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What is a Local Ringback Tone?

A local ringtone, also known as a local ringback tone, is the sound heard by callers while the destination phone is ringing. The tone is usually provided by the telephone exchange, which serves the destination number.

There is no standard, global ringtone. Each country has its own characteristic ringtone. The one you’re used to hearing in the U.S. is a repeating 2-second tone with a 4-second pause in between. Because each country has its own local ringtone, it can be confusing to callers if they do not expect a different one.

For example, a caller calling a toll free number that is forwarding calls to the United States will usually hear the North American standard ringback tone. However, if you use local ringback tones, the caller will hear the tone standard to their country. With Global Call Forwarding, you can use local ringback tones from more than 40 countries worldwide.

Using local ringback tones can give your business a more professional appearance and more global appeal. Your customers and colleagues will assume that your company has a local presence in their country when they hear a familiar ringback tone. Local ringback tones also make callers feel comfortable because they are used to hearing them. Local ringtones are an advanced feature offered by service providers who want to help businesses look professional and make their international customers more comfortable.

Choose the country’s ringtone where the calls are placed to avoid any confusion on the part of your callers, especially if your international calls are being forwarded to other countries. When you choose Global Call Forwarding as your service provider, you can easily personalize your ringback tone via your online Control Panel.

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How Do I Customize My Local Ringback Tone?

Changing the local ringtone for your phone service lines is a quick and easy process. To customize the ringtone for your local or toll free phone number, log in to your online Control Panel at, then click ‘Change’ next to the call forwarding service line you would like to modify.

Why Choose Global Call Forwarding?

There are many reasons why you should choose Global Call Forwarding as your international toll free call forwarding service:

Affordable plans: Even if you run a small business, you will find Global Call Forwarding’s pricing very affordable. We offer 5 different virtual phone number plans. You don’t have to pay for dedicated hardware and there is no set-up fee. Not only that, using international toll free numbers can boost your leads and bring in more revenue.

Efficient service: You can give your overseas clients a local presence without relocating your business or setting up satellite offices in the target country.

Seamless process: Global Call Forwarding has international toll free numbers available in more than 140 countries. You can choose as many as you require and increase or decrease them to suit your changing business needs. There is no contract and no obligation.

Convenient solution: You are completely in control and can make necessary adjustments through the Control Panel. Your incoming calls can be routed to any number you choose at any time of day. You can even forward calls to multiple numbers at the same time until someone answers.

Professional image: International toll free forwarding gives your brand a huge boost by giving you a local presence in countries worldwide.

Establish a Local Presence with Local Ringback Tones

Use local ringback tones when connecting with customers in different regions to match local calling conventions. Adjust your local ringback tone through the Control Panel and make customers feel comfortable and confident doing business with your company.


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