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SIP Trunk Pricing Breakdown [Updated 2024]

A comprehensive guide to SIP trunking pricing.

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Choosing a SIP trunking provider for your business is a complicated decision, as you might not be aware of how the pricing is broken down or even what SIP trunking is. Here we will explain how SIP trunk pricing is broken down so that you can make an informed decision for your company. We will also explain how this service works and why businesses are using SIP trunks to streamline their office phone systems.

SIP Trunking: Definition, Costs, Benefits

Before we look at SIP trunk pricing, let’s review what is SIP trunking and how businesses can use this service. SIP trunks use Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) to convert voice signals to digital packets and transmit them from one user to another via an internet connection. One SIP trunk can hold multiple SIP channels and each channel equals one inbound or outbound call. Therefore, one trunk allows multiple users to make and receive calls through the same phone number simultaneously. Your business does not need multiple phone lines for different employees or departments.

SIP trunks can be easily integrated into existing PBX phone systems, which means that no additional hardware or installation is required. And they support both internal and external communication, giving your business a robust business communication system.

Why Should Businesses Consider SIP Trunks?

There are many reasons why businesses should think about investing in SIP trunking for their office communications. Here are the top benefits of using a SIP trunking service:

  1. Affordable SIP trunk pricing
  2. Global coverage via international call forwarding and toll free numbers
  3. Unified communications to streamline internal collaboration and external communication
  4. Mobility and scalability to expand and move your business as and when needed
  5. Reliable service with multiple levels of redundancy so that in case of emergencies or service failures, calls are routed to another location or device reducing service interruptions.

How Does SIP Trunk Pricing Work?

SIP trunking pricing is usually broken down into four factors. The service brings VoIP capabilities to your office’s private branch exchange (PBX) system, improving and enhancing your office system. This means that you can transmit voice, video, and other unified communications over an internet connection and through your office’s internal phone system. Because these systems work over the cloud and the internet, businesses can save on equipment costs and more. So, what is the general pricing structure of a SIP trunk?

Based on which provider you choose for your SIP trunking needs, these are the factors that affect the cost of your SIP trunk:

Monthly subscription

    • You may pay monthly or annually per channel or virtual number in service.
    • Additionally, you may pay per user.

Outbound calling rates: Metered versus Unmetered?

    • This is the cost per call or per minute for outgoing calls.
    • Is your plan metered or unmetered?
    • Metered plans: monthly fee + per-minute charges for outbound calls
    • Unmetered plans: monthly fee + fixed priced unlimited calling

Add-ons or premium services

    • Some providers charge for add-ons such as Call Recording, SMS plans, etc.

Setup fees

    • Cost of additional equipment or setup fees.

A diagram showing SIP trunking and associated costs.

Why are SIP Trunks Affordable?

SIP trunk pricing makes it one of the most affordable and cost-effective communication solutions out there. Since SIP calls transmit over the internet and not traditional phone lines, your business can make local, long-distance, and international calls at inexpensive rates. You can even enter new markets virtually without establishing a physical presence. This means expanding your business coverage in a cost-effective manner.

Additionally, you are made aware of your SIP trunking prices when you sign up — this means no surprises in your monthly bill. You will know exactly what you pay each month based on your service and the additional features you add on. And most providers don’t require you to jump into long-term contracts, making it easy to switch providers if the need arises. The cost is, therefore, predictable and within your control without the hassle of being stuck in long-term commitments.

How Much Does a SIP Trunk Cost?

The cost of a SIP trunk will vary depending on your requirements, but you can expect to pay around $25 to $50 per trunk. This is an example of how much a SIP trunk costs when you purchase it from United World Telecom.

*Please note that prices mentioned in this article are current prices and are subject to changes.

Monthly Subscription:

    • Customers will pay a monthly subscription for the phone number that will be used as their caller ID for outbound calls. US numbers start at $7.95.
    • They also buy a call credit each month. The Basic plan is $25.

International Calling Rates:

    • United World Telecom call rates are metered and there is a different calling rate for each country that gets deducted from the call credit.


    • Outbound Call Recording for $5 monthly fee + 3¢ per minute.

Setup Fees:

    • None.
    • No long-term contracts.

Total SIP Trunk Pricing for United World Telecom:

  • $7.95 monthly subscription + $25 call credit = $32.95 per month

SIP Trunking Rates by Country

Here, we have summed up some of our international calling rates to popular countries — check them out:

1) United States of America (USA)

Destination Per Minute
USA 2.3¢
USA Alaska
USA Hawaii 2.3¢
USA South Florida 2.3¢
USA Toll Free

2) Australia

Destination Per Minute
Australia 2.3¢
Australia Mobile 4.9¢
Australia Special 4.9¢

3) Bangladesh

Destination Per Minute
Bangladesh Dhaka
Bangladesh Mobile

4) Germany

Destination Per Minute
Germany 2.3¢
Germany Mobile 10¢
Germany Mobile Eplus 10¢
Germany Mobile O2 10¢
Germany TMobile 10¢
Germany Vodaphone 10¢
Germany Special 20¢

5) Hong Kong

Destination Per Minute
Hong Kong
Hong Kong Mobile 3.2¢

6) India

Destination Per Minute
India 2.3¢
India Mobile 2.3¢
India Mumbai/Bombay 2.3¢
India New Delhi 2.3¢

7) South Korea

Destination Per Minute
Korea South 2.3¢
Korea South Mobile 4.5¢

8) Mexico

Destination Per Minute
Mexico 2.3¢
Mexico City Mobile 2.3¢
Mexico Mobile Other 3.5¢

9) Saudi Arabia

Destination Per Minute
Saudi Arabia 12¢
Saudi Arabia Dhahran 12¢
Saudi Arabia Jeddah 12¢
Saudi Arabia Mobile 14¢
Saudi Arabia Riyadh 12¢

10) Singapore

Destination Per Minute
Singapore 2.3¢
Singapore Mobile

11) United Arab of Emirates (UAE)

Destination Per Minute
UAE 19¢
UAE Mobile 19¢

12) United Kingdom (UK)

Destination Per Minute
UK 2.3¢
UK Mobile O2
UK Mobile Other
UK Special 12¢
UK Special NGN 26¢

How to Reduce SIP Trunking Costs

United World Telecom can help you reduce costs spent on setting up your ideal phone system while ensuring you have all the tools and features necessary to improve inbound and outbound communication. Want to learn more about SIP trunking and VoIP? Call us at 1 (877) 898 8646 and talk to our experts today. Let us help you build stronger business connections.

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