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In-Network Calling

in-network calling
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Effective communication is at the heart of business success. As companies expand globally, the need for reliable and cost-effective communication solutions becomes increasingly paramount. Our in-network calling feature emerges as a powerful communication tool, offering you a seamless way to connect and collaborate with your teams, regardless of geographical barriers. With our in-network conferencing functionality, your teams can:

  • Collaborate and communicate for free in real-time
  • Onboard and train new remote or distributed employees
  • Connect with other team members for comprehensive understanding of customer issues.

What is In-Network Calling?

Calls between two or more users on the same phone network are referred to as in-network calls.

In-network calls within the United World Telecom network can be placed through the UWT Softphone. These calls are free, meaning your teams can jump on a quick call to discuss a case without worrying about using up monthly minutes. You can use this feature to link distributed teams and foster collaboration within your business network.

How Does In-Network Calling Work?

It operates similarly to other cloud-based telephony tools. Let’s say your employee in New York needs to discuss a project with a colleague in London. They can make a free in-network call. During this call, your voice is converted into small data packets. These data packets are then transmitted from the sender to the receiver via the internet using VoIP technology. This enables the call to reach the colleague in London almost instantly.

This efficient method helps your teams collaborate seamlessly across different locations without incurring high costs typically associated with traditional international phone calls.

For United World Telecom users:

call transfer softphoneWithin the web dialer or softphone interface, active users within your network are indicated by a green phone icon. You can initiate calls by entering the user’s extension number or simply clicking on the green call button. Additionally, leveraging this feature enables you to conduct three-way calls with in-network team members through the merge button.

How Can Your Business Use In-Network Calling?

Businesses ranging from multinational corporations to small-scale companies and startups can leverage the in-network calling feature. It streamlines and facilitates seamless, unified communications for remote teams across various locations.

In-network calling is particularly invaluable for cross-functional teams like marketing, product development, and sales, as it helps in real-time collaboration. Improve team communication with enhanced coordination and decision-making for improved productivity and outcomes.

Benefits of Collaborative Calling

So, how does your business benefit from a feature like in-network calling? Let’s take a look:

  1. Enhance Team Collaboration – Simplify collaboration with streamlined communication, boosting productivity and fostering innovative problem-solving. Marketing and sales teams can quickly exchange feedback on campaign strategies and brainstorm new ideas.
  2. Connect Seamlessly – Team members can stay connected regardless of their location, whether in-office, remote, or hybrid. For instance, if a project manager is working remotely, they can still easily reach out to team members in the office for updates and assistance.
  3. Facilitate Knowledge Sharing – Easily exchange information and industry knowledge among your team members. Say during training or onboarding sessions, IT departments can use this feature to share essential troubleshooting tips, best practices, and insights with new hires. This promotes a culture of continuous learning and helps new team members quickly integrate into the company’s processes and workflows.
  4. Set up Quickly – Setting up in-network calling is hassle-free with the assistance of our account manager. Have all team members quickly onboarded and their extensions configured correctly. Through our softphone interface, you can see all the active users and their extensions, which further simplifies the setup process. This quick setup minimizes disruptions to workflow and allows teams to start using the communication tool immediately.
  5. Communicate Cost-Effectively – In-network calling is included in all UWT plans without consuming monthly minutes. This eliminates the need to monitor and ration minutes, ensuring that teams can communicate freely without worrying about exceeding usage limits or incurring additional costs. And by providing cost-effective communication solutions, you can allocate resources more efficiently and focus on driving growth and innovation.

Getting Started with In-Network Calling

Wondering how to kickstart this feature? First, sign up for one of our five Outbound Calling phone number plans. Next, work with your dedicated account manager to configure additional users and extensions on your phone line. Once all relevant teams are set up, you can commence making in-network calls via the softphone or web dialer.

For assistance or further insights into our in-network calling feature, reach out to our representatives today. Existing UWT clients can get in touch with your dedicated account manager.

Give us a ring at +1 (561) 908-6171 or chat with us online!

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