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Sequential Forwarding

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What is Sequential Forwarding?

Sequential forwarding is a value adding feature of the United World Telecom call forwarding service for virtual phone numbers. Like the name suggests, it allows businesses to register ring-to phone numbers and directs incoming calls on those numbers in a sequence according to the pre-determined list.

What Sequential Forwarding Does

The sequential forwarding feature enables you to register up to 4 back-up ring-to phone numbers in the order in which the calls will be answered. The incoming calls will be directed to those numbers in a sequence order in case your main number is busy on another call. While sequential forwarding searches for an attendant to answer the phone, the caller is provided with a greeting and kept in an audio menu as long as the service is searching. It loops several times until the ringing process ends. When the first number is not answered, the call is directed to the second number in the sequence and then so forth. In case all numbers in the process are not attended, the caller is forwarded to the voicemail to leave a message.

For example: If you have a large business set-up with branches located in different parts of the world, then this service can truly help you cater to clients scattered in different time zones and also handle a huge influx of calls easily.

However, if you are a one man army running your business on your own, then this service can help you expand your customer base in no time. With sequential forwarding you can forward calls to multiple phone numbers such as your office number, residential number and your mobile number in sequence. So, if you are unavailable in your office, the call can be directed to your mobile number and you can answer your potential client without missing the call.

The sequence forwarding feature not only enables you to configure the system to ring your selected numbers in your pre-determined/sequential order but it also gives you the control to define the number of times a phone rings before calls are forwarded to another number.

Benefits of the Sequential Forwarding Feature

  1. Break-free From Geographical Boundaries
    This system is useful for call centers and sales departments located in different geographical areas. Since calls are diverted to different numbers, you can easily avoid missing important sales calls and cater to maximum number of clients.
  2. Minimize the Ratio of Unanswered Calls
    For businesses calls are a mode of getting more business. And no one wants to miss these business growing opportunities. And on the other hand no customer wants to try someone’s desk phone only for it to ring out and go to voicemail. Unanswered business numbers frustrate customers and then they tend to opt for your competitor. This is definitely something you don’t want.

When do I start accumulating minutes?

The sequential forwarding service allows you leave no call unattended and minimize the ratio of unanswered calls. The calls are forwarded to different numbers in a predetermined order so that it can be received and not missed even if the main number is busy.

For example: If you are talking to a client on your office number and another client gives you a call. Normally the caller hears the busy dial tone but with sequential forwarding service things are quite different. The caller is directed to another number pre-determined by you, ensuring that no call is missed.

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