another country where the business is located. You can make and answer calls for this number from any location and any device.

For example, a business located in the United States can get toll free numbers for different countries such as UK toll free numbers or Singapore toll free numbers. Callers from within the UK or Singapore can call this toll free number for free. And incoming calls are routed to the business’ office in the US or your smartphone or home office.

Getting an ITFN can greatly boost your international communications and present you with multiple opportunities for growth and expansion. Here are 5 benefits of international toll free numbers.

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1. Global Expansion

With ITFNs, you can expand internationally to many of the world’s 195 countries. Whether you want to target Asia, the MENA region, the UK, or the Australian continent, you can create a local presence in any of these countries with the help of international toll free numbers.

According to Velocity Global, about 53% of businesses are pursuing global expansion upon receiving investments in 2020. Industries that are entering local markets and making waves are Tech, SaaS, Big Data, and Agtech industries. And the main reason why these businesses look for new markets is to expand their customer base and develop better efficiencies.

2. Reduce Operating Costs

With international numbers, as a business manager or owner, you may even consider outsourcing certain tasks to lower-wage countries. Most businesses outsource customer support, telemarketing and sales needs, IT support, troubleshooting, and more.

Outsourcing is becoming more common thanks to cloud technology. In fact, about 93% of organizations consider or adopt cloud technology to improve outsourcing. In fact, a third of all organizations claimed they were willing to increase operating costs for access to the cloud.

You can get services from these areas without opening field offices in the vicinity. This way, you can reduce operating costs while keeping your business afloat.

3. Branding & Credibility

With international toll free numbers, you can easily and quickly set up global communication and marketing. You can communicate to customers in other countries that your company is large and well-established. Market your business as a global one that offers quick and reliable service. All of this can greatly impact the way potential customers see and interact with your business, increasing sales and growth.

4. Increase Customer Satisfaction

An important aspect of running any type of business is offering excellent customer service that will result in high customer satisfaction rates. With toll free numbers, you can provide a toll free hotline for sales or customer support that customers can call for free from different parts of the world. You may also set-up 24/7 customer support by forwarding calls to offices in different time zones. These tactics can help you offer better service, become more accessible to your customers, and thereby improve customer satisfaction.

5. Measure & Improve Performance

Lastly, you can use phone call tracking to analyze global marketing and sales campaigns. You can purchase multiple ITFNs and track incoming calls from target areas. Where and how are customers interacting with your brand? Which geographic location or demographic group is responding better to your product? Where are sales failing and why? These are a few parameters you can use to improve performance and achieve desired results.

Where Can I Get International Toll Free Numbers?

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