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What is SIP Trunking and How Does it Work?

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Any business looking to grow successfully or maintain its success must keep checking in on its business communication system. If your business phone system is flawed or missing essential components, employees and customers will have trouble communicating effectively. As a result, this can lead to losing valuable customers. Here we look at business SIP trunking as a cloud phone solution and its benefits for companies of all sizes.

What is SIP Trunking?

As a new business owner setting up your business communications, you must have come across the term “SIP trunking” and wondered what it was and if your business could benefit from it. Here, we will discuss the significant details of global SIP trunking and its advantages so that you can make an informed decision.

SIP stands for Session Initiation Protocol. Business SIP trunking is a method of transmitting voice communications over IP. SIP usually works alongside an IP-PBX, which is a private branch exchange system boosting a company’s internal phone system with extensions. SIP makes it possible to send and receive voice, video, and other unified communications through an internet connection. It does so by breaking down voice signals and transmitting them from one destination to another.

How Does SIP Trunking Work?

A SIP trunk can carry multiple SIP channels where each channel is an inbound or outbound call. In standard SIP trunking, the SIP trunk connects IP channels to a PSTN or VoIP system. This allows for multiple calls to occur simultaneously. With this, your business can easily place calls to customers and other businesses as and when needed.

SIP trunks send voice, video, text, and other files to an end recipient using internet protocols. Originally, calls were connected through public switched telephone networks or PTSN cables. But, thanks to SIP trunking, we can now use IP to deliver calls as well. Because of SIP trunks, your existing PBX system can communicate through voice over internet protocol.

How Much Do SIP Trunks Cost?

Every SIP provider’s pricing will differ depending on what they offer and how much or what services you need. The price for elastic trunking depends on a variety of factors such as:

  • The type of subscription — monthly or annually; per user or per account.
  • Outbound calling rates — whether using a metered or unmetered plan.
  • Add-ons — additional services and features, usually advanced.
  • Set-up fees, if any — additional equipment and/ or installation fees.

Here is a guide to United World Telecom’s elastic SIP trunking prices:

  • Monthly subscription: Customers subscribe to a monthly subscription for their phone number. This number will be used as their caller ID for outbound calls. They can add more numbers, if desired. Our US phone numbers start at $7.95 per month. Subscribers can even opt to buy a monthly call credit for $25.
  • Outbound/ international calling rates: Our call rates are metered, which entails a monthly fee plus a per-minute charge for outbound calls. Each country has a different calling rate.
  • Add-ons: Outbound Call Recording can be purchased for $5 monthly, plus 3¢ per minute.
  • Set-up fees: No set-up fees or long-term contracts.

To get a clear idea of how much SIP trunking for a particular country would cost, check out our SIP trunk pricing page or call us for custom quotes!

What is Elastic SIP Trunking and How Does it Work?

Elastic SIP trunking is an advanced form of standard SIP trunking. Elastic trunking uses cloud-based virtual solutions to create a more flexible and reliable business phone system. Since this type of SIP trunking works over the cloud, it is much easier to integrate with other cloud communication services. As such, you can create a unified communication system for your business that is easily accessible and mobile.

Elastic SIP trunking takes this to another level by adding advanced features that traditional trunks lack. With elastic trunking, you can use more virtual communication tools such as virtual phone numbers (toll free, local, vanity numbers, etc.), DID numbers, call forwarding, and more.

how does elastic sip trunking work


Difference Between SIP Trunking and Elastic Trunking

SIP trunking and elastic trunking are very similar and yet they differ in certain ways. For instance, one major difference between standard SIP trunking and elastic SIP trunking is the way a user pays for the service. With standard SIP trunks, account users pay for the maximum number of simultaneous or concurrent calls, irrespective of how many calls you have running at a time. With elastic SIP trunks, you pay as you go. In other words, you pay for what you use and no more. Businesses that have fluctuating call volumes during different times of the year will benefit more from elastic trunks.

Let’s have a look at the other differences between these two communication models:

SIP Trunking Elastic SIP Trunking
System base On-premise hardware and equipment Internet connection; cloud system
Concurrent call capacity Based on the plan Unlimited; more flexibility
Geographical coverage Limited Global reach; more flexible
Billing model Based on the number of lines Based on the amount of calling
Payment pricing Billed a flat rate per month Billed on usage; pay-as-you-go
Set-up costs $0-$150 per trunk $0
Average costs $25-50 per trunk, per month $0.005-0.0009 per minute
Maintenance In-house IT team required Taken care of by the provider

7 Benefits of SIP Trunking

SIP trunking can do wonders for your office’s phone system in a number of ways. It can help you communicate better internally as well as externally. In other words, within the office, and with your customers. And, you can expand your network and reach by connecting with prospects from all over the world, thanks to virtual communication lines. From small businesses to large enterprises, everyone is switching to global SIP trunking and VoIP systems for many reasons. Here are some ways SIP trunks can boost your business communications:

1. Affordability

SIP trunks are relatively inexpensive, compared to traditional phone lines. Furthermore, you will be getting high-quality service for a reasonable rate through a more stable connection. And this is significant because you will be using this connection to transfer important business files and information. Instead of being forwarded through traditional phone lines, SIP calls route over the internet, making these calls less expensive.

This is even more useful for businesses that have a global reach and thrive on international communication. SIP trunking enables such businesses to forward calls internationally through international phone numbers while reducing long-distance calling costs.

2. Unified Communication Platform

With elastic trunking and cloud communications, your business and its teams can access all communication and business-related services in one unified communications platform. Voice, video, text, and other file-sharing among employees are made possible and the features are easy to use. This way your teams stay well-connected and have access to important and updated information as and when they need it.

3. Mobility

You can carry your service with you. For example, if you need to close up shop and relocate your business to a new location. Being able to take your communications with you, without worrying about losing important data or becoming inaccessible, is one less thing for you to worry about.

4. Advanced Communication Tools

Access to premium communication features and tools. United World Telecom offers:

  • Call recording
  • Outbound calling with customizable caller ID
  • SMS plans
  • Call forwarding
  • Interactive voice response (IVR)
  • PBX, and lots more

5. Global Coverage

Global SIP trunking can help you connect with prospects from neighboring cities, states, and countries with virtual local, international, and toll free numbers. Use an international call forwarding service to route calls over the internet to avoid international calling fees.

6. Improved Scalability and Flexibility

One of the most attractive benefits of SIP trunking is scalability. Organize, add, and manage your lines as needed and based on your business’ requirements. You can run multiple virtual lines simultaneously because SIP trunks host unlimited channels. They are sold in smaller quantities making them easy to set up and use.

SIP trunking enables businesses to expand or scale upwards or downwards as necessary. They can easily add or remove SIP trunks, use as many SIP channels as they need, and more without changing their phone system. Additionally, they can use these services from any location, making remote work more manageable.

7. Increase Connectivity and Productivity

Lastly, businesses can increase global connectivity with SIP trunking. Locals from around the world can easily connect with these businesses without paying high calling rates. And businesses can answer international calls from any location. All that is needed is a reliable internet connection.

Furthermore, the unified communication platform and easy connectivity lead to employees being more productive and efficient. Calls are managed well and communication between teammates is clear, irrespective of the distance.

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Ready to Get SIP Trunking for your Business?

Business is all about evolution and adaptation to change. This is necessary if you want to succeed. Get SIP trunking by signing up with United World Telecom. We offer businesses a variety of services to aid in international connectivity and global customer support. To learn more about SIP trunking and how you can get started, speak with one of our experts or call us at 1 (877) 898 8646 today.

5 Tips for Improving Your Outbound Calling Strategy

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As a salesperson, you know the daily struggle of getting ahold of a potential customer and then losing them quickly like sand slipping out of a fist. While it’s good to stick to the basics, sometimes it may help to switch it up a little and get on with the times. So, how can you tweak your outbound calling strategy to lead to more sales?

Reevaluate Your Outbound Calling Tactics

Businesses make outbound calls to attract and convince new customers to purchase their products or service. And so, outbound calling goes hand-in-hand with sales. A couple of different factors come into play when creating and executing strong outbound calling strategies. Let’s look at how you can refine yours and increase overall sales.

1. Set Goals and Be on the Same Page

First and foremost, everyone needs to be on the same page and working towards the same goals. Therefore, spend some time discussing what the company wants to achieve through these calls. For example, how many sales do you need to make by the end of the quarter or biannually? Are all goals sales-focused or should some work towards customer care? And so on. Deciding these goals beforehand will ensure that everyone knows what they need to be doing and can track their progress accordingly. Actions with no end goal can be overwhelming and lead to a waste of time.

2. Work Alongside Marketing

Even though making sales calls is a job for the sales team, your in-house marketing team can provide insights into how to target and attract customers. For one, marketers can use market research to help you create a list of high-potential clients. They can also identify customers that don’t fall under your ideal audience so you do not waste time contacting weak leads. Additionally, your marketing team can help you understand the motive behind some customers purchasing your product which can then influence how you present and sell it.

3. Retrain Agents

Retraining employees every couple of months is a good idea because strategies and tools change. It is, therefore, necessary to keep employees up-to-date and teach them new techniques. Consider redoing your script if it is not drawing customers as you hoped it would. You can also use call recording features to review how employees perform on a call to highlight strengths and weaknesses. United World Telecom offers Outbound Call Recording that lets you record and access 100% of all calls for up to 6 years. Understand your call center agents’ daily challenges so that you can help them do better.

4. Adopt Active Listening Techniques During Outbound Calling

This goes without saying but when dealing with customers, agents must adopt active listening and pay attention to customer doubts or concerns. If a customer thinks you are calling just to make a sale and you do not actually care about their concerns, they will automatically switch off. Part of selling is to make the sale personal for each individual you are targeting. How can this specific person benefit from our product or service?

Be mindful of their time and always ask if now is a good time to talk or if they’d prefer setting up an appointment for later. If you don’t have an answer to their question, offer to follow-up and make sure you do so. These are some ways you can make the sale about the customer and not the business.

5. Use Analytics and Metrics

Lastly, be smart. Use analytics, metrics, and call tracking to determine customer preferences. What times or days are they more likely to answer? How many follow-up calls are appropriate before giving up? Can you employ other follow-up methods such as instant messages or email reminders? Play around with the data to tweak your strategies and find one that works best for your business.

Outbound Calling with United World Telecom

Upgrade your sales techniques by choosing United World Telecom’s outbound calling service. With this service, you will have full control in-house over how calls are placed and who is targeted. You, therefore, do not have to rely externally on an outbound call center. United World Telecom’s outbound calling service comes with a customizable caller ID. That is, if you purchase a variety of local and international virtual numbers, you can display one of those numbers when calling a specific country or state. This helps your enterprise create a local presence without the need to physically relocate. Sign up or talk to an expert for more information.

Inbound Sales Calls vs. Outbound Sales Calls

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Trying to identify the best ways to increase sales for your business? There are a few different approaches you can take: inbound sales calls, outbound sales calls, or a combination of both. Let’s look at how each approach works and what you should keep in mind.

Inbound Sales Calls vs Outbound Sales Calls

Before we move into specifics, it is important to understand the basics of sales calls. These calls generally revolve around generating leads and sales. They include either contacting a set list of prospects to increase brand awareness and make sales. Or, running a strong customer service and support team that answers incoming calls, resolves queries and concerns, and sells new products and services. Depending on the type of business you run, you may benefit from inbound sales or outbound sales calls, or both.

Inbound Sales Calls

There are typically two types of inbound sales calls. The first type refers to “hot calling” which is basically customers calling your business to resolve a query or initiate a purchasing process. The customer may have interacted with your website or seen a promotion on social media that piqued their interest. Now, you have managed to get their attention and interest. But it is on the inbound sales call where you convert this interest into a sale.

The second type of inbound sales call refers to “warm-calling” where you call customers who have interacted with your business. Maybe they signed up for a newsletter or emailed you a query or downloaded a PDF through your website, etc. This customer could also be a past or recurring customer who you are following up with. They made the first contact and now it is up to you to give them a reason to make a purchase and become a returning customer.

Outbound Sales Calls

Outbound sales calls refer to cold calls made to a predetermined list of prospects. This list is usually put together through market research and buyer persona reviews. Then, your sales team calls these individuals, informs them of your company’s products and services, current promotions, and sells to them. Some companies outsource their outbound sales calls to virtual call centers.

More recently, businesses subscribe to an outbound calling service to call local and international individuals in a less expensive way. An outbound calling service lets you make calls through the internet instead of traditional phone lines. And you have the opportunity to customize your caller ID to display specific local or toll free numbers instead.

Which Can Benefit Your Business?

This depends on the type of business you run and what you want your calls to do. For example, do you want customers to reach you when they are ready? Can your marketing efforts support an inbound sales call strategy? Is lead generation the focus of your company? Do you want to use customer service and success to make more sales?

However, you do not have to choose one over the other. With a strong customer support and service team, you can have outbound and inbound sales calls working together. This way, you target prospects based on marketing results as well as engage with interested customers who reach out to you. Having the right communication tools can help you maximize your company’s visibility as well as generate more leads.

United World Telecom Can Help

United World Telecom offers virtual communication tools for businesses of every size and in every industry. Whether your calls are focused on outbound or inbound sales, our features and services can enhance the way your business interacts with its customers. To learn more about what we offer, call us at 1 (877) 898 8646 or talk to an expert.

Use Outbound Calling and Call Recording to Improve Customer Relations

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As a business owner, you know how important it is to build and maintain customer relations. Thankfully, there are telecom solutions that can boost interactions between a business and its customers. An outbound calling service and call recording software are two such solutions. Here, we will discuss how these services can benefit your business.

Customer Relations: A Necessity

Customer relations refers to the relationship between a business and its customers. Good customer relations leads to customer satisfaction which increases retention rates. If your business fails to keep customers satisfied, then you will find them leaving your business for a competitor. So, what can you do to help your employees create strong customer relations?

Outbound Calling: Connect with More Prospects

Outbound calling is one of United World Telecom’s premium services that allows businesses to call local and international clients at reasonable calling rates. Most companies think of outbound calling as a way of generating new leads where the sales team calls potential customers and tries to sell products to them. While outbound calling does accomplish this, it also can do more.

You can also follow up with existing clients to practice customer success and help them achieve their goals. Customer success is when you work closely with consumers and clients to chart a course of action that helps them complete a goal. In this case, interaction is more long term than a customer support interaction.

How can your business improve customer relations with outbound calling? You can:

  • Welcome new customers
  • Follow-up with recent purchases or older customers
  • Generate leads
  • Increase brand awareness
  • Study different markets and customer preferences
  • Research the market
  • Set appointments
  • Make reservations
  • Track customer success efforts
  • Send reminders
  • Collect feedback, and more

Call Recording: Improve Quality and Accountability

Call recording software, also offered by United World Telecom, lets you record up to 100% of incoming and outgoing calls. You can store these recordings as MP3 files for up to 6 years within your account’s control panel.

Recording business calls gives your business the opportunity to go back in time and review important interactions. As a result, you can determine areas of improvement and sales tactics that worked. Additionally, recordings can be studied to find better ways to communicate with clients and learn what it is that they prefer or appreciate. With call recording, you get a better understanding of your target audience and learn how to serve them better.

How can call recording help your business maintain customer relations? You can:

  • Study recordings to identify strengths and weaknesses
  • Use recordings to train new employees
  • Collect and track customer information
  • Conduct performance evaluations
  • Maintain compliance with regulations
  • Keep customer information safe
  • Gather feedback
  • Protect against liabilities, and more

Customer Success and Customer Relations

As a business owner, you must strive to provide your employees with the right tools that can support their jobs. An outbound calling service can help them connect with a wider range of potential customers. This will, in turn, bring a more diversified customer base for the company. On the other hand, call recording will help them learn from their mistakes and accomplishments. You can further incentivize appropriate behavior by rewarding employees who do well in the recordings.

When employees are given the right tools, they are able to focus more on customer interaction and customer relations. Services and software that are easy to use will ensure that less time is spent working the systems and more time is spent on winning customers over.

Win Customers Over and Grow Your Business

United World Telecom strives to give you top-notch features and tools that can support your business’ communication needs. We want to help you expand your reach and increase customer retention rates. Outbound calling and call recording are two popular services we offer for this reason. To learn more about how these services can benefit you, call us at 1 (877) 898 8646.

Making Outbound Calls from a Toll Free Number

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Toll free numbers combined with outbound calling can greatly improve a company’s sales and customer retention rates. Businesses with a high outgoing call rate should, therefore, consider outbound sales strategies. So, how do you make outbound calls with a toll free number?

Outbound Calling: Purpose

Outbound calling is a communication service, mostly used by call centers and appointment setting services, to call customers or prospects on behalf of a corporation. Such calls are made to generate sales, conduct market research, provide customer care, and more. Outbound calling can, therefore, give you ways to attract new customers while also taking care of existing customers. Most businesses use outbound calling to:

  • Welcome new customers
  • Verify new accounts or purchases
  • Follow-up calls
  • Set appointments and make reservations
  • Send reminders for payments or appointments
  • Increase brand awareness
  • Research the market
  • Gather feedback, and more.

You can either outsource your outbound calling needs to centers designed for this service or take care of such calls inhouse. For the latter, you will need a reliable phone service that supports outbound calling while providing good call quality and additional communication tools like call forwarding, outbound IVR, etc. A virtual phone service offering these solutions may, therefore, be the ideal choice for an office phone system.

outbound toll free
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Benefits of Getting a Toll Free Number

You’ll notice that large corporations and established enterprises will have a toll free number as their contact number. This is because toll free numbers are free to call as they charge the receiver instead of the caller. And so, individuals usually prefer calling a toll free number as they know that these numbers don’t charge extra for calling.

And so, getting a toll free business number will place your company alongside other large, famous ones. This will present your company as a professional one. Additionally, customers will appreciate this as it provides them with a quick and easy way to contact you. More importantly, when receiving a call from a toll free number, they will know that the call is likely coming from an established enterprise. Chances of them answering a toll free number is higher than a random, unknown number.

Customizable Caller IDs

Companies that have more than 50% of their calls going out to customers can benefit from an outbound calling service. United World Telecom’s Outbound Calling service lets you make local and international calls at reasonable rates. In fact, you can purchase a variety of virtual numbers that are toll free, local, and international, and then customize your caller ID to display one of these numbers. And so, you switch up your caller ID depending on where you are calling and if you want to seem like a local or national business.

Make Outbound Calls With United World Telecom

To get outbound calling, you first need to purchase virtual numbers from a toll free forwarding service or virtual phone number provider. You can quickly sign up for a business toll free number on the United World Telecom homepage. Select the desired number type and prefix, and enter the destination number; this is where you want your calls forwarded to.

Then, choose a phone plan and add Outbound Calling to the plan. With United World Telecom, you can also add Call Recording to record up to 100% of outgoing calls. This is a great feature to use for quality assurance and compliance purposes.

Once you complete your purchase, you will have a toll free number service ready for use. You can then open your control panel and navigate to the Outbound Calling tab to start making outbound calls. Here, you will also have the option to change your caller ID. Start making outgoing calls and generate new leads and sales with your toll free number.

Attract More Customers with a Toll Free Number

Maintain a professional company image and upgrade your cold-calling and customer retention strategies with outbound calling and toll free numbers from United World Telecom. We offer business numbers in more than 160+ countries, so we can assist you in reaching clients all over the world. Sign up today or contact United World Telecom at 1 (877) 898 8646 for more information.

Tips for Running a Successful Virtual Call Center

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Thinking of opening a cloud or virtual call center? Well, you are in luck. It is now easier than ever to start and run a full online call center, thanks to advancements in telecom technology. You will business phone service with features and tools that assist your communications. Outbound calling and call recording software are two must-haves for a cloud call center to be successful.

Running a Virtual Call Center

As a virtual call center, you will be working with inbound and outbound calling for different businesses. That means you will engage in making and receiving customer calls. These calls revolve around technical and product support, sales and lead generation, and more. To run a successful call center, you must adopt important virtual communication tools. Let’s look at how outbound calling and call recording, specifically, can boost business dealings.

Benefits of Cloud Call Centers

With a virtual call center, your business can go beyond its immediate location and restrictions and enter global spaces. And, your teams become more equipped to manage calls, assist customers, and maintain productivity even when working virtually or remotely. Here are the top reasons to run a cloud call center:

  • Mobile and flexible
  • Scalable and reliable
  • Low infrastructure and maintenance costs
  • One unified platform to connect distributed teams
  • Options for multichannel communication
  • High cloud communication security
  • Global reach and coverage
  • Call analytics and metrics tracking.

Top Virtual Call Center Features

Two of the main cloud call center features include outbound calling and hosted call recording. These features have been growing in popularity recently with more and more call centers switching over to the cloud.

Benefits of Outbound Calling

Outbound calling refers to calls made by a company to its customers. This can be done in-house through a virtual outbound calling service or by outsourcing to a call center. Outbound calls occur for sales and telemarketing, feedback or verification purposes, or to update contact lists and customer data.

You can get outbound calling for your business by signing up online. Purchase virtual numbers from United World Telecom and customize your caller ID to display one of these numbers. For example, you can have local and international numbers for different cities and states. Then, when you call a specific location, you can use a local number instead of a toll free or international number that customers are not familiar with. Unknown numbers are often ignored. Individuals are much more likely to answer the call of a local number. Outbound Calling, therefore, enables you to make long-distance and international calls with that location’s caller ID.

With outbound calling, you can follow up on customers, send them appointment and payment reminders, update customer data, collect feedback, raise funds, and more. This service gives you yet another means of staying in touch with clients and strengthening relations. Here are some tips to improve your outbound calling strategy.

Call Recording for Quality Assurance

It’s simple: you cannot operate an efficient call center without good agents. One way to monitor and train your reps is by recording calls and reviewing them. This is a good way to maintain quality assurance and call center standards. It also enables record-keeping which can protect your virtual call center from business and personal liabilities and misunderstandings. More and more corporations are adopting call recording software to keep records of their customer and contact list.

A call recording service from United World Telecom lets you record up to 100% of your calls and store them as MP3 files for up to 6 years. Additionally, you can add Call Recording to Outbound Calling to record outgoing calls as well. You can add this feature to your cart when shopping for virtual numbers.

This service can also be used to maintain compliance, depending on what sector the business you are representing comes under. For example, the financial services industry functions under the Dodd-Frank, MiFID II, and GDPR regulations and finance companies must keep up with their laws. While using call recording software, make sure you are aware of local and state regulations. Some countries do not allow recording unless one or both parties consent verbally or in their contract agreements. And so, it is important to keep these regulations in mind when choosing to record business calls.

Get Outbound Calling and Call Recording with United World Telecom

Boost your communications and sales by adding Outbound Calling and Hosted Call Recording to your office phone system. Contact us to find out how you can use these services or sign up for a virtual number and start building your virtual call center today!

Why are your SaaS Sales dropping?

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Do you run a SaaS (Software as a Service) company? In today’s modern economy, competition is fierce and may affect your sales. If you’ve noticed your SaaS sales dropping, there are a few aspects you can utilize for a competitive edge and profitability.

In this article, we will take a look at how to boost your sales for your SaaS company with telecom services from United World Telecom.

Is Your Company Accessible by Phone?

It may seem like an obvious statement of fact, but SaaS companies typically overlook the human element. Particularly, when it comes to attracting and retaining new customers. The reason for this is because the software is usually purchased and administered by way of the Internet. As a result, Saas companies don’t feel the need to devote their budget to being accessible by phone. This is a major oversight, however. Though the Internet has revolutionized how modern transactions and implementation take place, customers still desire connection. Most want the ability to reach a person on the other end of the phone to answer their questions.

The solution? Providing lines of communication with virtual phone numbers from United World Telecom.

How do Virtual Numbers Work?

Virtual phone numbers work just like regular phone numbers, but expand functionality to accommodate customers, both internationally and domestically. For example, purchasing an Ireland virtual number for your Canadian business means that Irish customers can conveniently reach your business. And this is without:

  • Long-distance fees
  • Service blockages
  • The hassle of dialing out of their country

For these reasons and more, virtual phone numbers enable callers to reach your business, get answers to their questions, and purchase software they need.

 Why are your SaaS Sales dropping?
Source: – O#189644606 ID#27446420

You Haven’t Optimized Your Inbound Calling Procedures

To expand further, suppose that you do have an inbound phone line available for callers to reach your SaaS business. The only problem is that just having a phone number doesn’t integrate it into your business model. Ask yourself how many calls you may be missing when the line is busy, employees aren’t available by phone, or when there are too many instances of redirected calls to the appropriate departments. For these reasons and more, not optimizing your inbound calling procedures can be detrimental to your overall sales.

United World Telecom offers a wealth of add-ons that can make your inbound calls streamlined. As an example, adding “simultaneous ringing” to your virtual phone number system enables all connected devices to ring at the same time. This ensures that inbound calls are answered in the shortest time possible by the first available employee. Another popular add-on, “time of day routing,” enables redirection of inbound calls to other destination phone numbers. This is automatically coordinated, depending on the time of day. This is a powerful add-on to optimize your inbound calls. You can forward calls that occur outside of regular business hours to an available phone number in a more favorable time zone. And, this can make your business reachable 24/7. This is a feature all professional companies should use in their business model.

Your SaaS Company Doesn’t Project a Professional Image

Speaking of professional, if your company doesn’t appear professional, it simply isn’t professional. Image is everything when it comes to projecting a professional appearance to your customers. Likewise, toll free numbers from United World Telecom align your company with top-performing organizations that also use them.

Additionally, having a PBX directory structure to greet inbound callers also projects professionalism. A PBX-enabled phone system greets calls with a touch-tone or voice-activated (with Integrated Voice Response, or IVR) system to allow callers to self-select through your company before reaching a representative.

Your Sales Team Isn’t Using Outbound Calling

An essential part of sales is chasing down leads and converting prospects to customers. Unfortunately, companies that don’t combine their sales calls with an add-on called “outbound calling” face an uphill struggle. A call from your sales team to a customer without outbound calling may appear to be a spam call. However, by combining outbound calling, your virtual phone number will appear on the caller ID, making success more likely.

In Closing: Virtual Numbers are Excellent for Increasing SaaS Business & Sales

Virtual phone numbers are a versatile and convenient tool for businesses and sales teams alike. For SaaS companies, they can be used to improve communications and enhance marketing efforts. Now that you’re aware of what United World Telecom can do to enhance your SaaS sales, be sure to subscribe to our telecom services today!

Making Professional Outbound Calls from a Virtual Phone Number

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Making Professional Outbound Calls from a Virtual Phone Number

Have you wondered about making professional outbound calls from a virtual phone number? It’s simple. You can make calls from your cell phone, home landline, or any number of your choosing. In doing so, your virtual phone number will appear as the number on the receiver’s caller ID. 

Businesses Need the Right Tools for Professional Communication

Life is busy; entrepreneurs are always on the go. Imagine being able to use your cell phone to call clients, but have your business line (a virtual phone number you own) show up on their caller ID when you call them. This is more professional and allows for many other features to work alongside the virtual phone number.

Outbound Calling Keeps Your Business Image Aligned

When it comes to business, time is money. Being reliable and returning calls in a timely manner should be a top priority. Making professional outbound calls from a virtual phone number helps you prioritize your customers. The flexibility in using virtual phone numbers for business is unsurpassed, and there are many other additional benefits they include.

Here are just a few:

Keeping Work and Personal Phone Numbers Separate

When you purchase a virtual phone number for business, you can still use the mobile phone and/ or landline phone you already own. However, you also get a business number with many features and your personal phone number still remains private. You’ll always know when calls are made to your business number, and a customized ring can be used for those calls.

Virtual Phone Numbers Help You Boost Professionalism

If you know a business-related call is coming in, you can prepare for the call with the way you answer the phone. Whether it is your actual greeting when you answer or your tone, these details matter. Being able to receive a business call wherever you are, allows you to get things done out of the office while keeping you in touch with your market. Adding features to partner up with the virtual phone number can also help your business to appear larger and more established. Adding features such as extensions can help to get calls routed to the correct department or person more quickly. This can help to increase customer satisfaction, which can impact overall business success.

Professional outbound calls
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Never Miss a Call

Missing a call can mean missing a sale or a client altogether. The flexibility that is offered by virtual phone numbers allows for you to make and receive business calls and texts from anywhere, take multiple calls at a time by routing them to another person or team within the organization, or allow the caller to leave a message in a customized voicemail message inbox.

Get Set Up Easily and in Minutes

Set up of virtual phone numbers is easy and quick. There is no hardware that needs to be installed. Everything is cloud-based, including the control panel, and providers such as United World Telecom make everything seamless. They keep it super simple with a walkthrough of setup and a customer service team that is available around the clock to answer any questions.

Making professional outbound calls from a virtual phone number beats making outbound calls from a personal mobile phone number or landline. Establishing a rapport with your market that is professional is key to staying power. Your customers and clients need to see you as reliable, trustworthy, and robust, so they feel comfortable investing in your business. Using virtual phone numbers is an easy way to build upon all of these things.

Get Outbound Calling Virtual Numbers from United World Telecom

Purchasing a virtual phone number from United World Telecom allows you to have a local, international, or toll free phone number for your business. You can use it to make outbound calls and you can receive inbound calls through it. Virtual numbers allow you to expand your business to international markets while keeping overhead costs down. With over 20 years in the business of offering telecommunication solutions for businesses all over the world, United World Telecom understands how important it is for customers to be able to reach you and for you to be able to get in touch with those customers as well.